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2016 국회직 9급 영어 문제 해설

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 2016년도 9급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 6 - Vulnerability assessment is the analysis of the expected impacts, risks and the adaptive capacity of a region to the effects of climate change. Vulnerability assessment (A)________ more than simple measurement of the potential harm caused by events resulting from climate change. The term vulnerability is used very broadly in the climate change (B)_________ to include a variety of concepts including sensitivity or susceptibility to harm and lack of capacity to cope and adapt. The nineteen-year-old Anton appointed himself head of the _______ family - a responsibility he bore unfalteringly for the rest of his life - and decided to earn grocery money by writing comic sketches for the newspapers. 영 어 1. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. One century earlier Wilhelm von Humboldt taught that “There is apparent connection between sound and meaning which, however, only seldom lends itself to an exact elucidation, is often only glimpsed, and most usually remains _____.” ① clear ② distinct ③ obscure ④ semantic ⑤ phonetic 2. 다음 밑줄 친 (A)와 (B)에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. (A) (B) ① indicates - asset ② fortifies - possibility ③ requires - avidity ④ induces - environment ⑤ encompasses - context 3. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. ① rich ② independent ③ affluent ④ destitute ⑤ amiable 4. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. Passive investments by Korean investors to the overseas markets are likely to continue in the second half of the year, especially with global economic expansion ______________. ① is likely to further retreat ② is likely to be further retreated ③ likely to further retreat ④ likely to be further retreat ⑤ like to further retreat 5. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 문법상 옳지 않은 것을 고르시오. If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, ①you have most likely seen these cool new toys that have become extremely popular ②with celebrities and everyday people alike―the self balancing scooter with two wheels. ③They can go at a speed around 8km/h to 20km/h, ④depending on the model. It is lightweight, smart and easy to move and fun to ride. And it takes some time ⑤being used to. 6. 다음 기사의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. When people consider traveling within Korea, most think about taking a train rather than a flight. There are a number of cheap flights to Jeju Island, but flying to other destinations has seemed extravagant - particularly with the arrival of the affordable KTX bullet train that connects many cities around the country. This has hit Korea’s small regional airports hard, many of which have seen their domestic routes become unprofitable. Attempting to revive sluggish demand for domestic flights, airlines have been working with travel agencies, as well as federal and regional governments, to offer travel packages for day trips around Korea that are cheaper - and faster - than taking a train. Three domestic routes have currently been discounted: Gimpo, Gyeonggi to Pohang, North Gyeongsang; Gimpo to Sacheon, South Gyeongsang; and Gimpo to Yeosu, South Jeolla. Korean Air has particularly slashed prices on domestic flights for 11 travel agencies including Mode Tour, Lotte Tour and Hanjin Travel, which are offering different day-trip packages. ① Flights Save Themselves by Providing Cheaper Da Trips ② Domestic Flight Demands Soaring High in the Summer ③ New Domestic Routes Emerging as Hot Businesses ④ Diversified Travel Packages Attract More Travellers ⑤ KTX Emerging as the Best Domestic Traveling Option 2016년도 9급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 7 - 7. 글의 흐름상 가장 적절하지 못한 문장을 고르시오. Since the 2012 World Design Capital, Helsinki, has quietly continued its pursuit of excellence in design, contemporary arts and urban planning. ①Called the “Daughter of the Baltic”, Helsinki is located on the tip of a peninsula and on 315 islands. ②The long-term vision of the Finnish capital has already started paying dividends for city construction. ③Construction cranes are active across the city, with a renewed waterfront, renovated museums and revived industrial spaces. ④This wave of progress has even spread to outlying neighborhoods, where recent openings range from cultural complexes to the most traditional Finnish attraction, the sauna. ⑤Now every corner of this cool Nordic city is heating up with passion for art and construction. 8. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. Some parents of immigrant families are concerned that their children ma be at a disadvantage if they do not speak or understand the majority language very well before starting kindergarten. They arrange for the majority language to be spoken by both parents to the child even at home. This solution means that they have to speak their non-native language to their child and ma feel awkward. __________, there is a price to pay in the relationship between parent and children in later years. A mother faced with a rebellious teenager ma be better equipped to counter defiance and rhetoric in her own language. ① However ② Nevertheless ③ For example ④ Besides ⑤ Fortunately 9. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. I was in a couple’s home trying to fix their Internet connection. The husband called out to his wife in the other room for the computer password. “Start with a capital S, then 123,” she shouted back. We tried S123 several times, but it didn’t work. So we called the wife in. As she input the password, she muttered, “I really don’t know what’s so difficult about typing _________.” ① s123 ② Start123 ③ 123S ④ start123 ⑤ 123s 10. 대화의 흐름으로 보아 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. A: I almost got into an accident last night. B: What happened? A: Well, I was going down the freeway when all of a sudden the car ahead of me slammed on his brakes. B: Did you rear-end him? A: No, but I almost did. _________________________. B: What did you do? A: I veered into the shoulder of the road just in the nick of time. B: You were really lucky. It could have been worse. ① It was frustrated ② It was an impressive moment ③ I couldn’t avoid the accident ④ He just jumped on the bandwagon ⑤ It was a close call 11. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. All intercultural comparisons of intelligence are ____ by the lack of true comparability, and any generalizations about ‘racial’ differences in intellectual competence which do not take account of this are worthless. ① vitiated ② improved ③ endorsed ④ rejuvenated ⑤ detected 12. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. My girlfriend is not the sort of woman who would go back ______ her word. ① to ② up ③ against ④ into ⑤ on 2016년도 9급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 8 - While creating the mouse, Douglas was working at the Stanford Research Institute. The mouse was originally referred ____ an “X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System.” With the cord coming out of the back of the computer mouse, Douglas said the device reminded him of the rodent mouse and the name stuck. 13. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. An election is a formal decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern __________________ has operated since the 17th century. Elections ma fill offices in the legislature, sometimes in the executive and judiciary, and for regional and local government. ① government structure ② representative democracy ③ political influence ④ government leadership ⑤ political ideology 14. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. ① as ② to with ③ by with ④ to as ⑤ on 15. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 문법상 옳지 않은 것을 고르시오. ①Although there ②had been resistance to the high rate of immigration during the nineteenth century, only in the early twentieth century ③was several laws ④passed that restricted both the number of people who could come to the United States and where they could come ⑤from. 16. 다음 밑줄 친 make의 문법상 올바른 형태를 고르시오. It is highly exhilarating to contemplate the progress make in the study of English since the opening years of this century. That assertion, too often repeated, that Englishmen are not really interested in their own language, is no longer valid. At last we English are showing an awakened interest in our mother tongue as something living and changing. ① making ② made ③ is made ④ makes ⑤ has made 17. 다음 기사의 요지로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. Something strange is going on in medicine. Major diseases, like cancer, stroke, and heart disease, are waning in wealthy countries, and improved diagnosis and treatment cannot fully explain it. Scientists marvel at this good news, but many of them say that it is not really easy to come up with interesting, compelling explanations. They are still facing the challenge to figure out which of those interesting and compelling hypotheses might be correct. The fact of the matter is that these diseases are far from gone. They still cause enormous suffering and kill millions each year. But it looks as if people in the United States and some other wealthy countries are, unexpectedly, starting to beat back the diseases of aging. The leading killers are still the leading killers but they are occurring later in life, and people in general are living longer in good health. ① Major diseases are in decline because of a slow process of aging. ② A puzzle about adult diseases has been completely solved. ③ Americans are more vulnerable to major diseases than the people of other wealthy countries. ④ The changes in medicine impact the everyday life of Americans. ⑤ It is necessary to look for clues to medical dilemmas. 2016년도 9급 공개경쟁채용시험 영 어 책형 가 - 9 - 18. 다음 글의 순서로 문맥상 의미가 가장 잘 통할 수 있도록 나열한 것을 고르시오. (A) A little more investigative work led the officer to the boy’s accomplice: another boy about 100 yards beyond the radar trap with a sign reading “TIPS” and a bucket at his feet full of change. (B) One day, however, the officer was amazed when everyone was under the speed limit, so he investigated and found the problem. (C) A 10-year-old boy was standing on the side of the road with a huge hand painted sign which said “Radar Trap Ahead.” (D) A police officer found a perfect hiding place for watching for speeding motorists. ① (B)-(C)-(A)-(D) ② (B)-(D)-(A)-(C) ③ (C)-(A)-(B)-(D) ④ (D)-(B)-(C)-(A) ⑤ (D)-(C)-(B)-(A) 19. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. Representing something graphically was a significant step beyond oral description of the objects and events being portrayed. Even if they were only mnemonic device - serving loosely as memory stimulators - depictions such as cave paintings could help a storyteller provide a more detailed and accurate account, compared with unaided recall. ____________, this illustrates one major purpose of writing. In all its forms, writing is a tool for preserving ideas that were expressed earlier. In other words (to borrow from today’s computer jargon), writing is a system for information storage. Just as we seek more and more storage capacity in computers, primitive people sought systems of graphic representation of ideas to free themselves from the limitations and inaccuracies of human memory. ① For example ② In fact ③ Conversely ④ However ⑤ Unfortunately 20. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 가장 적절한 표현을 고르시오. Some modern writers believe that the deliberate concealment of certain parts of the body originated not as a way of discouraging sexual interest, but as a clever device for arousing it. According to this view, clothes are the physical equivalent of remarks like “I’ve got a secret”; they are a tease, a come-on. It is certainly true that parts of the human form considered sexually arousing are often covered in such a way as to ____________________________________. People done up in shiny colored wrappings and bows affect us just as a birthday present does: we’re curious, turned on; we want to undo the package. ① diminish and inhibit sexual interest ② completely hide one’s bodily secret ③ exaggerate and draw attention to them ④ cover up one’s physical complex ⑤ expose them vividly to the public

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