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【영어 25문】 ①책형 【문 1】다음 이메일의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Subject:_______________________________ Inspired by the Special Olympics, this year's theme highlights competitive and charitable sports situations among Liz Claiborne, Inc., employees, their families, their friends. You might snap a shot of a friend or employee participating in a walkathon to raise funds, a five-mile run, or a company volleyball or soccer game. All Liz Claiborne, Inc., employees worldwide are encouraged to submit photos. The first, second, and third prizes will again be $500, $250, and $100. Now's the time for you to start taking pictures focused on the spirit of competition for Liz Claiborne people and friends! Because of the overwhelming number of entries last year, we're making one contest change this year. For further information call Rosemary at Extension 7645. ① The Special Olympic: Time and Place ② Annual Photography Contest of Liz Clarborne ③ Liz Claiborne's Advanced Service Quality ④ The Keynote Speech on Christmas Day 【문 2】밑줄 친 it이 가리키는 대상이 나머지 셋과 다른 것은? Anger makes problems for relationships when there is too much of ①it, and when people are unable to control the way they express it, and become, for instance, argumentative, aggressive, or violent. It also causes problems when people cannot express their anger and try to keep ②it hidden. It is normal, however, to feel angry at times, and it can also have useful effects. Anger can mobilize you to take action, for example, to set limits to the demands others make of you, to think about why something matters to you or to defend yourself if attacked. ③It can be constructively expressed, and prompt you to explain what ④it is that is distressing or alarming you, and to ask for what you need. 【문 3】다음 글의 내용으로 보아 글의 종류로 가장 적당한 것은? Are you embarrassed by excessive body hair or body hair in the most awkward areas? Well, you can remove unsightly, unwanted hair with laser hair removal treatment. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective medical procedure that uses laser light to remove unwanted hair painlessly within a few minutes. During the procedure, the laser passes through the skin and hits the hair follicle where hair growth originates. Thereafter, the intense heat destroys the hair follicle instantly, clearing the skin of any hair. Treat your legs, armpits, upper lip, chin, bikini line, and any other area. You can finally be free of unwanted body hair, so call our clinic today for more information. ① essay ② novel ③ advertisement ④ article 【문 4】다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은? 'Zero tolerance' is a phrase that first came to light as a description of the crackdown on trivial crime. The aim of zero tolerance is to prevent petty criminals graduating to serious crime by imposing immediate and harsh sentences for trivial offences such as under-age drinking, small-scale drug use and dealing, shoplifting or vandalism. I think 'Zero tolerance' is an innovative and effective weapon to fight against crime. It sends a clear, tough message that the state will condemn and punish rather than be soft and 'understanding'. This stance functions as an effective deterrent to potential offenders, especially potential young offenders, and also raises public confidence in the police and judiciary. ① 훈화를 통해 잘못을 개선시킴이 가장 중요하다. ② 범죄에 맞선 다양한 대처 방안이 필요하다. ③ 재활센터를 운영해 범법자가 사회에 적응할 수 있도록 도와야 한다. ④ 정부는 소소한 범죄 행위에도 강력하게 대처하여야 한다. 【문 5】다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? Across the nation, East Timor ①has been involved in conflicts for more than 30 years to gain independence from Indonesia. In a ②war-torn country, people with intellectual challenges are often forgotten and abandoned. Alcino Pereira, an intellectually challenged orphan from East Timor, ③who is unable to speak, has never had access to health care. He can use one of his arms but only in a very limited way and walks with a limp. ④ Although these intellectual and physical challenges, he loves to run. In his worn-out shoes, Pereira runs every day in his home town of Dili. So he got his nickname, the “running man.” 【문 6】다음 글에 드러난 ‘I’의 심경으로 가장 적절한 것은? I still remember the incident that happened last summer. We were staying at a country inn that had a small movie theater. Before every evening's presentation, my husband and I instructed our three-year-old son to sit quietly. Except for an occasional whispered question, he concentrated on the movie quietly. The soundtrack, however, was impossible to hear. That's because two children bounced on their seats, talked loudly and raced up and down the aisles. Never once did I see their parents. After several evenings of this, I followed the children to the dining room. There sat their parents enjoying a relaxed meal. ① annoyed and irritated ② regretful and apologetic ③ cold and indifferent ④ frightened and scared 1교시 ①책형 전체 20-16 【영어 25문】 ①책형 【문 7】다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? A common but seriously hindering medical condition, stuttering is something that everyone wants to avoid if possible. Some people simply have a genetic predisposition towards stuttering, but there are other factors that contribute to it, though only a few are well understood. Learning a new language is often the cause for stuttering in children, but this is a rather benign form of stuttering. Some people have neurological problems that inhibit the proper brain functions regarding speech, and these problems are often the result of a stroke, accident, or some other trauma. However, the problem might be psychological, too, such as a severe lack of self-confidence or the presence of disproportionate stress. Also, behavioral disorders like autism and attention deficit disorder can lead to the speech disorder. ① The Common Symptoms of Stuttering ② Various Causes of Stuttering Conditions ③ The Factors that Aggravate Stuttering ④ The Harmful Effects of Stuttering 【문 8】다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Have you ever stopped and spent some time thinking about the two amazing machines located at the ends of your arms? Your hands are really incredible: they work all day, hardly ever taking a break, but they rarely get tired. And not only are your hands strong, they are also __________ . Think about all the different things they do! They knock on doors and turn doorknobs. If you're hungry, they'll take the lid off a cookie jar and then put the cookies to your mouth! And if you are good at computer games, you can thank your hands for that, too. Whatever you are doing, your hands can help you. ① versatile ② tangible ③ eligible ④ genuine 【문 9】다음 밑줄 친 단어의 쓰임이 적절하지 않은 것은? Euphemisms are also problematic for English learners because they often contain more difficult words than their more direct ①counterparts. Learners of English, for instance, have to memorize that an old person can be referred to as "a senior citizen," while a police officer can be described as "a law-enforcement officer." They also have to learn to use euphemisms like "② vertically challenged" when they can get by with "short." Despite the burden that euphemisms pose on learners of English, it is clear that euphemisms are tools which allow us to talk about all kinds of things in ③impolite ways. As old euphemisms fall out of use and new ones come into use, English is ever ④evolving to handle every situation, pleasant or unpleasant. 【문10】글의 흐름으로 보아, 주어진 문장이 들어가기에 가장 알맞은 곳은? She recommended better meal planning, more protein and fresh vegetables, and supplements containing B vitamins, magnesium, and F-theanine. Angie was always anxious and impatient. She regularly skipped meals and ended up driving through fast-food restaurants to eat just as her blood sugar was crashing. ( ① ) Then she usually felt fuzzy brained and wanted to take a nap. ( ② ) She eventually sought the advice of a nutritionally oriented physician for her bouts of fatigue. ( ③ ) Her response to eating more protein - a rotisserie chicken and steamed vegetables on the first day - was nothing short of dramatic. ( ④ ) Several months later, Angie's sister described her as a new person - she slept more soundly and woke up feeling alert and energetic. 【문11】다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? In a new study, it was found that species that live in restrictive environments such as the tropics cannot adapt to a changing climate as well as species in more diverse environments. The reason is ________________. A species adapts to its environment and becomes better at surviving by undergoing physical and behavioral changes. These usually occur due to a gene mutation. If a species already has a more varied set of genes, it is more like to undergo the necessary changes. However, species in the tropics have less varied sets of genes. ① destroyed environment ② isolation from their habitat ③ attack from their predators ④ the lack of variation in their genes 【문12】다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Scientists are currently studying the navigational systems and locomotive strategies of insects to help design the next generation of autonomous robots and vehicles. Also, researchers have recently found that the flipper of the humpback whale is a more efficient wing design than the current model used by the aeronautics industry on airplanes. They are working to apply their findings to future airplane and automotive design. Similarly, engineers have used the rough skin of the shark as inspiration in developing a ridged foil coating for the wings of aircraft, a design which has resulted in six percent less friction and improved fuel efficiency. ① Borrowing from Nature ② The Wonders of Nature ③ The Future of Aerospace Industry ④ Why We Should Preserve Wild Life 1교시 ①책형 전체 20-17 【영어 25문】 ①책형 【문13】주어진 글 다음에 이어질 글의 순서는? President Roosevelt openly blamed the greed of many Americans for the Depression and acted to rectify the problem. At that time, people with a lot of currency or gold hoarded them and did not put them into banks because of the fear of losing their money. (A) It also allowed the government to seize the gold of private citizens in exchange for paper money. (B) This made the Depression worse because banks had no money and were forced to close. (C) In response, Roosevelt enacted the "Emergency Banking Act" which worked to shut down insolvent banks so that they could be reconstructed. ① (B) - (A) - (C) ② (B) - (C) - (A) ③ (C) - (A) - (B) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) 【문14】다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은? Feel like a cup of tea, but don't have the time to brew one up? Take a "tea pill" instead. Indian tea scientists have produced a tea-flavored pill that can be chewed or quickly dissolved in hot or cold water. The brownish tablet weighs 0.3 grams and is composed of 80 percent tea and 20 percent their flavors. The inventors at the research center say that it peps you up just like a traditional tea. "You can suck it, chew it, or dissolve it in water the way you like to have it, and still feel the taste of a real cup of tea," they said. "As the liquid tea refreshes, this tea pill will also refresh people because it contains pure tea ingredients." They said the center had applied for a patent, and that the pill should hit the market in six months. ① 차의 성분과 효능을 알리려고 ② 차의 유래와 역사를 설명하려고 ③ 약 복용 시 주의사항을 알리려고 ④ 새로 시판될 알약 형태의 차를 소개하려고 【문15】다음 중 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Heart attacks, which take about 550,000 lives each year, occur when the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle become obstructed. Without oxygen and other nutrients carried in the blood, heart tissue dies or is damaged. If too much tissue is affected, the heart is so weakened that it cannot pump. But even mild damage can kill by disrupting the electrical impulses that govern the heart's rhythmic beating. Each year, stroke claims another 170,000 lives, and is also caused by impeded blood flow, this time to the brain. * coronary artery : 심장의 관상동맥 ① 심장마비는 관상동맥이 막힐 때 발생한다. ② 산소가 없으면, 심장 조직이 손상을 입는다. ③ 심장 조직이 약간 손상되는 경우에는 큰 위험이 없다. ④ 뇌졸중은 매년 170,000명의 생명을 앗아간다. 【문16】다음 밑줄 친 부분 중, 지칭하는 대상이 나머지 셋과 다른 하나는? It's my Aunt Grace's practice to travel by bus and to notice what ①most people miss. One Saturday morning the 144 bus passed a busy intersection. She saw two young girls outfitted for camping. They looked nervous. When her bus arrived at the next intersection, she saw two young men outfitted in the same manner standing by a car. They were waiting for an appointment. Grace got off the bus and approached the young men. They spoke to her in a foreign accent. Grace described the girls she had seen, and the young men left. When ② the small happy band returned to thank her, what she had supposed was confirmed. There had, indeed, been a mix-up! Anxious to return good for good, ③the chattering little group insisted they be allowed to take her home. Grace refused. Instead, the young people crossed the avenue to gift shop and returned with a little cotton elephant. Now there is a remembrance in Grace's apartment, but there are also ④four young people who are bound to remember a friendly lady. 【문17】다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Despite progress in the field of child and adolescent mental health, millions of young people every year do not get proper help. Only one in five children with a serious emotional disturbance actually uses specialized mental health services. Although today, child welfare services, the juvenile justice system, and our schools often provide care to children in need, none of these institutions has as its first priority the delivery of mental health care. In addition, the complexity of promoting collaboration across agency lines of all professionals serving the same child is daunting. All too often there is no cooperation, not enough money, and limited access to trained mental health professionals - and children and their families _________________________________. ① require their rights ② receive good health services ③ suffer the tragic consequences ④ are reluctant to go to hospitals 【문18】다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? People who are satisfied appreciate what they have in life and don't worry about how it compares to ①which others have. Valuing what you have over what you do not or cannot have ②leads to greater happiness. Four-year-old Alice runs to the Christmas tree and sees wonderful presents beneath it. No doubt she has received fewer presents ③than some of her friends, and she probably has not received some of the things she most wanted. But at that moment, she doesn't ④stop to think why there aren't more presents or to wonder what she may have asked for that she didn't get. Instead, she marvels at the treasures before her. 1교시 ①책형 전체 20-18 【영어 25문】 ①책형 【문19】주어진 문장에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? It would be hard to find anything more controversial than the subject of cloning. People find it either totally fantastic or totally frightening. (A) But for most people, the cloning of humans is different. The idea of duplicating human beings the same way we make copies of book pages on a copy machine is terrible. (B) In addition, it could be useful in increasing the world's food supply by the cloning of animals. Bigger and healthier animals could be produced. (C) Cloning holds the promise of cures for what are now incurable diseases, sight for the blind, hearing for the deaf, new organs to replace old worn-out ones. ① (A) - (C) - (B) ② (B) - (A) - (C) ③ (C) - (A) - (B) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) 【문20】글의 흐름상 밑줄 친 부분이 문맥에 맞지 않는 것은? Britain caused hardship in the Indian cloth industry by putting a 30 percent import tax on Indian cloth. This made Indian cloth too ①expensive to sell in Britain. When the Indian lost their British customers, their cloth industry was ruined. Then British cloth factories profited by selling British cloth to the Indians. The Indian people were ②discontent under British rule. In 1930 Mohandas Gandhi took up the cause of Indian independence. He encouraged Indians to protest in nonviolent ways. He encouraged them not to pay taxes to the British, and he ③resisted a boycott of British-made product. After great struggle, both nonviolent and violent, the British ④withdrew, and in 1947 India became a self-governing, independent country. ① expensive ② discontent ③ resisted ④ withdrew 【문21】다음 글의 제목으로 가장 알맞은 것은? A study by the USA's Northwestern University provides biological evidence that people who are bilingual have a more powerful brain. Drs Viorica Marian and Nina Kraus investigated how bilingualism affects the brain. They found that studying another language "fine-tunes" people's attention span and enhances their memory. In particular they discovered that when language learners attempt to understand speech in another language, it activates and energizes the brainstem – an ancient part of the brain. Professor Kraus stated: "Bilingualism serves as enrichment for the brain and has real consequences when it comes to attention and working memory." ① The Effect of Bilingualism on Brain ② Tips for Learning Foreign Languages ③ The Negative Effect of Bilingualism ④ The Necessity of Learning Foreign Languages 【문22】다음 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 곳은? However, poor people began making their own boxes and asking employers and customers for money in recognition of their service. Have you ever heard of Boxing Day? It's a holiday celebrated in the United Kingdom and British Commonwealth countries on December 26 every year. ( ① ) Some people say that the ancient Roman tradition of gift giving during the winter festival inspired Boxing Day, but no one knows for certain. ( ② ) This gift giving eventually took the form of placing alms boxes in churches on Christmas Day so that people could drop coins into them for later distribution to poor people. These early "Christmas Boxes" were made of clay and had holes cut in their tops but no 'stoppers' at the bottoms. It was "smashing fun" opening them! ( ③ ) During the seventeenth century, the alms-box of giving stopped. ( ④ ) From that time on, it became a tradition to give money to delivery people and other service workers on Boxing Day. 【문23】다음 (A), (B), (C)에서 문맥에 맞는 낱말로 가장 적절한 것은? Companies often seek the services of well-known sports or entertainment personalities to promote their products. Although this is a good practice when the person embodies wholesome qualities, it can backfire when the person engages in scandalous or (A)moral / immoral behavior. In such cases, the public comes to associate antisocial behavior with the product, and will avoid buying it. It is advisable that before deciding whom to star, a complete background check be made. If a person has exhibited (B)desirable / undesirable behavior in the past, he will probably exhibit undesirable behavior in the future. Also, the contract should cancel automatically, should the personality bring (C)credit / discredit to the product advertised. (A) (B) (C) ① moral --- desirable --- credit ② moral --- desirable --- discredit ③ immoral --- undesirable --- credit ④ immoral --- undesirable --- discredit 1교시 ①책형 전체 20-19 【영어 25문】 ①책형 【문24】주어진 글 다음에 이어질 글의 순서는? The only way for different marine animals to survive in their harsh aquatic environment is to help each other. This is especially true in the case of the clownfish and the poisonous sea anemone. (A) Other fish, fearing the anemone's poison, won't attack the clownfish there. (B) On the other hand, the anemone benefits by eating leftover food provided by the clownfish. (C) In return for cleaning the anemone, the clownfish, which is not affected by the anemone's poison, lives safely among the animal's tentacles. ① (B) - (A) - (C) ② (B) - (C) - (A) ③ (C) - (A) - (B) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) 【문25】다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? ABC Airlines uses the same scent everywhere, for instance, in the perfume worn by its flight attendants, in its hot towels, and in other elements of its service. Among the sensory elements, using a scent is a relatively recent marketing strategy adopted by many retailers. More and more research shows that smell affects consumer behavior, which stimulates the demand for scent marketing by stores, hotels, and even museums. Advertising studies in Martin Lindstrom's book Brand Sense suggest that although most contemporary commercial messages are aimed at our eyes, many of the emotional moments people remember on a given day are actually prompted by smell. ① Certain scents energize us for work. ② Sense of sight is mightier than sense of smell. ③ The demand for scent marketing is increasing. ④ Our sense of smell becomes dull over the years. 1교시 ①책형 전체 20-20






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