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- 1 - 영 어 The dean s remarks made the point more obscure. ① impending precise ②  unclear ③ compact ④ The prime minister was thoroughly dismayed by the lack of public support for his new project.  dilapidated ① disseminated ②  distorted ③ disappointed ④ Remember to go through the pockets before you put those trousers in the washing machine. ① ② experience search  study ③ ④ use A: So what do you think about this car? B: I don't know. ( )  I think I need something bigger. A: No problem. Just think about it. ① I'll go for it.  I'm of two minds about it. ②  I can't afford buying this car. ③  This car is second to none. ④ A: Did you decide what to do in the future? B: Well, I m interested in working for an international  volunteer organization. But I don’t know where to start to prepare for that. ( ) A: The first thing to do would be to study English harder  because effective communication is important.  Where is the organization located? ①  What did you learn from the volunteer work? ②  Can you tell me how to study English well? ③  What do you think I should do? ④  A journalist pointed out that the country has progressed from oppression to ( ), creating a constitution and holding national elections.  colonization ①  dictatorship ②  sovereignty ③  autocracy ④ Culture shock is the feeling some people experience when they travel to a new country or part of the world ( ) the first time. Sometimes the food, style of dress, and other aspects of life in a new country are ( ) different that people have a hard time adjusting ( ) this new way of life. Culture shock can last for days, weeks, or even months.  in - very - for for - so to ① ② –  in - so - for for- very - in ③ ④ Drivers are advised to ( ) their driver's license on time ㉠ as they may be required to retake the written and driving tests past the ( ) date. ㉡  ㉠ ㉡ ① issue …… production ② renew …… expiration ③ revoke …… termination ④ suspend …… manufacture He is a man of impetuous temperament.  impulsive ① lazy ②  stubborn ③ ④ competitive The investigators say that they cannot rule ( ) the possibility of arson. We sent ( ) the wedding invitations last month. ① over up ②  out ③ in ④ 한국 사과는 맛이 좋습니다.  Korean apples are tasting wonderful. ①  Korean apples are tasting wonderfully. ②  Korean apples taste wonderfully. ③  Korean apples taste wonderful. ④ Surveillance cameras have been widely used in lots of places for security purposes. Their usefulness, ( ), is still under discussion. Those who support the use of surveillance cameras argue that they can serve as a deterrent to crime. ( those who have doubts about their uses are worried that surveillance cameras are not as effective in preventing crime as have been believed. Moreover, they are intruding upon people s privacy.  ㉠ ㉡ ① likewise …… Hence ② nevertheless …… Consequently ③ however …… On the other hand ④ on the other hand …… However While lecturing to his literature class at Ain Shams University in Cairo, a British professor leaned back in his chair and showed the bottom of his foot to the astonished class. That kind of gesture in Muslim society was considered the worst kind of insult. The next day, the Cairo newspapers carried headlines that students had denounced British ( ) and demanded that the professor be sent home. ① ② teaching arrogance  relationship ③ politeness ④  - 2 - 영 어 What a person considers to be private is that which cannot be searched or seized without probable cause; law protects the extent to which an individual's private property can be searched by the police. Hence, before law enforcement personnel can search or seize private property, they must have probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed or that the owner of the property has been involved in criminal activity, or both. Further, the law enforcement personnel is required to obtain a search warrant from a judicial officer before engaging in any form of search and seizure of private property. The basis for the warrant must be probable cause. Probable cause ranges between "more than mere suspicion”and "less than clear evidence.” A search warrant gives the police the legal authority to enter a private property without permission of the owner to search for evidence listed in the warrant in the places authorized by the warrant.  the definition and range of probable cause ①  the general procedure of criminal investigation ②  different functions of a warrant in policing activity ③  the requirements to search and seize private property ④ Economists are debating whether donating substantial amounts of money to poorer nations is helpful in the long run. Most economists feel that, at best, aid has produced only mixed results. Despite the fact that the priority should be to create infrastructure such as roads, schools, and hospitals, what often happens is that incompetent and corrupt officials end up misusing or stealing the money. Another problem is that countries become too dependent on foreign aid. Some experts argue that overall, foreign aid has produced a brighter picture by reducing global poverty. By monitoring foreign aid expenditure, we can prevent its misuse and aim to provide support for poor countries so that they can eventually achieve economic empowerment and donate money to others in turn. ① 경제학자들은 빈국 원조가 한 가지의 확실한 결과를 가져왔다고 본다.  ② 원조는 항상 도로 학교 병원 등 기반시설을 만드는데 먼저 사용된다 , , .  ③ 원조의 문제 중 하나는 빈국이 외국원조에 너무 의존적이 된다는 것이다.  ④ 원조 사용의 계획을 세워줌으로써 이것의 오용을 막을 수 있다. People are accustomed to thinking of lie detectors as foolproof. They assume that lie detectors are infallible simply because they are machines. However, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. To begin with, those who administer the tests are not always licenced examiners, let alone qualified experts. Furthermore, many subjects react to a lie detector test in an unsteady condition. Consequently, their bodies behave as if they were lying even when telling the truth. In contrast, some people are smart enough to use relaxation techniques to remain calm when they are actually telling a string of lies. ① Two Types of Criminal  Errors Made by Lie Detectors ②  How to Frustrate Lie Detector Examiners? ③  The Fallacy of Human Assumption ④ In an aging society, new markets are likely to emerge, with a varie ty of new produc ts targe ting senior citizens. One noticeable trend is that senior consumers tend to choose more higher-priced goods than younger ones. F or exam ple, the dem and for high-quality cosmetics and clothes among senior citizens is growing at a rapid pace. Even in foods, organic products are setting the pace in the high-priced food market. It is evident that senior citizens are major consumers in these more expensive markets.  problems of aging societies ①  expanding consumption of organic products ②  emerging high-priced markets in an aging society ③  demand for high-quality clothes ④ Conversationally and emotionally, weddings and funerals are two of the most difficult events to attend. Although weddings are festive, happy times, guests often know few people and therefore must have sharp conversational skills, especially for small talk. Funerals are even more difficult because you want to say something consoling to the family of the deceased but often cannot find the words. This article provides a guide for conversation at these events; you can shape the language to your own needs and feelings. ① 결혼식과 장례식에서 적절한 말을 하는 것  ② 결혼식과 장례식을 치를 때의 어려움  ③ 결혼식과 장례식의 적절한 복장  ④ 결혼식과 장례식에 사용되는 비용 When collecting data, many think it is desirable to minimize the messiness in data. However, it is not an easy task; by combining different types of information from different sources, which don't always ㉠align/alternate perfectly. Sometimes, you are better off not being obsessed with eliminating messiness. Suppose you need to measure the temperature in a crop field. If you have only one temperature sensor for the whole plot of land, it must be an accurate one; otherwise, it does not provide ㉡ reliable/unreliable data. In contrast, if you have a sensor for every square meter of land, incorrect data from a few sensors will not cause any problem. The aggregate of many readings will provide a more ㉢ comprehensive/apprehensive picture.  ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① align reliable comprehensive ② align unreliable apprehensive ③ alternate unreliable comprehensive ④ alternate reliable apprehensive Career experts say the way you come across to the interviewer sends a powerful message about you and how much you care about the job search process. Your interviewer will form impressions about you from your posture, handshake, eye contact, clothes, shoes and accessories, usage of space, attentiveness, tone of voice, and facial expressions. Avoiding eye contact may appear that you are evading or trying to hide something. However, too much eye contact (direct staring) can seem intimidating. When you are practicing how to answer questions, make sure to get constructive feedback about nonverbals, work on improvements, and then use the right nonverbals during the job search process.  ① 면접에서 언어구사력의 중요성  ② 면접에서 비언어적인 요소의 중요성  ③ 면접에서 눈맞춤의 중요성  ④ 면접에서 연습의 중요성 






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