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- 1 - 영 어 A child's first birthday is respected as special in most countries. It is a(n) ( ) of survival and growth. By this age, children have their first teeth, they are able to eat food, and they are about to walk at first.  emblem ①  struggle ②  method ③  arrival ④ If you weren't so careless, the machine wouldn't ( ) so easily.  break in ①  break down ②  settle down ③  kick in ④ In our country, child labor was ( ) fifty years ago. However, in some countries, people are still fighting to end it.  extradited ① exhumed ②  abrogated ③ consoled ④ My father is counting on me in completing this job  depending on ①  inquiring about ②  requesting ③  teasing ④ The teacher emphasized the importance of cooperation.  served ①  ignored ②  stressed ③  considered ④ Due to his aggressive remarks, I resolved to turn down the offer.  timid ①  positive ②  educational ③  quarrelsome ④ A: I ran into Joe's sister yesterday. What is his sister's name? B: Jessica, No. Sue... no. Gee, it is on the tip of my ( ), but I can't quite remember. A: That's O.K. It will come to you. mouth ①  tongue ②  lip ③  throat ④ In a house with less/little ㉠ than 1,500 square feet of dining room, every furniture need/ ㉡ needs to pull its weight. Pieces that perform multiple functions do just that. Rather than w aste space on a living room, Maria made a choice of a movable table she extends when/what ㉢ needed.  ( ) John ( ) Ted needs to confirm how many chairs we'll need. ㉠ ㉡ Nick, unlike the others in his office, yearned to take on extra responsibilities such as writing reports, ( ) brainstorming sessions, and analyzing every twist and turn of the market.  managing newly hired workers, and to plan ①  to manage newly hired workers for the planning of ②  to manage workers that were newly hired, and to plan ③  managing newly hired workers, planning ④ I write my essays in notebooks with lined pages, sometimes using a pen, sometimes a pencil. ( ) I'm writing an essay at home, I sit in the chair in my study. If I'm away from home, I can write in a hotel room or cafe. If I haven't got a notebook with me, the back of an envelope will do. The reason for using a notebook is that I can go back and check an earlier draft, to see ( ) the essay is getting better or worse. ① ― While whether  While when ② ―  What ③ how ―  What ④ that ― A: I'm thinking of quitting the job and doing something else. B: What for? You seem to enjoy working for an international company. You said it was the one that helped prepare for your future career. What's the problem with the job you have? A: ( ) ① The transportation is convenient.  The parking space is too large. ②  ③ I want to become a lawyer.  The cafeteria is very cozy. ④ ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① less needs when ② less need what ③ little need when ④ little needs what ① ㉠ and Both ㉡ ② ㉠ or Either ㉡ ③ ㉠ or Both ㉡ ④ ㉠ and Either ㉡  - 2 - 영 어 Just as students usually can discern the teacher's attitude toward them, so they are highly sensitive to the teacher's attitude toward the subject matter. One of the most striking characteristics of the excellent teacher is enthusiasm for what she or he is teaching. The bored teacher conveys boredom to the students-and who can blame them for failing to get excited if the teacher, who knows more about the subject than they do, doesn't find it engaging?  The students ① ' perception about the teacher.  The teacher ② 's attitude toward the subject matter.  The students ③ ' opinion about the subject.  The kinds of enthusiasm the students need. ④ Throughout history, we have been accompanied by animals. They are more than just pets-they are loving creatures who do not deserved to be sacrificed for laboratory experiments. But who speaks for them? They have no vote, no voice in government, no one to speak up for them. We must be their voices. Every year, more than 100 million animals are used in laboratories in the United States to test chemicals, drugs, foods, and consumer products. In many cases, the animals are made to suffer greatly. How would you feel if your pet were forced to endure pain and suffering? You would want to intervene on their behalf. Please consider writing a letter to your representative in Congress to end animal testing now. ① Animals can't talk. ② Everyone should adopt a pet. ③ We should end scientific animal testing. ④ There are too many facilities that test on animals. Soon after the Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803, John Lewis and William Clark were chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to head an expedition. They were to explore the newly acquired, but unknown, territory. The journal of their extraordinary trip of eight thousand miles, which lasted twenty-eight months, is enthralling reading today. They used their eyes and ears along the way-recording land and river information, plant and animal life, and the habits and attitudes of the Indians.  The life styles of Indians ①  The Lewis and Clark exploration ②  The Louisiana Purchase ③  The order given by President Thomas Jefferson ④ Never work alone. It is especially important in a middle school or junior school. Work with your school counselor, other grade level teachers, parents and your students. If you are doing this, you will have several options for dealing with the problem. You cannot fake caring about your junior-high students. They can notice a fake. You must be working together with this age group because you need to truly like them as people. You appreciate their humor and their abilities with a caring, trusting and respectful relationship. They will be open to your help and guidance. Parents are often not involved in the classroom at these grade levels, but there are great programs available to get parents involved ① Haste makes waste.  Better late than never. ②  Action speaks louder than words. ③  Two heads are better than one. ④ Along with fear and vanity, another extremely powerful emotion is our desire to be accepted by others. ( ), children often do things wrong, because of pressure from friends. Unfortunately, many people continue to give in to peer pressure throughout their lives. Peer pressure is another form of false reasoning. It is an argument that says,“Accept the conclusion, or you won't be accepted.” ① ② However Nevertheless  For example ③ Though ④ During my second year in law school, my exams caused me to panic. I had prepared well, I thought, but the exams unnerved me and they went very badly. I was completely convinced that I had failed them. I mentally prepared to receive failing or near failing grades and began to make plans to find an – alternative path in life. I didn't think I could finish my third and final year at law school after such a disaster. I took deep breaths and waited for the bad news. When the envelope came, I opened it with calm resignation. But the grades were an A and an A-. I looked again and blinked. How was it possible? Some guardian angels were looking out for me yet again. I wouldn't have to leave law school. ① → troubled surprised  resolute distressed ② →  insistent amazing ③ →  quirky confused ④ → As you are well aware, a great tragedy took place in our city last week. Some faulty electrical wiring led to a fire breaking out and eventually destroying an entire block of homes in the suburbs. From the very beginning it was fanned by strong winds, but it would not have spread so far and so quickly, if our firefighters had been able to arrive at the scene in time. Our city has only one fire station located downtown. Would you please establish a new fire station in our area, since you are mayor of our city? We are in urgent need of one. I look forward to your response.  ① 소방 시설의 현대화 제안  ② 소방관의 조속한 파견 요청  ③ 소방서 신설 건의  ④ 강풍 대비 훈련 통보 In 1972, a Hershey's chocolate bar cost only 5 cents. Today, the same bar costs at least 50 cents. That's an increase of over 900 percent! This increase sounds extreme, doesn't it? But is it really as severe as the math makes it seem? Not quite. The problem with this claim is that while the actual price of a Hershey's bar may have increased 900 percent, it's not a fair comparison. That's because 5 cents in 1972 had more market value than 5 cents today. In this situation, the actual costs can't legitimately be compared. Instead, the costs have to be compared after they've been adjusted for inflation. Because there has been such a long time span and the value of the dollar has ( ) in the last 30 years. ① ② inclined declined  inflated ③ stagnated ④ 






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