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2018 10월 학력평가 영어 문제 해설

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1 8 2018학년도 10월 고3 전국연합학력평가 문제지 영어 영역 1 제 3 교시 1번부터 17번까지는 듣고 답하는 문제입니다. 1번부터 15 번까지는 한 번만 들려주고, 16번부터 17번까지는 두 번 들 려줍니다. 방송을 잘 듣고 답을 하시기 바랍니다. 1. 대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 榕 That sounds good for a change. 涌 That was a great romance movie. 湧 Isn疝t it expensive to watch a movie? 溶 I have a meeting tonight, so I can疝t come. 熔 As you know, I don疝t like watching movies. 2. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 榕 I疝m proud of him. It疝s a great accomplishment. 涌 That疝s true. He won疝t come to the meeting. 湧 Too bad. Then the flight will be delayed. 溶 Not at all. Flying is safer than driving. 熔 Of course. I疝ll text you about it. 3. 다음을 듣고, 남자가 하는 말의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것을 고 르시오. 榕 도서관의 디지털 자료 사용을 권장하려고 涌 도서관 자원봉사자 모집 계획을 알리려고 湧 학교 전산망 시설 공사 일정을 공지하려고 溶 디지털 콘텐츠 개발의 필요성을 강조하려고 熔 자료 검색용 컴퓨터 이용 방법을 안내하려고 4. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 의견으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 榕 놀이를 통해 갈등 해결 능력을 기를 수 있다. 涌 칭찬과 격려가 자녀의 행동 교정에 효과적이다. 湧 부모는 자녀에게 사과의 중요성을 가르쳐야 한다. 溶 가정 내 규율은 부모와 자녀가 함께 정해야 한다. 熔 자녀를 훈육할 때 일관성을 유지하는 것이 중요하다. 5. 대화를 듣고, 두 사람의 관계를 가장 잘 나타낸 것을 고르시오. 榕 요리 강사 - 수강생 涌 영양 교사 - 학생회장 湧 방송 기자 - 통계 분석가 溶 여론 조사 전문가 - 의뢰인 熔 식품 위생 감시원 - 음식점 주인 6. 대화를 듣고, 그림에서 대화의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것을 고 르시오. 榕 湧 溶 熔 涌 7. 대화를 듣고, 남자가 Mark를 위해 할 일로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. 榕 숙소 알아보기 涌 기차표 구매하기 湧 손님방 청소하기 溶 구직 면접 주선하기 熔 호텔 예약 취소하기 8. 대화를 듣고, 여자가 오늘 프로젝터를 사용하지 못하는 이유를 고르시오. 榕 부품이 고장 나서 涌 연결 케이블이 없어서 湧 컴퓨터실이 정전되어서 溶 친구로부터 돌려받지 못해서 熔 프레젠테이션 장소가 너무 좁아서 9. 대화를 듣고, 여자가 지불할 금액을 고르시오. [3점] 榕 $85 涌 $100 湧 $105 溶 $130 熔 $135 10. 대화를 듣고, 과학 프로젝트에 관해 언급되지 않은 것을 고르 시오. 榕 연구 주제 涌 팀원 수 湧 평가 기준 溶 발표 날짜 熔 사용 가능한 소프트웨어 11. Tapas Cooking Class에 관한 다음 내용을 듣고, 일치하지 않는 것을 고르시오. 榕 11월 15일부터 3일 동안 진행된다. 涌 식료품 시장을 방문하는 일정이 포함되어 있다. 湧 다양한 올리브유를 맛볼 기회가 있다. 溶 수강료와 별도로 재료비를 내야 한다. 熔 수강 인원은 10명 이내로 제한된다. 2 영어 영역 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2 8 12. 다음 표를 보면서 대화를 듣고, 두 사람이 주문할 토스터 오 븐을 고르시오. Top 5 Toaster Ovens Model Capacity (slices) Digital Controls Color Price 榕 A 6 ? Black $69 涌 B 4 ? Silver $59 湧 C 6 ? Silver $49 溶 D 4 ? White $48 熔 E 2 ? White $38 13. 대화를 듣고, 여자의 마지막 말에 대한 남자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [3점] Man: 榕 I think it疝s too far from our school. 涌 Right. Let疝s put off the competition. 湧 We don疝t rent out our school auditorium. 溶 Okay. Let疝s hold the competition on campus. 熔 I already did. The hall is available that day. 14. 대화를 듣고, 남자의 마지막 말에 대한 여자의 응답으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [3점] Woman: 榕 Thanks. It疝s lovely of you to make chocolate for me. 涌 Yes. Just put it in a bowl and heat it in hot water. 湧 No. Your recipe was okay, but I made a mistake. 溶 You did an excellent job making this chocolate. 熔 That疝s fine. I can make chocolate on my own. 15. 다음 상황 설명을 듣고, Melanie가 Jake에게 할 말로 가장 적 절한 것을 고르시오. Melanie: 榕 You疝ll even be fined if you don疝t wear one. 涌 Sure. Biking is time?efficient for a short trip. 湧 Preparation is important. Let疝s check our lists. 溶 You should adjust the helmet so that it fits you. 熔 It疝ll be a long?distance ride. A helmet is a must. [1 6 ~ 1 7 ] 다 음 을 듣 고 , 물 음 에 답 하 시 오 . 16. 여자가 하는 말의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? 榕 effects of colors on household energy use 涌 roles of colors in inspiring creative ideas 湧 relationship between colors and moods 溶 using vivid colors for home decoration 熔 preferred colors for home appliances 17. 언급된 색상이 아닌 것은? 榕 black 涌 white 湧 purple 溶 blue 熔 orange 이제 듣기 문제가 끝났습니다. 18번부터는 문제지의 지시 에 따라 답을 하시기 바랍니다. 18. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은? Dear Grace, I was sorry to receive your letter. I would like to see if there is some way we can address your concerns. As your supervisor, I feel that you have performed well in your time with the company; your departure would be a big loss to us. In your letter you make reference to personal conflicts you have had with some of the others in our department. With your permission, I would like to ask the Human Resources to become involved and look for a way to improve the working environment. I疝m hoping that you reconsider your resignation. Please allow us to try to keep a valued employee. Best regards, Maria Rodriguez, Sales & Marketing Manager 榕 직원의 사직을 만류하려고 涌 불편을 겪은 고객에게 사과하려고 湧 갑작스러운 인사이동을 해명하려고 溶 회사의 인원 감축 계획을 알리려고 熔 부서 내 업무 조정 내용을 설명하려고 19. 다음 글에 드러난 産I疝의 심경 변화로 가장 적절한 것은? As Farish and I walked, brown sandstones gave way to pink limestones, which was a promising sign that fossils were in the neighborhood. After we spent a few minutes peering at rocks, alarm bells went off; my attention was pulled to an unusual faint light flashing from a corner of a melon?sized rock. My heart pounded hard. Experience in the field taught me to respect the sensation triggered by these moments. I spent about five minutes curled up with the rock close to my eyes before passing it to Farish for his expert opinion. Farish froze solid. His eyes shot back to me with a look of suppressed emotion, disbelief, and surprise. 酸Yes, we found it!霰 I cried. Jumping with joy, I hugged him. 榕 hopeful ? delighted 涌 worried ? grateful 湧 terrified ? relieved 溶 excited ? disappointed 熔 nervous ? sympathetic 20. 다음 글에서 필자가 주장하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은? You know the old saying about having only one chance to make a first impression? Forget about it for once and give people a second chance. Even if you didn疝t like someone疝s question at yesterday疝s lecture or you thought his outfit was out?of?place for the event, don疝t immediately write that person off as a potential friend. This is a time in your life to dig deeper and allow yourself to find out what makes people behave the way they do. Forget about surfaces and look for what疝s inside. And remember, it takes time for new friendships to develop. As you get to know each other, shared experiences and interests will become woven into the friendship. Keep working on the relationship, even if it feels uncomfortable at times. 榕 사고의 폭을 넓히려면 다양한 사람들과 교류하라. 涌 친구의 단점을 지적하기보다 장점을 찾아 칭찬하라. 湧 인기 있는 사람이 되려면 먼저 자신의 인격을 기르라. 溶 처음 만난 사람에게 지나치게 개인적인 질문을 삼가라. 熔 친구를 사귀려면 내면의 모습에 주목하여 꾸준히 노력하라. 영어 영역 3 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 3 8 21. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? When science is examined as an enterprise that involves the values of independence, freedom, the right to dissent, and tolerance, it is clear that as a social activity science cannot flourish in an authoritarian climate. Some philosophers of science such as Bronowski claim that science cannot be practiced in authoritarian regimes. In a democratic environment, old ideas can be challenged and rigorously criticized, although with some difficulty because of the human desire to hold onto old ideas, especially by the original proposers. Yet it is the essence of scientific thinking to propose alternative ideas and then to test them against existing concepts. As pointed out in an American Association for the Advancement of Science report, Science for All Americans, 酸indeed, challenges to new ideas are the legitimate business of science in building valid knowledge.霰 榕 과학의 권위는 이론의 검증과 적용을 통해 확립된다. 涌 철학의 추론 기법은 다양한 과학 연구에 응용될 수 있다. 湧 과학 탐구의 방향은 공동체의 정치적인 지향을 반영한다. 溶 기존의 지식에서 새로운 아이디어의 실마리를 찾을 수 있다. 熔 민주적 환경에서 과학은 타당한 지식을 형성하는 데 기여한다. 22. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Considering the multitude of ways people benefit from insects, it is curious that insects continue to suffer from such an unfavorable reputation. Ironically, while many of us perceive insects as harmful pests 散 dangerous, ugly, and disease?ridden 散 in reality, without the service of pollination which they provide humankind might cease to exist. The promotion of negative stereotypes of insects can be largely traced to failure by Europeans to appreciate or understand the customs of the lands they colonized and their misperception that the way of life of most indigenous populations they encountered was barbaric. Many people疝s dislike for insects stems from a similar classist attitude that associates insects with indigenous people who lack the means to buy or grow alternate sources of food. Again this prejudice stems largely from Western cultures. In contrast, cultures of many Eastern nations such as Japan and China consider various species of insects to be great delicacies. * pollination: 가루받이 ** indigenous: 원주민의 榕 efforts to control pests using natural enemies 涌 untapped potential of insects as a food source 湧 cultural reasons for people疝s dislike for insects 溶 prejudices against insects based on their appearance 熔 various roles of insects in supporting the eco?system 23. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Through evolution, our brains have developed to deal with acute dangers, whether saber?toothed cats or thunderstorms. Our nerve connections will ensure that we become aware of the dangers and react to them to protect ourselves, being alerted by their peculiar smell, their threatening looks, or their scary noise. But nothing in our past has prepared us to deal with the insidious chemical threats that endanger the development of the next generation疝s brains. On the contrary, we are thoroughly enjoying the immediate benefits of attractive consumer goods, efficient technologies, and handsome profits that we generate from producing and disseminating hazardous chemicals. Our senses are not geared toward detecting the underlying dangers. The irony is that the resulting harm to the brain may wipe out some of those senses that we badly need to manage this very problem. * insidious: 모르는 사이에 진행되는 ** disseminate: 퍼뜨리다 榕 Chemicals as a Blessing in Disguise 涌 Under Undetectable Attack by Chemicals 湧 Brain Chemicals: Traces of Human Evolution 溶 Chemical Signals: Brain疝s Communication Tools 熔 Beyond Biological Evolution to Chemical Evolution 24. 다음 표의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? The table above displays the new yearly investment in renewable energy technology around the world measured every other year from 2006 to 2016. 榕 For each measured year, the total new investment in renewable energy technology was more than 220 billion U.S. dollars from 2010 and on, with its peak at 267.3 billion in 2014. 涌 Among the six sectors, solar power recorded the biggest difference in new yearly investment between 2006 and 2016, followed by wind power. 湧 As for hydropower, newly invested money in 2016 was less than half the amount in 2006. 溶 Biofuels had the second most investment among the six sectors in 2006; it had the least investment in 2016. 熔 New investment in geothermal power remained between 1 billion and 3 billion dollars each measured year; ocean energy attracted less than 1 billion dollars each measured year. 4 영어 영역 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 4 8 25. Eudora Alice Welty에 관한 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Eudora Alice Welty was an American short story writer and novelist. She studied at Mississippi State College for Women from 1925 to 1927, then transferred to the University of Wisconsin to complete her studies in English literature. Following her graduation, she studied advertising at Columbia University, but soon had to return home due to lack of work during the Great Depression. In 1931, she worked as a writer for a local radio station in her hometown Jackson, Mississippi, where she gained a wider view of Southern life for her short stories. Her first short story was published in 1936, and thereafter her work began to appear regularly in magazines. Her novel The Optimist疝s Daughter won the Pulitzer Prize in 1973 and she was the first living author to have her works published by the Library of America. Her house in Jackson has been designated as a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public as a museum. 榕 Wisconsin 대학에서 영문학을 공부했다. 涌 고향의 지역 라디오 방송국에서 일자리를 구했다. 湧 첫 단편 소설 출판 후 작품이 정기적으로 잡지에 실렸다. 溶 희곡을 출판하여 1973년에 Pulitzer상을 받았다. 熔 Jackson에 있는 자택은 박물관으로 개방되어 있다. 26. 2018 Kinetic Derby Day에 관한 다음 안내문의 내용과 일치 하지 않는 것은? 2018 Kinetic Derby Day Build your own human?powered vehicle! Enjoy the thrill of a race! Saturday, October 27, 2018 薩 10:00 a.m. 山 11:00 a.m.: Kinetic Vehicle Parade 薩 11:00 a.m. 山 2:00 p.m.: Kinetic Derby Racing 薩 3:00 p.m.: Awards Ceremony Regulations 薩 No motors are allowed for all vehicles. 薩 All vehicles must pass a safety inspection and have working brakes and steering. 薩 All participants in the Kinetic Derby Racing must wear a helmet. Admission & Registration Info 薩 Entry fees (per person) - $5 for the parade - $10 for the racing 薩 To register, please visit www.k_derby2018.com. 榕 퍼레이드가 경주보다 먼저 시작된다. 涌 모든 차에 모터 사용이 허용되지 않는다. 湧 모든 차는 안전 점검을 통과해야 한다. 溶 경주 참가자는 모두 헬멧을 착용해야 한다. 熔 퍼레이드 참가비는 1인당 10달러이다. 27. Grantshire Charity Yard Sale에 관한 다음 안내문의 내용과 일치하는 것은? G ra n ts h ire C h a rity Y a rd S a le Are there any items in your house that you don疝t use anymore? Join us in our annual charity yard sale. When: Saturdays in November, 1:00 p.m. 山 5:00 p.m. Where: Grantshire Community Center Front Yard If you want to be a seller, you MUST - register on our community website by October 20. - pay $10 for registration. - donate at least 3 items to the community booth. Note: - All registration fees and donated items will go to the local homeless shelters. - Free pick?up services for donations are available upon request. For inquiries and registration, please visit us at www.grantshirecc.org. 榕 11월에 매주 토요일 오전에 진행된다. 涌 판매자 등록은 10월 21일에 시작된다. 湧 판매자는 등록비 10달러를 내야 한다. 溶 등록비는 지역 노인 복지 회관에 전액 기부된다. 熔 기부 물품에 대한 픽업 서비스는 유료로 제공된다. 28. 다음 글의 밑줄 친 부분 중, 어법상 틀린 것은? The Internet allows information to flow more 榕 freely than ever before. We can communicate and share ideas in unprecedented ways. These developments are revolutionizing our self?expression and enhancing our freedom. But there疝s a problem. We疝re heading toward a world 涌 where an extensive trail of information fragments about us will be forever preserved on the Internet, displayed instantly in a search result. We will be forced to live with a detailed record 湧 beginning with childhood that will stay with us for life wherever we go, searchable and accessible from anywhere in the world. This data can often be of dubious reliability; it can be false; or it can be true but deeply 溶 humiliated. It may be increasingly difficult to have a fresh start or a second chance. We might find 熔 it harder to engage in self?exploration if every false step and foolish act is preserved forever in a permanent record. * dubious: 의심스러운 영어 영역 5 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 5 8 29. 다음 글에서 밑줄 친 We picked a bad year to have a good year가 의미하는 바로 가장 적절한 것은? [3점] On August 12, 1994, major league baseball players went on strike, bringing baseball to a halt for the rest of the season. The strike, which lasted 235 days, ended in April of the next year when a federal judge issued an injunction against the club owners. Just before the strike, baseball was enjoying one of the most exciting seasons in many years. The lowly Montreal Expos were leading their league by six games, Tony Gwynn was enjoying a .400 batting average, and a number of ballplayers were having banner years. Just before the strike, the famed hitter Ken Griffey, Jr., was asked what he thought about the upcoming strike, especially since he and so many other ballplayers were doing so well. He replied: We picked a bad year to have a good year. * injunction: (법원의) 명령 榕 We are disappointed with our personal records. 涌 For the strike, we are sacrificing a great season. 湧?Rather than going on strike, we want to negotiate. 溶 We consider the strike as an act of poor sportsmanship. 熔 We admit there are different attitudes toward the strike. 30. 밑줄 친 부분이 가리키는 대상이 나머지 넷과 다른 것은? When the tea tray was being carried across the room to their table, Chloe疝s eyes rounded and she almost gasped out loud. There were lots of tiny desserts and mini sandwiches and small biscuit?looking things. Where to start? Where to start? Her grandmother smiled and winked at 榕 her from across the table. Chloe winked back. 涌 She took a sip of the sweet tea and waited for her grandmother to make the first move. 湧 She carefully mirrored her grandmother疝s actions and started with a small, delicate sandwich. It was good. She ate it up and selected another. After a time, all the sandwiches were eaten up and Chloe boldly chose the biscuit?looking thing before her grandmother. 酸Aren疝t the scones lovely, dear?霰 asked her grandmother, as 溶 she spread cream and jam on hers. Scones, was that what they were called? Chloe had already started to eat hers without the cream and jam; in fact, it was mostly all in 熔 her mouth already. [3 1 ~ 3 4 ] 다 음 빈 칸 에 들 어 갈 말 로 가 장 적 절 한 것 을 고 르 시 오 . 31. One of the most satisfactory aspects of using essential oils medicinally and cosmetically is that they enter and leave the body with great efficiency, leaving no toxins behind. The most effective way to use essential oils is not orally, as one might think, but by external application or inhalation. The methods used include body oils, compresses, cosmetic lotions, baths, hair rinses, inhalation (by steam, direct from the bottle or from a tissue), perfumes, room sprays, and a whole range of room methods. Although under supervision the essential oils can be prescribed for oral ingestion, this is in fact their least effective mode of entry because it involves their passing through the digestive system, where they come into contact with digestive juices and other matter which affect their chemistry. This limitation also applies to any chemical medications. The makes the essential oils of special benefit to patients whose digestive systems have, for whatever reason, been impaired. [3점] * inhalation: 흡입 榕 mood?enhancing ability 涌 flexibility of medicinal use 湧 condensed nutritional value 溶 stability at room temperature 熔 complex composition of aromas 32. Political acts vary in terms of contribution. At one extreme, within limits, votes have equal weight. We are each allowed only one per election contest. But the principle of one person, one vote does not obtain for other kinds of participation. Individuals are free to write as many letters to public officials, work as many hours in campaigns, or join as many political organizations as their time and commitment allow. When it comes to the extent to which , contributions to political campaigns and causes present a special case. Although there are no legal constraints on the number of phone calls a citizen can make to public officials or the number of marches a protester can attend, the fact that there are only twenty?four hours in a day imposes an implicit ceiling. In contrast, despite some campaign finance laws, there is no upper limit on the number of dollars that a person can contribute. [3점] 榕 the volume of activity can be multiplied 涌 social changes occur as a consequence 湧 individual creativity is permissible 溶 activities are backed up by votes 熔 basic human rights are respected 6 영어 영역 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 6 8 33. Morality often expresses itself as a duty to perform an action that advances the interests of another, to the harm of one疝s own. However, moral actions usually do not occur in isolation, but rather as part of a generalized system of reciprocity (one that stands at the core of the social order in every human society). This system of reciprocity generates benefits for everyone involved (benefits such as freedom from worry of being robbed). If observance of one疝s own duties represents the price of admission into this generalized system of reciprocity, then it seems clear that respecting moral constraints also generates benefits. The primary difference between morality and prudence is simply that, in the latter case, the long?term benefits are secured through one疝s own agency, whereas in the former case, they are mediated through the agency of another, namely, the person whose reciprocity is secured . [3점] * reciprocity: 호혜성, 상호의 이익 ** prudence: 사려, 분별 榕 despite the absence of shared morality 涌 through the pursuit of personal liberation 湧 in terms of the financial benefits of agents 溶 thanks to one疝s compliance with the moral law 熔 at the cost of collective interests of the society 34. The dictionary of course is not the last word on the definition of bravery. Philosophers have also advanced explanations of this elusive concept, as have social scientists of all stripes. One of the greatest conceits practiced by research psychologists and other academics is that in studying people we often forget to . I疝ll give you an example. For decades my colleagues and I have studied happiness and the good life. We know all about how money does and does not affect happiness and how happiness affects health, and we understand how happiness changes across the life cycle. But we have rarely stepped back and taken the time to ask people to define, for themselves, what they consider the good life to be! The same is true of courage. There are studies of how levels of courage differ from nation to nation and of how frequently women experience courage. Still, relatively few people have stopped to ask people what they think courage is. [3점] * elusive: 파악하기 어려운 ** conceit: 자만, 독단 榕 identify their true motives in participating in the study 涌 gain trust from them before we ask personal questions 湧 take into account their reluctance to reveal their opinions 溶 categorize them by gender, nationality, and other social classes 熔 ask them to personally weigh in on the topics being studied 35. 다음 글에서 전체 흐름과 관계 없는 문장은? Because dogs dislike bitter tastes, various sprays and gels have been designed to keep them from chewing on furniture or other objects. These compounds often contain bitter substances, which not only have a sharp taste but also cause a burning sensation in the mouth. 榕 Coating items with bitter?tasting material will eventually keep most dogs from chewing on them, but the key word is eventually because the taste buds that sense bitterness are located on the rearmost third of the tongue. 涌 Therefore, a quick lick or fast gulp will not register the bitter taste. 湧 Rather, only prolonged chewing will let the bitterness work its way back to where it can be tasted. 溶 The arrangement of taste buds in dogs is somewhat similar to that in humans, with minor variations. 熔 Then the dog must also learn to associate the bitter taste with the particular object for the avoidance to be learned. [3 6 ~ 3 7 ] 주 어 진 글 다 음 에 이 어 질 글 의 순 서 로 가 장 적 절 한 것 을 고 르 시 오 . 36. That ice can flow is contrary to everyday experience. An ice cube from the freezer placed on a table does not flow, it just sits there and melts. (A) This is why an ice cube cannot flow. But as size increases, gravity?induced stress becomes greater while internal strength remains the same. Thus at some minimum thickness flow will begin in ice, or in any material for that matter. (B) It is too small for flow to occur. An ice cube thousands of times larger would sag under its own weight and flow away as a glacier. Flow in ice is caused by gravity, the same force that makes the water of a river flow downhill. (C) When gravity?induced stress exceeds the force that holds the particles of water or ice together, the atoms and molecules slip past each other downslope. To exceed ice疝s internal strength the downslope force produced by gravity must exceed some minimum value. [3점] 榕 (A) - (C) - (B) 涌 (B) - (A) - (C) 湧 (B) - (C) - (A) 溶 (C) - (A) - (B) 熔 (C) - (B) - (A) 영어 영역 7 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 7 8 37. Imagine that you are dining with some people you have just met. You reach for the saltshaker, but suddenly one of the other guests, let疝s call him Joe, looks at you sullenly, then snatches the salt away and puts it out of your reach. (A) At the restaurant, this is rude. In the game just mentioned, this is expected and acceptable behavior. Apparently, games give us a license to engage in conflicts, to prevent others from achieving their goals. (B) However, if you were meeting the same people to play a board game, it would be completely acceptable for the same Joe to prevent you from winning the game. In the restaurant as well as in the game, Joe is aware of your intention, and Joe prevents you from doing what you are trying to do. (C) Later, when you are leaving the restaurant, Joe dashes ahead of you and blocks the exit door from the outside. Joe is being rude 散 when you understand what another person is trying to do, it is offensive, or at least confrontational, to prevent that person from doing it. 榕 (A) - (C) - (B) 涌 (B) - (A) - (C) 湧 (B) - (C) - (A) 溶 (C) - (A) - (B) 熔 (C) - (B) - (A) [3 8 ~ 3 9 ] 글 의 흐 름 으 로 보 아 , 주 어 진 문 장 이 들 어 가 기 에 가 장 적 절 한 곳 을 고 르 시 오 . 38. Aside from heat, magma also exchanges chemical components with the surrounding rock, modifying both the composition of the magma and the surrounding rock. From the chemical point of view magma is an extremely complex system. ( 榕 ) The chemical composition of magma does not remain constant over time but varies in response to variations in the environment in which it is located. ( 涌 ) In contact with colder rocks, magma loses heat. ( 湧 ) This change in temperature causes certain minerals to begin to crystallize, depriving the magma of those chemical components that are involved in the formation of the crystals while at the same time enriching the magma with other components that are not involved in the formation of the crystals. ( 溶 ) Portions of rock can be incorporated into the magma, becoming molten or remaining as solid fragments within it. ( 熔 ) In response to variations in chemical composition, temperature and most of all pressure, volatile substances contained in the magma like water or carbon dioxide can be released to form gas bubbles, producing great changes in the properties of the magma and in many cases leading to an eruption. * volatile: 휘발성의 39. This belief in the persistence of Roman law throughout European history was not unique to Goethe or the nineteenth century in which he lived. Rome left an enduring legacy in many areas and multiple ways. However, one of its clearest bequests was its influence over the development of law. ( 榕 ) There is a saying attributed to Goethe according to which Roman law was like a diving duck. ( 涌 ) It could be swimming on the surface or diving deep in the water, but whether you saw it or not, it was always there. ( 湧 ) It is currently shared by most historians, who usually begin the story of the development of law in Europe with Roman law. ( 溶 ) Of course, Romans were not the first people to have a normative system, and, like all other societies, they constantly borrowed from neighboring societies, most particularly from the Hellenistic world. ( 熔 ) It is also clear that Roman law evolved dramatically over time, continuously adapting to new circumstances and challenges. * bequest: 유산 40. 다음 글의 내용을 한 문장으로 요약하고자 한다. 빈칸 (A), (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? What lies behind the claim that so many people will take off to virtual worlds? Statistics show that the global market for video and computer game hardware and software today stands at about ten billion dollars annually and has risen continuously for the past several years. Digital games 散 the term that covers both video games and computer games 散 have long been the preserve of the young, but that distinction is fading. This is apparently not the sort of thing one gives up as one grows up; people born after 1980 seem to continue their gaming with more sophisticated and emotionally involved products. Consistent with this, industry statistics indicate that the average age of video gamers is rising by about one year each year. It is already in the thirties right now. People may change the kinds of games they are playing, but an interest in interactive entertainment media, once acquired, seems never to fade. 퓹 According to statistics, there have been (A) in the market demand for digital games, with gamers remaining in the market as they become (B) . (A) (B) 榕 boosts ?????? mature 涌 boosts ?????? isolated 湧 slumps ?????? educated 溶 fluctuations ?????? connected 熔 fluctuations ?????? competitive 8 영어 영역 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 8 8 [4 1 ~ 4 2 ] 다 음 글 을 읽 고 , 물 음 에 답 하 시 오 . A fundamental trait of human nature is its incredible capacity for adaptation. In the realm of human (a) psychology, research has long noted the essential trait of adapting to life疝s events, whether happy or tragic. Whatever the hardship a person may experience, the indicators of satisfaction quickly return to their initial levels. A person seems to get used to everything, which is both reassuring and depressing. Thus across time and space, the percentages of happy and unhappy people are remarkably (b) unstable. This is obviously mainly due to humans疝 astonishing capacity of adaptation and imitation. Any wealth or any progress is relative, and quickly dissolves in a comparison with others. When millionaires are asked about the size of the fortune necessary to make them feel 産truly at ease疝, they all respond in the same way, whatever the level of income they have already attained: they need double what they already possess! The heart of the problem is that people do not (c) anticipate their own capacity to adapt. They think that they might be happy if they were given (a little) more and then they would be satisfied, but they are not. The rise in income to come always makes one dream, although once it is achieved, this rise is never (d) sufficient. For people compare their future income to their current aspirations, without taking into account the inevitable evolution of the aspirations. This is the principal key to the (e) vain quest for happiness. 41. 윗글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? 榕 Aspire, and You Will Achieve 涌 Millionaires: Dreamers or Realists? 湧 Humans: Too Adaptive to Feel Happier 溶 Too Busy to Appreciate Life疝s Goods? 熔 Why Delaying Happiness Pays Off 42. 밑줄 친 (a)~(e) 중에서 문맥상 낱말의 쓰임이 적절하지 않은 것은? [3점] 榕 (a) 涌 (b) 湧 (c) 溶 (d) 熔 (e) [4 3 ~ 4 5 ] 다 음 글 을 읽 고 , 물 음 에 답 하 시 오 . (A) One day at the table I reached for something without looking and dumped a cup of coffee into Dad疝s plate. He looked at the messy results with distaste. 酸I疝m not sure the pigs will even want this,霰 he commented. 酸Why don疝t you look in the direction you疝re moving, Susan?霰 scolded Mom, 酸When you疝re eating, pay attention to what you疝re doing. (a) I am afraid someday you疝re going to embarrass yourself with someone besides your family.霰 (B) When we arrived for dinner, we learned that the minister疝s mother was visiting him. For some reason, she took an instant liking to me. As we were sitting down to eat, this kind lady insisted that I sit beside her. Mom was reluctant. 酸Susan sometimes needs help cutting her food. Perhaps she疝d better sit beside (b) me.霰 酸Oh, that疝s no bother. I疝ll be glad to help her,霰 the old lady said. All seemed to be going well when the worst happened. (C) It was not long before that happened. We were invited to the minister疝s house for dinner. As we prepared to go, Mom folded a dish towel and tucked it into (c) her handbag. 酸What疝s that for, Mom?霰 I asked suspiciously. 酸It疝s to tie under your chin,霰 she said. 酸Oh, Mom!霰 I moaned. 酸I疝d rather be left at home!霰 酸I疝ve thought of that, too.霰 (d) She eyed me sternly. 酸But you have to learn how to conduct yourself in public someday.霰 (D) I was attempting to enter the conversation. In trying to explain the width of something, I flung my arms wide to measure the distance. As usual, I did not remember that I had something in my hand. A spoonful of sauce landed just under the nice lady疝s chin. With horror I watched it dribble down into (e) her lap. The minister疝s mother assured us that no permanent harm had been done. But I was in disgrace. The journey home was a difficult one. Dad remarked that he hoped I had learned my lesson. 43. 주어진 글 (A)에 이어질 내용을 순서에 맞게 배열한 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? 榕 (B) - (D) - (C) 涌 (C) - (B) - (D) 湧 (C) - (D) - (B) 溶 (D) - (B) - (C) 熔 (D) - (C) - (B) 44. 밑줄 친 (a)繕(e) 중에서 가리키는 대상이 나머지 넷과 다른 것은? 榕 (a) 涌 (b) 湧 (c) 溶 (d) 熔 (e) 45. 윗글의 産I疝에 관한 내용으로 적절하지 않은 것은? 榕 식탁에서 아버지의 접시에 커피를 쏟았다. 涌 목사의 어머니로부터 옆에 앉으라는 권유를 받았다. 湧 턱받이를 하느니 그냥 집에 있겠다고 엄마에게 말했다. 溶 물건의 너비를 설명하려 팔을 양쪽으로 펼쳤다. 熔 대화 도중 음식을 흘려 목사의 어머니에게 꾸중을 들었다. ※ 확인 사항 ? 답안지의 해당란에 필요한 내용을 정확히 기입(표기) 했는지 확인하시오.

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