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Ⓐ - 3 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 뜻이 가장 유사한 단어를 고르면? (1~3) 1. The name England is derived from the Angles, one of the Germanic tribes which established monarchies in lowland Britain in the 5th century, after the final withdrawal of the Romans in 409. ① collapse ② invasion ③ surrender ④ retreat 2. Some of these books were, on the face of it, frivolous and facetious; but many, on the other hand, were serious and prophetic, moral and hortatory. ① execratory ② exhortative ③ exemplary ④ exasperating 3. The distinguished businesswoman finds herself unable to jettison her lower-middle-class prejudices. ① discard ② digress ③ denounce ④ deny ※ 다음 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것을 고르면? (4~5) 4. ① Nutritionists recommended that everyone eat from three to five servings of vegetables a day. ② Their human rights record remained among the worst, with other abuses taking place in the country. ③ It has been widely known that he is more receptive to new ideas than any other men. ④ He proposed creating a space where musicians would be able to practice for free. 5. ① No amateur can participate in the contest except that he is recommended by a previous prize winner. ② There go the last piece of cake and the last spoonful of ice cream. ③ Such was the country s solutions that they drew international attention to the issue. ④ I wish I had studied biology when I was a college student. 6. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르면?  In the evening he came and played the violin a long time, as usual. He was , by nature, and perhaps he loved his violin because while playing he did not have to speak. ① talkative ② affectionate ③ intolerant ④ taciturn 7. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 문장을 고르면? The streets outside are swarming with pickpockets.  . ① You couldn t care less about it ② You ll soon get the feel of it ③ You can t be too careful ④ I hope you have no hard feelings about it 8. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 순서대로 고르면?  provide essential labor in richer countries with low birthrates, while flee to adjacent or distant foreign countries to escape harsh political or environmental conditions in their own. ① Unpaid laborers - expatriates ② Migrant workers - refugees ③ Domestic workers - immigrants ④ Foreign laborers - innovators 9. 어법상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? The population of Easter Island is now around 5,000, nearly double it was twenty years ago. ① as ② what ③ than ④ that ※ 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? (10~11) 10. Regulations related with the life or safety or those aiming at technological and industrial development, such as energy efficiency rating of buildings, should be maintained. However, irrational regulations free competition and creativity of businesses should be overhauled. ① hampering ② embroidering ③ embracing ④ manifesting 11. We seem to take it for that we have a society that can still manage to identify and tackle new problems, despite the current inability to allow for new ideas and concepts. ① perplexed ② displayed ③ relieved ④ granted Ⓐ - 4 12. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? Why is it that some people reach a ripe old age and others do not? Several factors influencing are set at birth, but surprisingly, many others are elements that can be changed. ① diseases ② longevity ③ personality ④ maturity ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? (13~14) 13. Too many parents force their children into . They are concerned about the child who loves to do things alone, who prefers a solitary walk with a camera to a game of ball. They want their sons to be team players and their daughters good mixers. In such foolish fears lie the beginnings of the blighting of individuality, the thwarting of personality, the stealing of the wealth of ones capital for living joyously and well in a confused world. ① group activities ② self-confidence ③ personal encouragement ④ collective wisdom 14. For all the terrors of isolation or attacking wolves, the frontier family soon learned that its worst enemy was . In Kansas, each season carried its own perils. Spring might favor the farmer with sunny skies and balmy temperatures; yet often melting snows and spring rainstorms caused torrential floods that menaced home and field alike. Tornadoes, with their deafening roar and deadly funnels, often ripped across the land, obliterating everything in their path. Summer, in turn, was apt to unleash droughts and hot winds that withered the crops and crippled the fall harvest. Plagues of grasshoppers devoured entire cultivated fields and miles of prairie foliage. Finally, the bitter winter season brought numbing temperatures and crushing blizzards. ① tornadoes ② grasshoppers ③ nature itself ④ within the family 15. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 문장을 고르면? Many businesses hire new workers through internships through which the companies offer full-time positions to a certain portion. In this way, companies can identify potential employees who are also trained and experienced through the probation period. Every year, tens of thousands of young Koreans enter into exploitive work arrangements, working overtime and mostly doing menial works for little or no pay, because they consider it as a rite of passage to be admitted into the white-collar world. These desperate job seekers can barely complain or speak up against their poor working conditions,  . ① but heavy strains and worries are what torment these young people most ② so internship can work as a system to find potential future hires for employees ③ for disobedience could jeopardize possible job opportunities ④ and what follows is a rightful reward due to fierce competitions among them 16. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? Human beings have achieved preeminence among animals, not because of specialization, but because of adaptability. Some animals early developed specialized equipment such as hooves and gills. But hooves prevented the acquisition of manipulatory skills, and gills made land life impossible. In general, rapid specialization has usually entailed . ① loss of adaptability ② progress for the species ③ greater flexibility in development ④ preeminence in the animal kingdom 17. James Whittaker와 관련된 내용으로 옳지 않은 것은? How different it was 50 years ago when, on May 1, 1963, James Whittaker, accompanied only by Sherpa Nawang Gombu, became the first American to reach the summit of the world. Whittaker did it by climbing the Southeast Ridge, the same route pioneered in 1953 by the peerless New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. Whittaker had climbed Mount McKinley a few years before, and it was Gombus third trip to Everest. Three weeks after Whittaker and Gombu s ascent, in an unprecedented act of boldness, teammates Tom Hornbein and Willi Unsoeld clawed their way up a completely new route, the West Ridge. ① 에베레스트 산을 등정한 최초의 미국인이다. ② 힐러리 경이 개척해 놓은 남동쪽 능선을 이용했다. ③ 곰부(Gombu)와 함께 에베레스트 정상에 세 번 올랐다. ④ 그의 뒤를 이어 다른 팀들이 또 다른 루트를 개척하였다. 18. 밑줄 친 She 의 상황을 가장 잘 나타낸 것은? She can t make a sound, and when she tries to stand up, she finds she can t do that, either, but instead falls to the ground. She tries to crawl toward the opening, toward the door of the cooler that someone has just yanked open, the opening that all these people are now rushing toward. It s not working. It s like her body has abandoned her. It s like it won t do what she wants it to do, like the air in a nightmare. ① fortunate ② sacrificing ③ hopeful ④ helpless ※ 다음 글을 읽고 물음에 답하시오. (19~20) When LOL first appeared on computer and mobile phone screens, it caused ( ㉠ ) a little confusion. Some people were using it to mean lots of love . Others interpreted it as laughing out loud . It was an ambiguity that couldn t last. Who knows how many budding relationships ( ㉡ ) in the early 2000 s because recipients took the abbreviation the wrong way? Today it s ( ㉢ ). Almost everyone now uses LOL in its laughing sense. And it s one of the few text-messaging acronyms to have crossed the divide between writing and speech. 19. 다음에서 ㉠, ㉢에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은?  ㉠ ㉢ ① such twisted ② not complicated ③ such sorted out ④ not settled down 20. 위 글의 ㉡에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? ① were established ② floundered ③ were sustained ④ bloomed






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