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2015년도 8급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 1 - 영 어 1. Choose the one that is closest in meaning to the underlined part. Apart from railing against the enforced inertia of train journeys, people utter no panegyrics about the scenery through which they pass; they only have hideous tales to tell about fellow passengers. ① calumny ② connivance ③ commendation ④ denunciation ⑤ docility 2. Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank. Meditation is simply prayer of the mind and heart. Daily meditation is a proven remedy for such dangerous spiritual ____________, and in our day it’s more important than ever before. ① apogee ② lethargy ③ ingenuity ④ t​ranquility ⑤ imperturbability 3. Choose the expression that best completes the sentence. Science itself is not only morally neutral, that is, indifferent to the value of the ends ________________________; it is also totally unable to give any moral direction. ① that the means are to use for ② for which the means are used ③ with which the means are to use ④ for which the means are using ⑤ with which the means are to be used 4. Choose the one that is closest in meaning to the underlined part. While the field of mind/body medicine has evolved significantly in the last fifty years, its basic premise remains straightforward: Maintaining good health requires that you attend to your mind as well as your body. ① prohibition ② proliferation ③ partiality ④ postulation ⑤ panacea 5. Choose the underlined part that is not grammatically correct. So you walk into a store, and the salesperson takes a 3D scan of your body, then uses it to design (A)custom clothing that can be printed especially for you. Sounds like science fiction, but this is the future of fashion and (B)it’s unfolding before our eyes. A new wave of textiles being developed and brought to market creates a fashion realm (C)where customization comes standard, environmental inefficiencies (D)nearly eradicated, and innovative fabrics are made available to the masses. The Bradley Rothenberg studio, among others, envisions a future where design studios and retail stores (E)create fashion using only 3D printers. ① (A) ② (B) ③ (C) ④ (D) ⑤ (E) 6. Which of the following is not grammatically correct? ① There is a convergence between capitalist firms and co-operatives in terms of business strategy. ② They are the only ones whose brains are supple enough for the mental gymnastics required. ③ He looked more relaxed, as if some of the harmony from his surroundings had flowed into him. ④ Foreign food aid has led to a drastic reduction in the number of people died of starvation. ⑤ Only by fully experiencing the depth of our pain can we be healed from it and be done with it. 7. Choose the underlined part that is not grammatically correct. Extraordinary creative activity has ①been characterized as revolutionary, flying in the face ②of what is established and producing not what is acceptable ③and what will become accepted. According to this formulation, highly creative activity transcends the limits of an existing form and ④establishes a new principle of organization. However, the idea that extraordinary creativity transcends established limits is misleading when it is applied to the arts, even though it may be valid for the sciences. Differences between highly creative art and highly creative science ⑤arise in part from a difference in their goals. 2015년도 8급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 2 - 8. Which of the following best completes the blank? In 1978, Allan Bakke, a white man, argued that he was rejected by a medical school because he was white and that his grades were better than those of African American students who had been accepted. In the legal case Bakke versus University of California, the Supreme Court decided against the medical school and its program that reserved 16 out of 100 places for minority students. The court ordered the university to give Bakke a place in the medical school class. There have been many challenges to university admission policies since the Bakke case. Current law allows universities to consider race as one of many factors in their admissions decisions. However, even this standard continues to face challenges in the courts. In the Fisher versus University of Texas case filed in a lower court in 2008, Abigail Fisher, a white student who was not admitted to the university, has also challenged the university's admission policy and charged the university with __________________. ① major misdemeanor ② unfounded accusation ③ solitary confinement ④ deliberate manslaughter ⑤ reverse discrimination 9. What is implied in the following passage? To surprise people, you need to break a pattern or violate a schema. Each of us has a pattern of how things work or the way things are. We have a mental schema of what a diet should be, or the way the market operates. The burger industry is one of America’s treasures, but the issue for companies is that it becomes difficult to stand out. There are dozens of burger joints in every city, so how do you make yours stand out? The Heart Attack Grill is a company that has broken the patterns of the market. The burger names― single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass, and quadruple bypass―make it clear that they don’t try to hide how unhealthy their food is. They embrace it and use it as a differentiator. ① Consumer expectations need to be lowered in order to surprise people. ② The burger market in America has suffered setback due to health concerns. ③ Breaking a pattern of thinking is more difficult than violating a schema. ④ Unexpected ideas are surprises that attract our attention. ⑤ Counter-intuitive marketing strategy is not effective when selling food. 10. What is 2001: A Space Odyssey mainly about? 2001: A Space Odyssey takes a long-term view of development, human and otherwise. The story traces the development of man from man-ape. Uniquely, the novel considers not only the evolution that has led to the development of man, but also the evolution that man might undergo in the future. Thus, we follow Bowman as he is turned into a star-child by the advanced civilization of extra-terrestrial intelligence. The novel recognizes that evolutionary theory implies that humanity is not the final goal of some process, but only a stopping point on an undirected process. One way this process might continue, the book imagines, is that humans will learn to rid themselves of their biological trappings. ① It explores evolutionary theory, its possibilities and its perils. ② It presents the evolution of man as open-ended. ③ It presents the problems that can arise when man creates machines. ④ It explores the dangers associated with technological innovation. ⑤ It offers a glimpse of what space exploration might be one day. 11. Which of the following best completes the blank? The economists of the 1970s believed that if there is a principle of rationality, people were bound to obey it. If they didn't, it was because they didn't realize they were disobeying it. These economists typically assumed two things: that people were perfectly reasonable, and also that they were perfectly well-informed. Themselves being endowed with mathematical talents and the capacity to control themselves, they built theories describing people who had the potential to be like themselves. The inhabitants of the model built by the economists were ignorant, not foolish. When the principle was clarified to the people, they would correct themselves. ________________ ① If people didn't understand the economic model, that was because their level of intelligence was low. ② Ultimately the success of the model depended on the mathematical talents of their inhabitants. ③ Just as the participants in the research listened to the economists, the economists listened to them in turn. ④ When no information was hidden from the people, they would act reasonably to go to a right direction. ⑤ The economists assumed that people could be innately too foolish to understand their model. 2015년도 8급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 3 - 12. Which of the following best completes the blanks (A) and (B)? Individual perception, however, is easily affected and prone to error. If three people—one who’s had three martinis, one with a heavy fever, and one who’s color-blind —look at the same table, chances are they’ll each see the same object somewhat differently. There is, then, a distinction to be made between appearance and reality. If perception is so ( A ), what can it actually tell us about the ( B ), real object that we assume lies behind it? (A) (B) ① sequential solid ② unchangeable substantial ③ variable stable ④ transient constant ⑤ difficult sensory 13. Which of the following best completes the blanks (A) and (B)? Many literary detectives have ( A ) over a great puzzle ( B ) the writer Marcel Proust: what happened in 1909? How did Contre Saint-Beuve, an essay attacking the methods of the critic Saint-Beuve, turn into the start of the novel Remembrance of Things Past? (A) (B) ① pondered to ② solved regarding ③ investigated with ④ pored concerning ⑤ scrutinized as 14. Which of the following best completes the blank? A system that has an emergent property is one in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Tasting a delicious, warm apple pie is more interesting than looking at the dough, sugar, apples and butter that went into it. When systems are highly complex, emergent properties are far more powerful and unexpected. Climate is one of the most complex systems ever studied. It is extremely difficult to model, and reliable weather forecasts can be made only about four days in advance. Hurricanes are the _____________ of climate. Their ingredients, such as low air pressure, warm water, convention and the like, are all easily observed, but the exact timing and location at which hurricanes will emerge is impossible to predict. We know them only when we see them. ① dough and sugar ② compass ③ emergent properties ④ baker's dozen ⑤ whole sum ※ [15-16] Read the following passage and answer the questions. Immanuel Kant is often considered the father of modern philosophy, partially based on his contributions to (some would say establishment of) the branch of inquiry known as epistemology, which—in the words of Kant—seeks to answer the question, “What can we know?” For Kant, the area of the knowable is limited to that which can be tested empirically—in short to scientific and mathematical truths. Any judgment that seeks to extend beyond this ____________ is termed transcendental, and it is a tempting but dangerous error to consider a transcendental judgment true knowledge. Though many subsequent philosophers would later disagree (one group of American writers proudly adopted the term “Transcendentalist” as a badge of honor), it is telling that much of this debate took place using the ideas and terminology invented by Kant. 15. Which of the following best completes the blank? ① circumscription ② misconception ③ upbringing ④ amputation ⑤ permanence 16. Which one best completes the following sentence? For Kant, “transcendental judgments” . ① represented a badge of honor ② were not an example of the truly knowable ③ were valued as the highest form of knowledge ④ were targeted as the aim of the field of epistemology ⑤ were more important than scientific and mathematical truths 2015년도 8급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 4 - 17. What is the main point of the passage? When inequality is accompanied by crushing poverty, it naturally triggers resentment. But correcting inequality will have economic costs, and doing so may make it harder for us as a society to achieve other ends. Most of us value many of the achievements of our admittedly unequal society, such as those in the arts, sciences, sports, and businesses. We are fascinated by thinking of the wonderful things the future will bring. But such things come about only with a vibrant economy, which necessitates a degree of inequality. The talented and the successful are rewarded more than others, but all benefit from the achievement of this minority of exceptional people. ① Inequality in artistic fields is inevitable. ② Inequality is not in and of itself a bad thing. ③ Vibrant economy can be achieved by democracy. ④ Political equality cannot remedy economic equality. ⑤ Correcting inequality is the duty of the government. ※ [18] Read the following passage and answer the question. In pre-Victorian times, despite the wide-spread belief that a woman’s place was in the home, some strong-minded women found opportunities to participate actively in scientific work. In Before Victoria, Elizabeth Denlinger points out that, at that time, the sciences were, to some extent, still in their infancy: they had not yet become official parts of the university curriculum, and therefore were open to women. Thus, Caroline Herschel, acting as assistant to her brother William in the late eighteenth century, performed basic astronomical research. The first woman to discover a comet, in later years Herschel catalogued every discovery she and her brother had made, creating research tools still in use today. 18. In the passage, the author does all of the following except . ① citing an authority ② proposing a solution ③ providing an example ④ mentioning a time frame ⑤ referring to a conventional thought 19. Choose the best one for the blank. Questions of the production, access and control of information will be at the heart of moral challenges surrounding the use of information technology. But there is one major difference. If one party controls the access of some natural resource, then that by necessity excludes others from using it. This is not necessarily so with digital information. It is ________, which means that we can all at least theoretically possess the same digital information because copying it from one digital source to another does not require eliminating the previous copy. ① mandatory ② restrictive ③ apprehensive ④ impenetrable ⑤ nonexclusive 20. Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank. In the United States, criminal suspects have a right to a speedy and public trial and to the assistance of a lawyer. They also have a right to a trial that is decided by a jury of twelve ____________, that is ordinary people just like them, instead of a judge. ① peers ② convicts ③ solicitors ④ attorneys ⑤ prosecutors 21. Choose the most appropriate spot for the following sentence. In a nation with lots of land and not enough workers, pigs were perfect because they could take care of themselves. Today, beef is America’s favorite meat. But, for several reasons, America’s most popular meat a hundred years ago was pork. (A) First of all, pigs grew quickly. (B) They could multiply their weight 150 times in just eight months by eating nuts, roots, fallen orchard fruit, spoiled food, and garbage. (C) Another reason for the popularity of pork was that pigs required almost no attention. (D) Indeed, wild pigs, such as the American razorback, were so fierce that they didn’t need a farmer’s protection. A third reason for the preference for pigs was that they could be cheaply preserved. (E) A butchered pig could be packed into barrels filled with heavily salted water and saved for up to a year. ① (A) ② (B) ③ (C) ④ (D) ⑤ (E) 2015년도 8급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 5 - 22. Which one is the best translation for the underlined part? In the history of science, 갈릴레오의 물체의 운동에 관한 업 적은 적어도 그의 천문학적 관찰들만큼 근본적인 공헌이었다. ① the work of Galileo on the motion of objects was at least as a fundamental contribution as his observation of astronomy. ② the work of Galileo about the motion of objects were the same fundamental contribution as his observations of astronomy at least. ③ Galileo’s work about the motion of objects was as a fundamental contribution as his astronomical observations at least. ④ Galileo’s work on the motion of objects was at least as his astronomical observations as a fundamental contribution. ⑤ Galileo’s work on the motion of objects was at least as fundamental a contribution as his astronomical observations. 23. Which of the following is the most logical sequence to complete the underlined parts of the passage? Greed will certainly make a man want money, for the sake of a better house, better holidays, better things to eat and drink. But only up to a point. (a)$1,000,000 will give all the luxuries that any man can really enjoy. (b)It is pride― the wish to be richer than some other rich man, and the wish for power. (c)Hedonism? (d)Seeking pleasure does not explain everything. (e)What is it that makes a man with $1,000,000 a year anxious to get $2,000,000 a year? For, of course, power is what pride really enjoys: there is nothing that makes a man feel so superior to others as being able to move them about like toy soldiers. Pride is competitive by its very nature: that is why it goes on and on. If I am a proud man, then, as long as there is one man in the whole world more powerful, or richer, than I, he is my rival and my enemy. ① (a)-(e)-(d)-(c)-(b) ② (e)-(d)-(c)-(a)-(b) ③ (e)-(c)-(d)-(a)-(b) ④ (e)-(b)-(d)-(c)-(a) ⑤ (a)-(e)-(b)-(d)-(c) ※ [24-25] Read the following passage and answer the questions. You step onto the elongated “sheet” of ice, which is twice the size of a bowling alley, push off from a “hack,” then “slide” your “stone” with a “broom” and “lay it up just past the hog line.” Huh? What kind of game are you playing? Is it shuffleboard on ice? No, like more than one million people worldwide, you are curling. A subtle game, curling probably had its beginnings on a frozen lake somewhere in Scotland more than 400 years ago. By the 1700s curling had become Scotland’s national pastime, and many curling clubs were established in that country, with numerous rules for curlers to (A)heed. These rules included no wagering, swearing, or political discussions while curling, in addition to detailed instructions for sweeping the 42-pound granite stone which, today, looks like a tea kettle, across the “keen” ice. During the French and Indian War, Scottish soldiers brought curling to North America. Today, particularly in the icy Midwest, curling clubs have sprung up, as has (B)apathy for the sport. Just ask residents of Mapleton, “the curling capital of southern Minnesota.” They’ll tell you how they drive for hours, in bad weather, to attend curling tournaments, called “bonspiels.” In Canada, curling is nearly (C)akin to ice hockey in its number of supporters. Clearly, curling has come a long way from its (D)meager beginning. In fact, in 1998 it officially became an Olympic sport. That year, in Nagano, Japan, the Canadian women’s curling team (E)vanquished Denmark to take the gold medal. Curling’s popularity continues to grow in the United States. In fact, the nation’s largest curling club, in St. Paul, Minnesota, now boasts 700 members. In an age of raucous sports, with celebrity athletes and inflated salaries, curling remains a game of manners, a kind of chess on ice. 24. Which of the following is not true according to the passage? ① Curling was brought to North America during a war time. ② Well before 1900s, curling became Scotland’s national pastime. ③ The first official Olympic curling game took place in Japan. ④ More than a million people across the countries enjoy curling. ⑤ In spite of its old history, instructions for curling are terse. 25. Which word does not fit the context of the passage? ① (A) ② (B) ③ (C) ④ (D) ⑤ (E)






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