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서울시 9급(2월)
2019.02.24 23:54

2019 서울시 9급 영어 문제 해설 (2월) (32)

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 영 어(9급) A책형 1/4쪽 1. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? He made a face when he saw the amount of homework he had to do. ① glanced ② rejoiced ③ grimaced ④ concentrated ※ 밑줄 친 단어와 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? (2~4) 2. Whether a guffaw at a joke or a reflective chuckle greeting a sarcastic remark, laughter is the audience’s means of ratifying the performance. ① smi rk ② ti ttle ③ giggle ④ belly laugh 3. Some seniors experience a tremendous loss of self-esteem. Whereas adolescents lose their sense of childhood omnipotence, seniors experience another kind of loss. Retirement comes at about the same time that seniors may begin to lose loved ones, their health, their financial status, or their sense of competence. Suddenly, someone who was so in charge may become withdrawn and sullen, and their self-esteem may plummet. ① plunge ② affirm ③ swindle ④ initiate 4. The beauty of the pearl, winking and glimmering in the light of the little candle, cozened his brain with its beauty. ① deceived ② softened ③ connected ④ brightened 5. 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? Critical comments include remarks on physical appearance, stress on weight loss, and reinforce the thin ideal. Some athletes indicated that negative weight-related comments from family were events in the development of eating disorders. ① mediocre ② extravagant ③ treacherous ④ pivotal 6. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? She liked the garden and the fields, the green lane and the hedgerows. She even liked the rabbits that kept playing havoc with the lawn. ① to cause a great deal of damage or confusion to ② to use something as food ③ to bustle in and out ④ to be on the move 7. 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? A : What have you done for this project so far? Because it seems to me like you haven’t done anything at all. B : That’s so rude! I do lots of work. It’s you who is slacking off. A : I don’t see why you always have to fight with me. B : . We wouldn’t fight if you didn’t initiate it! ① It takes two to tango ② More haste less speed ③ He who laughs last laughs longest ④ Keep your chin up 8. 어법상 가장 옳은 것은? ① Had never flown in an airplane before, the little boy was surprised and a little frightened when his ears popped. ② Scarcely had we reached there when it began to snow. ③ Despite his name, Freddie Frankenstein has a good chance of electing to the local school board. ④ I would rather to be lying on a beach in India than sitting in class right now. 영 어(9급) A책형 2/4쪽 9. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳은 것은? Severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) is a serious form of pneumonia. It is caused by a virus that ① identified in 2003. Infection with the SARS virus causes acute respiratory distress and sometimes ② dies. SARS is caused by a member of the coronavirus family of viruses(the same family that can cause the common cold). It ③ believes the 2003 epidemic started when the virus ④ spread from small mammals in China. ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? (10~12) 10. This Abstract, which I now publish, must necessarily be imperfect. I cannot here give references and authorities for my several statements; and I must ① trust to the reader reposing some confidence in my accuracy. No ② doubt errors will have crept in, though I hope I have always been cautious in trusting to good authorities alone. I can here give only the general conclusions at which I have arrived, with a few facts in illustration, but which, I hope, in most cases will ③ be sufficed. No one can feel more sensible than I do of the necessity of hereafter publishing in detail all the facts, with references, on which my conclusions have been grounded; and I hope in a future work to do this. For I am well aware that scarcely a single point is discussed in this volume on which facts cannot be ④ adduced, often apparently leading to conclusions directly opposite to those at which I have arrived. A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question; and this cannot possibly be here done. 11. Some cultures draw a clear line between childhood and adulthood, a line that ① crossed when a person undergoes a rite of passage. By contrast, as Hollindale ② notes, in the contemporary West ‘communal and official recognitions of childhood’s end are arbitrary and ritualistically barren’, although he ③ does leave the option that ‘some people move from child to adult in one fell swoop’, in the case of traumatic experiences, ④ for example. 12. In the fifteenth century, an alphasyllabic Korean script was invented. Linguists admire it as it ① symbolizes the speech sounds in a ② sophisticated and very elegant way. The script, called Hangul, can be used in tandem with the Chinese characters but can also replace them altogether. Slowly, Hangul has ③ been taken over. In North Korea, only Hangul is used, while in South Korea, Chinese characters still ④ occur in particular contexts. ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? (13~15) 13. HUANG QI, who has spent two decades documenting human rights abuses and corruption in China, is now enduring his third term in prison for his efforts. The Chinese penal system has a record of denying proper medical care to prisoners (A) they die, including Nobel Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo and others. Mr. Huang is now in ill health, and, (B) activists and his mother, his life is in danger. China should free him for medical care now and not add his name to the rolls of dissidents left to expire in a jail cell. (A) (B) ① though without ② whi le wi th ③ until according to ④ when for 14. For every mystery, there is someone trying to figure out (A) happened. Scientists, detectives, and ordinary people search for evidence that will help to reveal the truth. They investigate prehistoric sites trying to understand how and why ancient people constructed pyramids or created strange artwork. They study the remains of long-extinct animals and they speculate about (B) the animals might have looked when they were alive. Anything (C) is unexplained is fascinating to people who love a mystery. (A) (B) (C) ① what what that ② what how that ③ that what what ④ that how which 영 어(9급) A책형 3/4쪽 15. Stereotypes are one way in which we “define” the world in order to see it. They classify the infinite variety of human beings into a convenient handful of “types” towards whom we learn to act in stereotyped fashion. Life would be a wearing process . Stereotypes economize on our mental effort by covering up the blooming, buzzing confusion with big recognizable cut-outs. They save us the “trouble” of finding out what the world is like ― they give it its accustomed look. ① if we tried to stick to stereotypes ② if we learned to act in stereotyped fashion ③ if we prejudged people before we ever lay eyes on them ④ if we had to start from scratch with every human contact 16. 다음 글에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 옳은 것은? In the mid to late 1480s, when Leonardo da Vinci was attempting to establish himself as a court artist, he seems to have started on his huge rage of drawing that touch on almost all areas of science, and which to this day constitute a significant part of his reputation. (A) These drawings are intriguing and fascinating in themselves, and not simply with regard to the potential airworthiness of these machines. (B) Besides technical, artistic, and ‘scientific’ drawings there are also various studies from this period which can really only be described as fantastical. (C) This applies as much to some of the military equipment as to his numerous designs for flying machines. (D) Nevertheless he returned again and again to studies of the flight of birds, the aerodynamics of flying and the construction of wings. (E) No doubt the artist was fully aware of the problems that would come with any such undertaking. ① C-A-B-E-D ② C-B-A-D-E ③ B-A-C-D-E ④ B-C-A-E-D 17. 다음 내용이 포함될 수 있는 글의 종류와 가장 가까운 것은? Although Cathe did not have PhD students of her own, because she did not hold an academic position while at Haskins, there are many Haskins students who worked closely with her and were influenced by her. During her last, brief hospital stay in late June 2008, she was visited by a group of five current Haskins students and recent PhDs who had never had the opportunity of working with her. Since Cathe’s caregivers were absent from the room at that moment, the other patient in the room asked: “So do you all work for her, too?” One of the group, not missing a beat, answered, “No. We are all her students.” ① classified ad ② ordinance ③ play ④ obituary 18. 빈칸에 들어갈 문장으로 가장 적절한 것은? Many people are risk-averse because they consider the negative consequences of failure to outweigh the reward of success. Our culture of looking down on failure makes us even less likely to risk our necks. . Progress and innovation are inextricably entwined with risk and failure. ① But we should not underestimate the importance of experimenting and taking risks, especially in these turbulent economic times ② But many organizations suffer from ‘corporate anorexia nervosa’ and have an unfavorable climate for enterprising people ③ That is why we need a paradigm shift marking a transition to a future ④ That is why combinatoric innovation is not an efficient process 영 어(9급) A책형 4/4쪽 ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? (19~20) 19. Human nature has many curious traits, but one of the most curious is . No one thinks it a fine thing to have a motor car that is perpetually going out of order: people do not boast that after a long run their car is completely useless for several weeks, or that it is perpetually developing strange troubles which even the most skillful mechanics cannot put right. Yet that is how people feel about their own bodies. To have a body that does its work satisfactorily is felt to be uninteresting and rather plebeian. A delicate digestion is almost indispensable in the equipment of a fine lady. I am aware in myself of the impulses to boast of illness: I have only been ill once, but I like people to know how very ill I was that once, and I feel vexed when I come across other people who have been more nearly dead without dying. ① fear of diseases ② interests in motor cars ③ pride in illness ④ phobia of death 20. In the huge, open lands of the American west, herding cattle is one way to make a living. The image of the cowboy on his horse is a familiar one, but in reality, women also participate in ranch work. This reality can be seen in the rodeo, where cowboys and cowgirls compete in roping young steers, and riding adult bulls. Throwing a rope around a steer is something ranchers must do in order to give the young animals medicine or to mark the steers as their property. , riding on the back of a large and angry bull is purely for sport ― a brutal and dangerous sport. But that danger does not stop the men and women who love the rodeo. ① To take an example ② To be brief ③ On the other hand ④ By the same token

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  11. 2019 서울시 9급 한국사 문제 해설 (2월) +25

    서울시 9급(2월) 2019.02.24 조회수39033
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  12. 2019 서울시 9급 행정법 문제 해설 (2월) +9

    서울시 9급(2월) 2019.02.26 조회수20700
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  13. 2019 서울시 9급 행정학 문제 해설 (2월) +12

    서울시 9급(2월) 2019.02.26 조회수19652
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  14. 2019 서울시 7급 전과목 문제 정답 - 2019.02.23. +3

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.23 조회수12508
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  15. 2019 서울시 7급 경제학 문제 해설 (2월) +4

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.24 조회수10604
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  16. 2019 서울시 7급 국어 문제 해설 (2월) +22

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.23 조회수27268
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  17. 2019 서울시 7급 물리학 문제 해설 (2월)

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.24 조회수1724
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  18. 2019 서울시 7급 영어 문제 해설 (2월) +10

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.25 조회수23299
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  19. 2019 서울시 7급 지방자치론 문제 해설 (2월) +3

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.24 조회수6433
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  20. 2019 서울시 7급 한국사 문제 해설 (2월) +17

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.24 조회수29537
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  21. 2019 서울시 7급 행정법 문제 해설 (2월) +10

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.23 조회수19483
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  22. 2019 서울시 7급 행정학 문제 해설 (2월) +7

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.23 조회수18666
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  23. 2019 서울시 7급 헌법 문제 해설 (2월) +3

    서울시 7급(2월) 2019.02.24 조회수15350
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  24. 2019 경찰 승진 전과목 문제 정답 - 2019.01.12.

    경찰 승진 2019.01.24 조회수10787
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  25. 2019 경찰 승진 경찰실무 문제 해설 +4

    경찰 승진 2019.04.13 조회수12010
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  26. 2019 경찰 승진 행정학 문제 해설 +1

    경찰 승진 2019.02.27 조회수8894
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  27. 2019 경찰 승진 헌법 문제 해설 +8

    경찰 승진 2019.02.18 조회수8602
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  28. 2019 경찰 승진 형법 문제 해설 +2

    경찰 승진 2019.01.24 조회수14118
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  29. 2019 경찰 승진 형사소송법 문제 해설 +1

    경찰 승진 2019.01.24 조회수11315
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  30. 2019 경찰 승진 형사소송법 문제 해설 (사례형)

    경찰 승진 2019.01.24 조회수2926
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  31. 2019 소방 간부 전과목 문제 정답 - 2019.01.19. +7

    소방 간부 2019.01.20 조회수13794
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  32. 2019 소방 간부 경제학 문제 해설

    소방 간부 2019.08.04 조회수1935
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