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    스터디 영어-나.pdf 영어-라.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 조재권.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 심우철.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 정수현.hwp 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 닥터K.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 줄리아.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 방재운.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김세현.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김범재.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 정진영.hwp 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이아람.pdf 2019 국가직 9급 영어 해설 박지성.pdf 2019년도 국가공무원 9급 공채 필기시험 영 어 나 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 1. ~문 2.] 문 1. Natural Gas World subscribers will receive accurate and reliable key facts and figures about what is going on in the industry, so they are fully able to discern what concerns their business. ① distinguish ② strengthen ③ undermine ④ abandon 문 2. Ms. West, the winner of the silver in the women's 1,500 m event, stood out through the race. ① was overwhelmed ② was impressive ③ was depressed ④ was optimistic 문 3. 두 사람의 대화 중 가장 어색한 것은? ① A: I'm traveling abroad, but I'm not used to staying in another country. B: Don't worry. You'll get accustomed to it in no time. ② A: I want to get a prize in the photo contest. B: I'm sure you will. I'll keep my fingers crossed! ③ A: My best friend moved to Sejong City. I miss her so much. B: Yeah. I know how you feel. ④ A: Do you mind if I talk to you for a moment? B: Never mind. I'm very busy right now. 문 4. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? A: Would you like to try some dim sum? B: Yes, thank you. They look delicious. What's inside? A: These have pork and chopped vegetables, and those have shrimps. B: And, um, ________________________? A: You pick one up with your chopsticks like this and dip it into the sauce. It's easy. B: Okay. I'll give it a try. ① how much are they ② how do I eat them ③ how spicy are they ④ how do you cook them ※ 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것을 고르시오. [문 5. ~ 문 6.] 문 5. ① 제가 당신께 말씀드렸던 새로운 선생님은 원래 페루 출신입니다. → The new teacher I told you about is originally from Peru. ② 나는 긴급한 일로 자정이 5분이나 지난 후 그에게 전화했다. → I called him five minutes shy of midnight on an urgent matter. ③ 상어로 보이는 것이 산호 뒤에 숨어 있었다. → What appeared to be a shark was lurking behind the coral reef. ④ 그녀는 일요일에 16세의 친구와 함께 산 정상에 올랐다. → She reached the mountain summit with her 16-year-old friend on Sunday. 문 6. ① 개인용 컴퓨터를 가장 많이 가지고 있는 나라는 종종 바뀐다. → The country with the most computers per person changes from time to time. ② 지난여름 나의 사랑스러운 손자에게 일어난 일은 놀라웠다. → What happened to my lovely grandson last summer was amazing. ③ 나무 숟가락은 아이들에게 매우 좋은 장난감이고 플라스틱 병 또한 그렇다. → Wooden spoons are excellent toys for children, and so are plastic bottles. ④ 나는 은퇴 후부터 내내 이 일을 해 오고 있다. → I have been doing this work ever since I retired. ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것을 고르시오. [문 7. ~ 문 8.] 문 7. Domesticated animals are the earliest and most effective 'machines' ① available to humans. They take the strain off the human back and arms. ② Utilizing with other techniques, animals can raise human living standards very considerably, both as supplementary foodstuffs (protein in meat and milk) and as machines ③ to carry burdens, lift water, and grind grain. Since they are so obviously ④ of great benefit, we might expect to find that over the centuries humans would increase the number and quality of the animals they kept. Surprisingly, this has not usually been the case. 문 8. A myth is a narrative that embodies ―and in some cases ① helps to explain ― the religious, philosophical, moral, and political values of a culture. Through tales of gods and supernatural beings, myths ② try to make sense of occurrences in the natural world. Contrary to popular usage, myth does not mean "falsehood." In the broadest sense, myths are stories ―usually whole groups of stories ― ③ that can be true or partly true as well as false; regardless of their degree of accuracy, however, myths frequently express the deepest beliefs of a culture. According to this definition, the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Koran, and the Old and New Testaments can all ④refer to as myths. 문 9. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Mapping technologies are being used in many new applications. Biological researchers are exploring the molecular structure of DNA ("mapping the genome"), geophysicists are mapping the structure of the Earth's core, and oceanographers are mapping the ocean floor. Computer games have various imaginary "lands" or levels where rules, hazards, and rewards change. Computerization now challenges reality with "virtual reality," artificial environments that stimulate special situations, which may be useful in training and entertainment. Mapping techniques are being used also in the realm of ideas. For example, relationships between ideas can be shown using what are called concept maps. Starting from a general or "central" idea, related ideas can be connected, building a web around the main concept. This is not a map by any traditional definition, but the tools and techniques of cartography are employed to produce it, and in some ways it resembles a map. ① Computerized Maps vs. Traditional Maps ② Where Does Cartography Begin? ③ Finding Ways to DNA Secrets ④ Mapping New Frontiers 2019년도 국가공무원 9급 공채 필기시험 영 어 나 책형 2 쪽 문 10. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? When giving performance feedback, you should consider the recipient's past performance and your estimate of his or her future potential in designing its frequency, amount, and content. For high performers with potential for growth, feedback should be frequent enough to prod them into taking corrective action, but not so frequent that it is experienced as controlling and saps their initiative. For adequate performers who have settled into their jobs and have limited potential for advancement, very little feedback is needed because they have displayed reliable and steady behavior in the past, knowing their tasks and realizing what needs to be done. For poor performers ― that is, people who will need to be removed from their jobs if their performance doesn't improve ― feedback should be frequent and very specific, and the connection between acting on the feedback and negative sanctions such as being laid off or fired should be made explicit. ① Time your feedback well. ② Customize negative feedback. ③ Tailor feedback to the person. ④ Avoid goal-oriented feedback. 문 11. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri, and graduated from Lincoln University, in which many African-American students have pursued their academic disciplines. At the age of eighteen, Hughes published one of his most wellknown poems, "Negro Speaks of Rivers." Creative and experimental, Hughes incorporated authentic dialect in his work, adapted traditional poetic forms to embrace the cadences and moods of blues and jazz, and created characters and themes that reflected elements of lower-class black culture. With his ability to fuse serious content with humorous style, Hughes attacked racial prejudice in a way that was natural and witty. ① Hughes는 많은 미국 흑인들이 다녔던 대학교를 졸업하였다. ② Hughes는 실제 사투리를 그의 작품에 반영하였다. ③ Hughes는 하층 계급 흑인들의 문화적 요소를 반영한 인물을 만들었다. ④ Hughes는 인종편견을 엄숙한 문체로 공격하였다. 문 12. 밑줄 친 부분 중 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 것은? In 2007, our biggest concern was "too big to fail." Wall Street banks had grown to such staggering sizes, and had become so central to the health of the financial system, that no rational government could ever let them fail. ①Aware of their protected status, banks made excessively risky bets on housing markets and invented ever more complicated derivatives. ② New virtual currencies such as bitcoin and ethereum have radically changed our understanding of how money can and should work. ③The result was the worst financial crisis since the breakdown of our economy in 1929. ④ In the years since 2007, we have made great progress in addressing the too-big-to-fail dilemma. Our banks are better capitalized than ever. Our regulators conduct regular stress tests of large institutions. 문 13. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Imagine that two people are starting work at a law firm on the same day. One person has a very simple name. The other person has a very complex name. We've got pretty good evidence that over the course of their next 16 plus years of their career, the person with the simpler name will rise up the legal hierarchy more quickly. They will attain partnership more quickly in the middle parts of their career. And by about the eighth or ninth year after graduating from law school the people with simpler names are about seven to ten percent more likely to be partners ― which is a striking effect. We try to eliminate all sorts of other alternative explanations. For example, we try to show that it's not about foreignness because foreign names tend to be harder to pronounce. But even if you look at just white males with Anglo-American names ―so really the true in-group, you find that among those white males with Anglo names they are more likely to rise up if their names happen to be simpler. So simplicity is one key feature in names that determines various outcomes. ① the development of legal names ② the concept of attractive names ③ the benefit of simple names ④ the roots of foreign names ※ 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 14. ~ 문 15.] 문 14. Schooling is compulsory for all children in the United States, but the age range for which school attendance is required varies from state to state. ① complementary ② systematic ③ mandatory ④ innovative 문 15. Although the actress experienced much turmoil in her career, she never disclosed to anyone that she was unhappy. ① let on ② let off ③ let up ④ let down 문 16. 밑줄 친 (A), (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Visionaries are the first people in their industry segment to see the potential of new technologies. Fundamentally, they see themselves as smarter than their opposite numbers in competitive companies ― and, quite often, they are. Indeed, it is their ability to see things first that they want to leverage into a competitive advantage. That advantage can only come about if no one else has discovered it. They do not expect, (A) , to be buying a well-tested product with an extensive list of industry references. Indeed, if such a reference base exists, it may actually turn them off, indicating that for this technology, at any rate, they are already too late. Pragmatists, (B) , deeply value the experience of their colleagues in other companies. When they buy, they expect extensive references, and they want a good number to come from companies in their own industry segment. (A) (B) ① therefore on the other hand ② however in addition ③ nonetheless at the same time ④ furthermore in conclusion 2019년도 국가공무원 9급 공채 필기시험 영 어 나 책형 3 쪽 문 17. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 것은? Some of these ailments are short-lived; others may be long-lasting. For centuries, humans have looked up at the sky and wondered what exists beyond the realm of our planet. ( ① ) Ancient astronomers examined the night sky hoping to learn more about the universe. More recently, some movies explored the possibility of sustaining human life in outer space, while other films have questioned whether extraterrestrial life forms may have visited our planet. ( ② ) Since astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to travel in space in 1961, scientists have researched what conditions are like beyond the Earth's atmosphere, and what effects space travel has on the human body. ( ③ ) Although most astronauts do not spend more than a few months in space, many experience physiological and psychological problems when they return to the Earth. ( ④ ) More than two-thirds of all astronauts suffer from motion sickness while traveling in space. In the gravity-free environment, the body cannot differentiate up from down. The body's internal balance system sends confusing signals to the brain, which can result in nausea lasting as long as a few days. 문 18. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Why bother with the history of everything? ___________ ___________________________________. In literature classes you don't learn about genes; in physics classes you don't learn about human evolution. So you get a partial view of the world. That makes it hard to find meaning in education. The French sociologist Emile Durkheim called this sense of disorientation and meaninglessness anomie, and he argued that it could lead to despair and even suicide. The German sociologist Max Weber talked of the "disenchantment" of the world. In the past, people had a unified vision of their world, a vision usually provided by the origin stories of their own religious traditions. That unified vision gave a sense of purpose, of meaning, even of enchantment to the world and to life. Today, though, many writers have argued that a sense of meaninglessness is inevitable in a world of science and rationality. Modernity, it seems, means meaninglessness. ① In the past, the study of history required disenchantment from science ② Recently, science has given us lots of clever tricks and meanings ③ Today, we teach and learn about our world in fragments ④ Lately, history has been divided into several categories 문 19. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? The earliest government food service programs began around 1900 in Europe. Programs in the United States date from the Great Depression, when the need to use surplus agricultural commodities was joined to concern for feeding the children of poor families. During and after World War II, the explosion in the number of working women fueled the need for a broader program. What was once a function of the family ― providing lunch ― was shifted to the school food service system. The National School Lunch Program is the result of these efforts. The program is designed to provide federally assisted meals to children of school age. From the end of World War II to the early 1980s, funding for school food service expanded steadily. Today it helps to feed children in almost 100,000 schools across the United States. Its first function is to provide a nutritious lunch to all students; the second is to provide nutritious food at both breakfast and lunch to underprivileged children. If anything, the role of school food service as a replacement for what was once a family function has been expanded. ① The increase in the number of working women boosted the expansion of food service programs. ② The US government began to feed poor children during the Great Depression despite the food shortage. ③ The US school food service system presently helps to feed children of poor families. ④ The function of providing lunch has been shifted from the family to schools. 문 20. 주어진 문장 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? South Korea boasts of being the most wired nation on earth. (A) This addiction has become a national issue in Korea in recent years, as users started dropping dead from exhaustion after playing online games for days on end. A growing number of students have skipped school to stay online, shockingly self-destructive behavior in this intensely competitive society. (B) In fact, perhaps no other country has so fully embraced the Internet. (C) But such ready access to the Web has come at a price as legions of obsessed users find that they cannot tear themselves away from their computer screens. ① (A) - (B) - (C) ② (A) - (C) - (B) ③ (B) - (A) - (C) ④ (B) - (C) - (A)
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  • 2019 서울시 9급 영어 문제 해설 (2월) [25]
    스터디 영어_9급_A형.pdf 영어_9급_B형.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이동현.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 조재권.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 문민.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 방재운.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 망가진영어.pdf 2019 서울시 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 영 어(9급) A책형 1/4쪽 1. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? He made a face when he saw the amount of homework he had to do. ① glanced ② rejoiced ③ grimaced ④ concentrated ※ 밑줄 친 단어와 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? (2~4) 2. Whether a guffaw at a joke or a reflective chuckle greeting a sarcastic remark, laughter is the audience’s means of ratifying the performance. ① smi rk ② ti ttle ③ giggle ④ belly laugh 3. Some seniors experience a tremendous loss of self-esteem. Whereas adolescents lose their sense of childhood omnipotence, seniors experience another kind of loss. Retirement comes at about the same time that seniors may begin to lose loved ones, their health, their financial status, or their sense of competence. Suddenly, someone who was so in charge may become withdrawn and sullen, and their self-esteem may plummet. ① plunge ② affirm ③ swindle ④ initiate 4. The beauty of the pearl, winking and glimmering in the light of the little candle, cozened his brain with its beauty. ① deceived ② softened ③ connected ④ brightened 5. 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? Critical comments include remarks on physical appearance, stress on weight loss, and reinforce the thin ideal. Some athletes indicated that negative weight-related comments from family were events in the development of eating disorders. ① mediocre ② extravagant ③ treacherous ④ pivotal 6. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? She liked the garden and the fields, the green lane and the hedgerows. She even liked the rabbits that kept playing havoc with the lawn. ① to cause a great deal of damage or confusion to ② to use something as food ③ to bustle in and out ④ to be on the move 7. 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? A : What have you done for this project so far? Because it seems to me like you haven’t done anything at all. B : That’s so rude! I do lots of work. It’s you who is slacking off. A : I don’t see why you always have to fight with me. B : . We wouldn’t fight if you didn’t initiate it! ① It takes two to tango ② More haste less speed ③ He who laughs last laughs longest ④ Keep your chin up 8. 어법상 가장 옳은 것은? ① Had never flown in an airplane before, the little boy was surprised and a little frightened when his ears popped. ② Scarcely had we reached there when it began to snow. ③ Despite his name, Freddie Frankenstein has a good chance of electing to the local school board. ④ I would rather to be lying on a beach in India than sitting in class right now. 영 어(9급) A책형 2/4쪽 9. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳은 것은? Severe acute respiratory syndrome(SARS) is a serious form of pneumonia. It is caused by a virus that ① identified in 2003. Infection with the SARS virus causes acute respiratory distress and sometimes ② dies. SARS is caused by a member of the coronavirus family of viruses(the same family that can cause the common cold). It ③ believes the 2003 epidemic started when the virus ④ spread from small mammals in China. ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? (10~12) 10. This Abstract, which I now publish, must necessarily be imperfect. I cannot here give references and authorities for my several statements; and I must ① trust to the reader reposing some confidence in my accuracy. No ② doubt errors will have crept in, though I hope I have always been cautious in trusting to good authorities alone. I can here give only the general conclusions at which I have arrived, with a few facts in illustration, but which, I hope, in most cases will ③ be sufficed. No one can feel more sensible than I do of the necessity of hereafter publishing in detail all the facts, with references, on which my conclusions have been grounded; and I hope in a future work to do this. For I am well aware that scarcely a single point is discussed in this volume on which facts cannot be ④ adduced, often apparently leading to conclusions directly opposite to those at which I have arrived. A fair result can be obtained only by fully stating and balancing the facts and arguments on both sides of each question; and this cannot possibly be here done. 11. Some cultures draw a clear line between childhood and adulthood, a line that ① crossed when a person undergoes a rite of passage. By contrast, as Hollindale ② notes, in the contemporary West ‘communal and official recognitions of childhood’s end are arbitrary and ritualistically barren’, although he ③ does leave the option that ‘some people move from child to adult in one fell swoop’, in the case of traumatic experiences, ④ for example. 12. In the fifteenth century, an alphasyllabic Korean script was invented. Linguists admire it as it ① symbolizes the speech sounds in a ② sophisticated and very elegant way. The script, called Hangul, can be used in tandem with the Chinese characters but can also replace them altogether. Slowly, Hangul has ③ been taken over. In North Korea, only Hangul is used, while in South Korea, Chinese characters still ④ occur in particular contexts. ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? (13~15) 13. HUANG QI, who has spent two decades documenting human rights abuses and corruption in China, is now enduring his third term in prison for his efforts. The Chinese penal system has a record of denying proper medical care to prisoners (A) they die, including Nobel Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo and others. Mr. Huang is now in ill health, and, (B) activists and his mother, his life is in danger. China should free him for medical care now and not add his name to the rolls of dissidents left to expire in a jail cell. (A) (B) ① though without ② whi le wi th ③ until according to ④ when for 14. For every mystery, there is someone trying to figure out (A) happened. Scientists, detectives, and ordinary people search for evidence that will help to reveal the truth. They investigate prehistoric sites trying to understand how and why ancient people constructed pyramids or created strange artwork. They study the remains of long-extinct animals and they speculate about (B) the animals might have looked when they were alive. Anything (C) is unexplained is fascinating to people who love a mystery. (A) (B) (C) ① what what that ② what how that ③ that what what ④ that how which 영 어(9급) A책형 3/4쪽 15. Stereotypes are one way in which we “define” the world in order to see it. They classify the infinite variety of human beings into a convenient handful of “types” towards whom we learn to act in stereotyped fashion. Life would be a wearing process . Stereotypes economize on our mental effort by covering up the blooming, buzzing confusion with big recognizable cut-outs. They save us the “trouble” of finding out what the world is like ― they give it its accustomed look. ① if we tried to stick to stereotypes ② if we learned to act in stereotyped fashion ③ if we prejudged people before we ever lay eyes on them ④ if we had to start from scratch with every human contact 16. 다음 글에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 옳은 것은? In the mid to late 1480s, when Leonardo da Vinci was attempting to establish himself as a court artist, he seems to have started on his huge rage of drawing that touch on almost all areas of science, and which to this day constitute a significant part of his reputation. (A) These drawings are intriguing and fascinating in themselves, and not simply with regard to the potential airworthiness of these machines. (B) Besides technical, artistic, and ‘scientific’ drawings there are also various studies from this period which can really only be described as fantastical. (C) This applies as much to some of the military equipment as to his numerous designs for flying machines. (D) Nevertheless he returned again and again to studies of the flight of birds, the aerodynamics of flying and the construction of wings. (E) No doubt the artist was fully aware of the problems that would come with any such undertaking. ① C-A-B-E-D ② C-B-A-D-E ③ B-A-C-D-E ④ B-C-A-E-D 17. 다음 내용이 포함될 수 있는 글의 종류와 가장 가까운 것은? Although Cathe did not have PhD students of her own, because she did not hold an academic position while at Haskins, there are many Haskins students who worked closely with her and were influenced by her. During her last, brief hospital stay in late June 2008, she was visited by a group of five current Haskins students and recent PhDs who had never had the opportunity of working with her. Since Cathe’s caregivers were absent from the room at that moment, the other patient in the room asked: “So do you all work for her, too?” One of the group, not missing a beat, answered, “No. We are all her students.” ① classified ad ② ordinance ③ play ④ obituary 18. 빈칸에 들어갈 문장으로 가장 적절한 것은? Many people are risk-averse because they consider the negative consequences of failure to outweigh the reward of success. Our culture of looking down on failure makes us even less likely to risk our necks. . Progress and innovation are inextricably entwined with risk and failure. ① But we should not underestimate the importance of experimenting and taking risks, especially in these turbulent economic times ② But many organizations suffer from ‘corporate anorexia nervosa’ and have an unfavorable climate for enterprising people ③ That is why we need a paradigm shift marking a transition to a future ④ That is why combinatoric innovation is not an efficient process 영 어(9급) A책형 4/4쪽 ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? (19~20) 19. Human nature has many curious traits, but one of the most curious is . No one thinks it a fine thing to have a motor car that is perpetually going out of order: people do not boast that after a long run their car is completely useless for several weeks, or that it is perpetually developing strange troubles which even the most skillful mechanics cannot put right. Yet that is how people feel about their own bodies. To have a body that does its work satisfactorily is felt to be uninteresting and rather plebeian. A delicate digestion is almost indispensable in the equipment of a fine lady. I am aware in myself of the impulses to boast of illness: I have only been ill once, but I like people to know how very ill I was that once, and I feel vexed when I come across other people who have been more nearly dead without dying. ① fear of diseases ② interests in motor cars ③ pride in illness ④ phobia of death 20. In the huge, open lands of the American west, herding cattle is one way to make a living. The image of the cowboy on his horse is a familiar one, but in reality, women also participate in ranch work. This reality can be seen in the rodeo, where cowboys and cowgirls compete in roping young steers, and riding adult bulls. Throwing a rope around a steer is something ranchers must do in order to give the young animals medicine or to mark the steers as their property. , riding on the back of a large and angry bull is purely for sport ― a brutal and dangerous sport. But that danger does not stop the men and women who love the rodeo. ① To take an example ② To be brief ③ On the other hand ④ By the same token
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  • 2019 서울시 7급 영어 문제 해설 (2월) [6]
    스터디 영어_7급_A형.pdf 영어_7급_B형.pdf 2019 서울시 7급 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf 2019 서울시 7급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2019 서울시 7급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2019 서울시 7급 영어 해설 방재운.pdf 2019 서울시 7급 영어 해설 망가진영어.pdf 영 어(7급) A책형 1/4쪽 ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? (1~3) 1. The United States, land of liberty and opportunity, had much to be proud of. The nation its superiority over Europe, whose masses often suffered under conditions of political enslavement and spiritual and physical want. Yet, in matters of art and culture, America had not outgrown its “colonial” status. ① entangled ② swivelled ③ touted ④ glistened 2. The government has said it will allow terrestrial broadcasting stations to take commercial breaks mid-program. The terrestrial broadcasters―KBS, MBC and SBS―havepersistently asked for permission to show commercial breaks for about two decades, and the commission has finally bowed to the pressure. The government has banned terrestrial networks from showing advertisements during a television program to ensure the public nature of their nationwide broadcasting and protect the rights of TV viewers from advertisers. It is self-contradictory to allow commercial breaks, which can ratings competition and program commercialization as well as infringing on viewers’ “sovereignty,” which the commission has habitually championed. ① beseech ② inoculate ③ spur ④ trespass 3. The disease, usually a virus or bacteria, forces entrance into some of the cells of the body. The virus or bacteria then uses these cells to replicate itself. A virus initiates this process by inserting its genetic code into the cells. This code then becomes briefly part of the cell’s genetic sequence. The virus uses the cell to produce new viruses. A bacterium may initiate a(n) process, though by more indirect means. The end result is the same. New viruses or bacteria are produced within the cell. Eventually, these are too many entities for the host cell to contain and the cell breaks open, thus freeing these new viruses or bacteria to infect other cells. ① stupendous ② fraudulent ③ evanescent ④ analogous 4. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? Much has been done to shore up the reserves of banks in the last 10 years and to put in place more rigorous oversight of the financial sector. ① bolster ② degrade ③ assess ④ monitor ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? (5~6) 5. Sitting for hours without moving can slow the flow of blood to our brains according to a cautionary new study of office workers. However, getting up and strolling for just two minutes every half-hour seems to this decline in brain blood flow. ① stake out ② stave off ③ rake up ④ fritter away 6. A : What are you doing? B:I’m going to change the light bulb. It burnt out. A : ? B : A couple of dictionaries and some textbooks. A : Are you crazy? B : What’s the matter? A : Those books will slip and you’ll fall. B : It’s only a couple of feet. ① How many dictionaries and textbooks are you studying ② What are you standing on ③ What kinds of books do you want to buy ④ What is the best way to change the light bulb 7. 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Any physical theory is always , in the sense that it is only a hypothesis: you can never prove it. No matter how many times the results of experiments agree with some theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory. ① categorical② unequivocal ③ provisional④ tangible 영 어(7급) A책형 2/4쪽 ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? (8~10) 8. The growth of foreign markets and competition, most notably those in China and India, ① is having a tremendous impact on the manner in which companies conduct business all over the globe. In fact, the advent of outsourcing and off-shoring(the shifting of production to sites outside the United States), which helped place China and India on the economic map, has created quite a debate in the United States and abroad as to ② whether economic globalization is a good or an evil. Many, however, suggest that globalization is a good thing, and that outsourcing and off-shoring are simple manifestations of the economic theory of comparative advantage, ③ which holds that everyone gains when each country specializes in ④ that it does best. 9. ① Beginning in October, as the expedition ② made its way through present northern South Dakota, it passed numerous abandoned villages, composed of earth-lodge dwellings and cultivated fields. Some of the fields, ③ unless unattended, still had squash and corn growing in them. ④ These had once been home to the mighty Arikara tribe. 10. Losing just a couple hours of sleep at night makes you angrier, especially in ① frustrated situations, according to new research. While the results may ② seem intuitive, the study is one of the first to ③ provide evidence that sleep loss causes anger. The research also provides new insight on our ability to adjust ④ to irritating conditions when tired. 11. 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? ① For years, cosmetic companies have been telling women that beauty is a secret to success. ② You can spend an afternoon or an entire day driving on a racetrack in a genuine race car. ③ Although it survived the war, the Jules Rimet trophy was stolen from a display case in England just before the World Cup of 1966. ④ Young children’s capability of recognizing and discussing these issues are important because those who do so have reduced levels of prejudice. 12. 빈칸에 들어갈 문장으로 가장 적절한 것은? What readers most commonly remember about John Stuart Mill’s classic exploration of the liberty of thought and discussion concerns the danger of complacency. In the absence of challenge, one’s opinions, even when they are correct, grow weak and flabby. Yet Mill had another reason for encouraging the liberty of thought and discussion. . Since one’s opinions, even under the best circumstances, tend to embrace only a portion of the truth, and because opinions opposed to one’s own rarely turn out to be completely erroneous, it is crucial to supplement one’s opinions with alternative points of view. ① It is the replication of opinions ② It is the defense of individual liberties ③ It is the danger of partiality and incompleteness ④ It is the constraints on spreading opinions and information 13. 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? When is high blood pressure dangerous? Medical associations offer widely differing answers. In the USA, for example, patients are seen as hypertensive much sooner than in Germany. A team working with Prof. Karl-Heinz Ladwig of the Technical University of Munich and the Helmholtz Zentrum Müchen has concluded that treating patients sooner does not reduce the risk of deadly heart disease. It could even . ① quickly present patients with a diagnosis ② negatively affect their mental health ③ positively encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle ④ significantly help patients with normal blood pressure 영 어(7급) A책형 3/4쪽 14. 글의 흐름상 <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? <보기> One reason Rome flourished as long as it did was that public policy was determined by signs and portents. Many of us believe that the world has been going straight downhill since the fall of the Roman Empire. ( ① ) Rome, founded in 753 B.C., survived as a kingdom, a republic or an empire until about A.D. 476. ( ② ) Any society that can survive 1,229 years must be doing some right. ( ③ ) Nobody ever did anything in ancient Rome without first reporting that he had seen two eagles dueling over a dead goat, or a hailstorm miraculously erupting from the Praetorian Guards favorite fig bowl. ( ④ ) These omens were used to justify everything: invading Thrace, deposing a rival, raising taxes, even divorcing your spouse so you could marry someone younger or richer from Egypt. 15. 글의 내용과 부합하지 않는 것은? House prices have increased by 67 percent since 1990 and by 19 percent since 2006. However, interest rates have decreased during this period. The conventional mortgage rate fell from nearly 13 percent in 1990 to 7 percent in 2006 and is now below 4 percent. The net result is that Canadians have the same average monthly housing costs they’ve had for decades. Mortgage payments relative to disposable income are in line with the average since 1990 and lower than the percentage through much of the 1990s. However, these numbers do not reflect the real affordability problem in Toronto and Vancouver. To understand these markets, policy makers need to differentiate between condominiums and single-family housing. For condominiums in both markets, the monthly mortgage payments on the median house-price relative to median income has been flat since the early 2000s. However, it’s in single-detached houses where we finally see rising monthly housing costs and thus a stronger case for unaffordability. ① House prices were inversely related with interest rates in the mid-2000s. ② Tenants had to make too high mortgage payments for condominiums in 2001. ③ Mortgage rate and interest rates showed a similar tendency in 2006. ④ It can be inferred that policy makers should focus more attention on single-detached houses than on condominiums in policy-making. 16. 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? In a democratic society, the public needs to have a basic understanding of science, so that it can make informed decisions and not leave them in the hands of experts. At the moment, the public has a rather ambivalent attitude toward science. It has come to expect the steady increase in the standard of living that new developments in science and technology have brought to continue, but it also distrusts science because it does not understand it. This distrust is evident in the cartoon figure of the mad scientist working in his laboratory to produce a Frankenstein. But the public also has a great interest in science, as is shown by the large audiences for science fiction. ① The public needs to understand science to make right informed decisions. ② Scientists are legally responsible for making informed decisions. ③ The ultimate goal of scientists is to improve the standard of living by developing science. ④ The large audiences for science fiction such as Frankenstein show that the public does not understand the science. 17. 글의 흐름상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? How are the new networks different? First, they are ( ㉠ ), meaning that all media ―voice, audio, video, or data―are increasingly communicated over a single common network. This offers economies of scope and scale in both capital expenditures and operational costs, and also allows different media to be mixed within common applications. As a result, both technology suppliers and service providers are increasingly in the business of providing telecommunications in all media simultaneously rather than specializing in a ( ㉡ ) type such as voice, video, or data. ㉠ ㉡ ① expanded specific ② integrated particular ③ scrutinized elaborate ④ splitted universal 영 어(7급) A책형 4/4쪽 18. 글의 흐름상 가장 불필요한 것은? ① Solving crimes is one of the most important jobs of law enforcement. Improvements in crime technology help detectives solve crimes faster, and more efficiently, today. ② For example, crime labs have new kinds of DNA testing, which can identify body fluids, such as blood, sweat, and saliva. There are also new kinds of fingerprint testing. ③ In the past, fingerprint testing was only helpful if the fingerprints from the crime scene could be matched with “prints” that were already on file. The fingerprints of convicted criminals are kept on file in police records permanently. ④ The fingerprints also reveal if the person takes medication. People whose fingerprints are not on file cannot be identified in this way, and as a result, many crimes have not been solved. 19. 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? The British juvenile justice system underwent significant philosophical changes in the early 20th century. Although there were many who clung to older ideas about the benefits of corporal punishment, the view that children who broke the law should be reclaimed and rehabilitated had become the orthodox view by the passing of the 1948 Children Act. This approach drew upon the views of social workers in the slums of British and American cities and of researchers in the new social and medical sciences. Delinquency was seen as part of a social matrix, as resulting from structural inequalities and deficient parenting styles. The solution to the problem of delinquency was seen as lying within the reformation of the structures which caused these inequities. For the more radical magistrates, the answer was not to overhaul society, but to reform the ways in which children were treated by the courts. ① The courts’ better treatment of children could help curb delinquency in some judges’ point of view. ② Social workers were among the proponents of the orthodox view. ③ Deficient parenting styles were considered as one cause of delinquency. ④ The 1948 Children Act accentuated the benefits of corporal punishment. 20. 글의 흐름상 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? One important feature of perceptions is that they are rarely exact copies of the real world. To study how , researchers asked 20 college students who liked rock music and 20 who disliked it to listen to a 10-second sample of rock music. Then, the subjects in each group were asked to adjust the volume of the rock-music sample to match different levels of intensity, ranging from very soft to extremely loud. Researchers reported that subjects who liked rock music consistently set the volume louder than the reference level, while subjects who disliked rock music consistently set the volume lower. ① experience can bias our perceptions ② perceptions can affect musical preferences ③ our perceptions can distort consistent behavior ④ expertises in music can influence performances
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  • 2018 지방직 9급 영어 문제 해설 (= 사복직 9급 영어) [23]
    스터디 영어-B.pdf 영어-D.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 정수현.hwp 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 문덕.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 장종재.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 공수코.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이현아.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 오동훈.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김범재.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 최호철.pdf 2018 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 영 어 B 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 1. ~문 2.] 문 1. The paramount duty of the physician is to do no harm. Everything else ―even healing ―must take second place. ① chief ② sworn ③ successful ④ mysterious 문 2. It is not unusual that people get cold feet about taking a trip to the North Pole. ① become ambitious ② become afraid ③ feel exhausted ④ feel saddened 문 3. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것은? I am writing in response to your request for a reference for Mrs. Ferrer. She has worked as my secretary ① for the last three years and has been an excellent employee. I believe that she meets all the requirements ② mentioned in your job description and indeed exceeds them in many ways. I have never had reason ③to doubt her complete integrity. I would, therefore, recommend Mrs. Ferrer for the post ④ what you advertise. 문 4. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은? ① 모든 정보는 거짓이었다. → All of the information was false. ② 토마스는 더 일찍 사과했어야 했다. → Thomas should have apologized earlier. ③ 우리가 도착했을 때 영화는 이미 시작했었다. → The movie had already started when we arrived. ④ 바깥 날씨가 추웠기 때문에 나는 차를 마시려 물을 끓였다. → Being cold outside, I boiled some water to have tea. 문 5. 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? The student who finds the state-of-the-art approach intimidating learns less than he or she might have learned by the old methods. ① humorous ② friendly ③ convenient ④ frightening 문 6. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Since the air-conditioners are being repaired now, the office workers have to _______________ electric fans for the day. ① get rid of ② let go of ③ make do with ④ break up with 문 7. 어법상 옳은 것은? ① Please contact to me at the email address I gave you last week. ② Were it not for water, all living creatures on earth would be extinct. ③ The laptop allows people who is away from their offices to continue to work. ④ The more they attempted to explain their mistakes, the worst their story sounded. 문 8. 우리말을 영어로 옳게 옮긴 것은? ① 그는 며칠 전에 친구를 배웅하기 위해 역으로 갔다. → He went to the station a few days ago to see off his friend. ② 버릇없는 그 소년은 아버지가 부르는 것을 못 들은 체했다. → The spoiled boy made it believe he didn't hear his father calling. ③ 나는 버팔로에 가본 적이 없어서 그곳에 가기를 고대하고 있다. → I have never been to Buffalo, so I am looking forward to go there. ④ 나는 아직 오늘 신문을 못 읽었어. 뭐 재미있는 것 있니? → I have not read today's newspaper yet. Is there anything interested in it? 문 9. 다음 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 문장은? The Renaissance kitchen had a definite hierarchy of help who worked together to produce the elaborate banquets. ① At the top, as we have seen, was the scalco, or steward, who was in charge of not only the kitchen, but also the dining room. ②The dining room was supervised by the butler, who was in charge of the silverware and linen and also served the dishes that began and ended the banquet ― the cold dishes, salads, cheeses, and fruit at the beginning and the sweets and confections at the end of the meal. ③This elaborate decoration and serving was what in restaurants is called "the front of the house." ④ The kitchen was supervised by the head cook, who directed the undercooks, pastry cooks, and kitchen help. 문 10. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? My students often believe that if they simply meet more important people, their work will improve. But it's remarkably hard to engage with those people unless you've already put something valuable out into the world. That's what piques the curiosity of advisers and sponsors. Achievements show you have something to give, not just something to take. In life, it certainly helps to know the right people. But how hard they go to bat for you, how far they stick their necks out for you, depends on what you have to offer. Building a powerful network doesn't require you to be an expert at networking. It just requires you to be an expert at something. If you make great connections, they might advance your career. If you do great work, those connections will be easier to make. Let your insights and your outputs ― not your business cards ― do the talking. ① Sponsorship is necessary for a successful career. ② Building a good network starts from your accomplishments. ③ A powerful network is a prerequisite for your achievement. ④ Your insights and outputs grow as you become an expert at networking. 영 어 B 책형 2 쪽 문 11. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? A: My computer just shut down for no reason. I can't even turn it back on again. B: Did you try charging it? It might just be out of battery. A: Of course, I tried charging it. B: __________________________________________________ A: I should do that, but I'm so lazy. ① I don't know how to fix your computer. ② Try visiting the nearest service center then. ③ Well, stop thinking about your problems and go to sleep. ④ My brother will try to fix your computer because he's a technician. 문 12. 다음 글에 나타난 화자의 심경으로 가장 적절한 것은? My face turned white as a sheet. I looked at my watch. The tests would be almost over by now. I arrived at the testing center in an absolute panic. I tried to tell my story, but my sentences and descriptive gestures got so confused that I communicated nothing more than a very convincing version of a human tornado. In an effort to curb my distracting explanation, the proctor led me to an empty seat and put a test booklet in front of me. He looked doubtfully from me to the clock, and then he walked away. I tried desperately to make up for lost time, scrambling madly through analogies and sentence completions. "Fifteen minutes remain," the voice of doom declared from the front of the classroom. Algebraic equations, arithmetic calculations, geometric diagrams swam before my eyes. "Time! Pencils down, please." ① nervous and worried ② excited and cheerful ③ calm and determined ④ safe and relaxed 문 13. 주어진 문장 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? Devices that monitor and track your health are becoming more popular among all age populations. (A) For example, falls are a leading cause of death for adults 65 and older. Fall alerts are a popular gerotechnology that has been around for many years but have now improved. (B) However, for seniors aging in place, especially those without a caretaker in the home, these technologies can be lifesaving. (C) This simple technology can automatically alert 911 or a close family member the moment a senior has fallen. ※ gerotechnology: 노인을 위한 양로 기술 ① (B) - (C) - (A) ② (B) - (A) - (C) ③ (C) - (A) - (B) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 14. ∼문 15.] 문 14. A: Where do you want to go for our honeymoon? B: Let's go to a place that neither of us has been to. A: Then, why don't we go to Hawaii? B: _____________________________________ ① I've always wanted to go there. ② Isn't Korea a great place to live? ③ Great! My last trip there was amazing! ④ Oh, you must've been to Hawaii already. 문 15. The secret of successful people is usually that they are able to concentrate totally on one thing. Even if they have a lot in their head, they have found a method that the many commitments don't impede each other, but instead they are brought into a good inner order. And this order is quite simple: _________________________. In theory, it seems to be quite clear, but in everyday life it seems rather different. You might have tried to decide on priorities, but you have failed because of everyday trivial matters and all the unforeseen distractions. Separate off disturbances, for example, by escaping into another office, and not allowing any distractions to get in the way. When you concentrate on the one task of your priorities, you will find you have energy that you didn't even know you had. ① the sooner, the better ② better late than never ③ out of sight, out of mind ④ the most important thing first 문 16. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? With the help of the scientist, the commercial fishing industry has found out that its fishing must be done scientifically if it is to be continued. With no fishing pressure on a fish population, the number of fish will reach a predictable level of abundance and stay there. The only fluctuation would be due to natural environmental factors, such as availability of food, proper temperature, and the like. If a fishery is developed to take these fish, their population can be maintained if the fishing harvest is small. The mackerel of the North Sea is a good example. If we increase the fishery and take more fish each year, we must be careful not to reduce the population below the ideal point where it can replace all of the fish we take out each year. If we fish at this level, called the maximum sustainable yield, we can maintain the greatest possible yield, year after year. If we catch too many, the number of fish will decrease each year until we fish ourselves out of a job. Examples of severely overfished animals are the blue whale of the Antarctic and the halibut of the North Atlantic. Fishing just the correct amount to maintain a maximum annual yield is both a science and an art. Research is constantly being done to help us better understand the fish population and how to utilize it to the maximum without depleting the population. ① Say No to Commercial Fishing ② Sea Farming Seen As a Fishy Business ③ Why Does the Fishing Industry Need Science? ④ Overfished Animals: Cases of Illegal Fishing 영 어 B 책형 3 쪽 문 17. 밑줄 친 (A), (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Does terrorism ever work? 9/11 was an enormous tactical success for al Qaeda, partly because it involved attacks that took place in the media capital of the world and the actual capital of the United States, (A) ensuring the widest possible coverage of the event. If terrorism is a form of theater where you want a lot of people watching, no event in human history was likely ever seen by a larger global audience than the 9/11 attacks. At the time, there was much discussion about how 9/11 was like the attack on Pearl Harbor. They were indeed similar since they were both surprise attacks that drew America into significant wars. But they were also similar in another sense. Pearl Harbor was a great tactical success for Imperial Japan, but it led to a great strategic failure: Within four years of Pearl Harbor the Japanese empire lay in ruins, utterly defeated. (B) , 9/11 was a great tactical success for al Qaeda, but it also turned out to be a great strategic failure for Osama bin Laden. (A) (B) ① thereby Similarly ② while Therefore ③ while Fortunately ④ thereby On the contrary 문 18. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? We entered a new phase as a species when Chinese scientists altered a human embryo to remove a potentially fatal blood disorder ― not only from the baby, but all of its descendants. Researchers call this process "germline modification." The media likes the phrase "designer babies." But we should call it what it is, "eugenics." And we, the human race, need to decide whether or not we want to use it. Last month, in the United States, the scientific establishment weighed in. A National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine joint committee endorsed embryo editing aimed at genes that cause serious diseases when there is "no reasonable alternative." But it was more wary of editing for "enhancement," like making already-healthy children stronger or taller. It recommended a public discussion, and said that doctors should "not proceed at this time." The committee had good reason to urge caution. The history of eugenics is full of oppression and misery. ※ eugenics: 우생학 ① Doctors were recommended to immediately go ahead with embryo editing for enhancement. ② Recently, the scientific establishment in the U.S. joined a discussion on eugenics. ③ Chinese scientists modified a human embryo to prevent a serious blood disorder. ④ "Designer babies" is another term for the germline modification process. 문 19. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 것은? If neither surrendered, the two exchanged blows until one was knocked out. The ancient Olympics provided athletes an opportunity to prove their fitness and superiority, just like our modern games. ( ① ) The ancient Olympic events were designed to eliminate the weak and glorify the strong. Winners were pushed to the brink. ( ② ) Just as in modern times, people loved extreme sports. One of the favorite events was added in the 33rd Olympiad. This was the pankration, or an extreme mix of wrestling and boxing. The Greek word pankration means "total power." The men wore leather straps with metal studs, which could make a terrible mess of their opponents. ( ③ ) This dangerous form of wrestling had no time or weight limits. In this event, only two rules applied. First, wrestlers were not allowed to gouge eyes with their thumbs. Secondly, they could not bite. Anything else was considered fair play. The contest was decided in the same manner as a boxing match. Contenders continued until one of the two collapsed. ( ④ ) Only the strongest and most determined athletes attempted this event. Imagine wrestling "Mr. Fingertips," who earned his nickname by breaking his opponents' fingers! 문 20. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? In our time it is not only the law of the market which has its own life and rules over man, but also the development of science and technique. For a number of reasons, the problems and organization of science today are such that a scientist does not choose his problems; the problems force themselves upon the scientist. He solves one problem, and the result is not that he is more secure or certain, but that ten other new problems open up in place of the single solved one. They force him to solve them; he has to go ahead at an ever-quickening pace. The same holds true for industrial techniques. The pace of science forces the pace of technique. Theoretical physics forces atomic energy on us; the successful production of the fission bomb forces upon us the manufacture of the hydrogen bomb. We do not choose our problems, we do not choose our products; we are pushed, we are forced ― by what? By a system which has no purpose and goal transcending it, and which ________________________________________. ① makes man its appendix ② creates a false sense of security ③ inspires man with creative challenges ④ empowers scientists to control the market laws
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  • 2018 국가직 9급 영어 문제 해설 [37]
    스터디 영어-가.pdf 영어-다.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 조만구.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 정수현.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 문덕.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 조태정.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이현아.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 오동훈.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 윤광덕.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 조재권.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김범재.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김지영.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김영국.pdf 2018 국가직 9급 영어 해설 공수코.pdf 영 어 가 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 1. ~문 2.] 문 1. A: Can I ask you for a favor? B: Yes, what is it? A: I need to get to the airport for my business trip, but my car won't start. Can you give me a lift? B: Sure. When do you need to be there by? A: I have to be there no later than 6 : 00. B: It's 4 : 30 now. _________________________________. We'll have to leave right away. ① That's cutting it close ② I took my eye off the ball ③ All that glitters is not gold ④ It's water under the bridge 문 2. Fear of loss is a basic part of being human. To the brain, loss is a threat and we naturally take measures to avoid it. We cannot, however, avoid it indefinitely. One way to face loss is with the perspective of a stock trader. Traders accept the possibility of loss as part of the game, not the end of the game. What guides this thinking is a portfolio approach; wins and losses will both happen, but it's the overall portfolio of outcomes that matters most. When you embrace a portfolio approach, you will be __________________________________________________ because you know that they are small parts of a much bigger picture. ① less inclined to dwell on individual losses ② less interested in your investments ③ more averse to the losses ④ more sensitive to fluctuations in the stock market 문 3. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Over the last years of traveling, I've observed how much we humans live in the past. The past is around us constantly, considering that, the minute something is manifested, it is the past. Our surroundings, our homes, our environments, our architecture, our products are all past constructs. We should live with what is part of our time, part of our collective consciousness, those things that were produced during our lives. Of course, we do not have the choice or control to have everything around us relevant or conceived during our time, but what we do have control of should be a reflection of the time in which we exist and communicate the present. The present is all we have, and the more we are surrounded by it, the more we are aware of our own presence and participation. ① Travel: Tracing the Legacies of the Past ② Reflect on the Time That Surrounds You Now ③ Manifestation of a Hidden Life ④ Architecture of a Futuristic Life 문 4. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것은? It would be difficult ①to imagine life without the beauty and richness of forests. But scientists warn we cannot take our forest for ② granted. By some estimates, deforestation ③has been resulted in the loss of as much as eighty percent of the natural forests of the world. Currently, deforestation is a global problem, ④ affecting wilderness regions such as the temperate rainforests of the Pacific. 문 5. 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? Robert J. Flaherty, a legendary documentary filmmaker, tried to show how indigenous people gathered food. ① native ② ravenous ③ impoverished ④ itinerant 문 6. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Listening to music is ______________ being a rock star. Anyone can listen to music, but it takes talent to become a musician. ① on a par with ② a far cry from ③ contingent upon ④ a prelude to 문 7. 다음 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 문장은? Biologists have identified a gene that will allow rice plants to survive being submerged in water for up to two weeks ―over a week longer than at present. Plants under water for longer than a week are deprived of oxygen and wither and perish. ① The scientists hope their discovery will prolong the harvests of crops in regions that are susceptible to flooding. ②Rice growers in these flood-prone areas of Asia lose an estimated one billion dollars annually to excessively waterlogged rice paddies. ③They hope the new gene will lead to a hardier rice strain that will reduce the financial damage incurred in typhoon and monsoon seasons and lead to bumper harvests. ④ This is dreadful news for people in these vulnerable regions, who are victims of urbanization and have a shortage of crops. Rice yields must increase by 30 percent over the next 20 years to ensure a billion people can receive their staple diet. 문 8. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? A: Do you know how to drive? B: Of course. I'm a great driver. A: Could you teach me how to drive? B: Do you have a learner's permit? A: Yes, I got it just last week. B: Have you been behind the steering wheel yet? A: No, but I can't wait to _____________________. ① take a rain check ② get my feet wet ③ get an oil change ④ change a flat tire 영 어 가 책형 2 쪽 문 9. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? Sharks are covered in scales made from the same material as teeth. These flexible scales protect the shark and help it swim quickly in water. A shark can move the scales as it swims. This movement helps reduce the water's drag. Amy Lang, an aerospace engineer at the University of Alabama, studies the scales on the shortfin mako, a relative of the great white shark. Lang and her team discovered that the mako shark's scales differ in size and in flexibility in different parts of its body. For instance, the scales on the sides of the body are tapered ―wide at one end and narrow at the other end. Because they are tapered, these scales move very easily. They can turn up or flatten to adjust to the flow of water around the shark and to reduce drag. Lang feels that shark scales can inspire designs for machines that experience drag, such as airplanes. ① A shark has scales that always remain immobile to protect itself as it swims. ② Lang revealed that the scales of a mako shark are utilized to lessen drag in water. ③ A mako shark has scales of identical size all over its body. ④ The scientific designs of airplanes were inspired by shark scales. 문 10. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것은? Focus means ① getting stuff done. A lot of people have great ideas but don't act on them. For me, the definition of an entrepreneur, for instance, is someone who can combine innovation and ingenuity with the ability to execute that new idea. Some people think that the central dichotomy in life is whether you're positive or negative about the issues ② that interest or concern you. There's a lot of attention ③ paying to this question of whether it's better to have an optimistic or pessimistic lens. I think the better question to ask is whether you are going to do something about it or just ④ let life pass you by. 문 11. 밑줄 친 부분 중 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 것은? Most people like to talk, but few people like to listen, yet listening well is a ① rare talent that everyone should treasure. Because they hear more, good listeners tend to know more and to be more sensitive to what is going on around them than most people. In addition, good listeners are inclined to accept or tolerate rather than to judge and criticize. Therefore, they have ②fewer enemies than most people. In fact, they are probably the most beloved of people. However, there are ③exceptions to that generality. For example, John Steinbeck is said to have been an excellent listener, yet he was hated by some of the people he wrote about. No doubt his ability to listen contributed to his capacity to write. Nevertheless, the result of his listening didn't make him ④ unpopular. 문 12. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Worry is like a rocking horse. No matter how fast you go, you never move anywhere. Worry is a complete waste of time and creates so much clutter in your mind that you cannot think clearly about anything. The way to learn to stop worrying is by first understanding that you energize whatever you focus your attention on. Therefore, the more you allow yourself to worry, the more likely things are to go wrong! Worrying becomes such an ingrained habit that to avoid it you consciously have to train yourself to do otherwise. Whenever you catch yourself having a fit of worry, stop and change your thoughts. Focus your mind more productively on what you do want to happen and dwell on what's already wonderful in your life so more wonderful stuff will come your way. ① What effects does worry have on life? ② Where does worry originate from? ③ When should we worry? ④ How do we cope with worrying? 문 13. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Students at Macaulay Honors College (MHC) don't stress about the high price of tuition. That's because theirs is free. At Macaulay and a handful of other service academies, work colleges, single-subject schools and conservatories, 100 percent of the student body receive a full tuition scholarship for all four years. Macaulay students also receive a laptop and $7,500 in "opportunities funds" to pursue research, service experiences, study abroad programs and internships. "The most important thing is not the free tuition, but the freedom of studying without the burden of debt on your back," says Ann Kirschner, university dean of Macaulay Honors College. The debt burden, she says, "really compromises decisions students make in college, and we are giving them the opportunity to be free of that." Schools that grant free tuition to all students are rare, but a greater number of institutions provide scholarships to enrollees with high grades. Institutions such as Indiana University Bloomington offer automatic awards to high-performing students with stellar GPAs and class ranks. ① MHC에서는 모든 학생이 4년간 수업료를 내지 않는다. ② MHC에서는 학생들에게 컴퓨터 구입 비용과 교외활동 비용을 합하여 $7,500를 지급한다. ③ 수업료로 인한 빚 부담이 있으면 학생들이 자유롭게 공부할 수 없다고 Kirschner 학장은 말한다. ④ MHC와 달리 학업 우수자에게만 장학금을 주는 대학도 있다. ※ 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 14. ~ 문 15.] 문 14. The police spent seven months working on the crime case but were never able to determine the identity of the malefactor. ① culprit ② dilettante ③ pariah ④ demagogue 영 어 가 책형 3 쪽 문 15. While at first glance it seems that his friends are just leeches, they prove to be the ones he can depend on through thick and thin. ① in no time ② from time to time ③ in pleasant times ④ in good times and bad times 문 16. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 것은? Some remain intensely proud of their original accent and dialect words, phrases and gestures, while others accommodate rapidly to a new environment by changing their speech habits, so that they no longer "stand out in the crowd." Our perceptions and production of speech change with time. ( ① ) If we were to leave our native place for an extended period, our perception that the new accents around us were strange would only be temporary. ( ② ) Gradually, we will lose the sense that others have an accent and we will begin to fit in ―to accommodate our speech patterns to the new norm. ( ③ ) Not all people do this to the same degree. ( ④ ) Whether they do this consciously or not is open to debate and may differ from individual to individual, but like most processes that have to do with language, the change probably happens before we are aware of it and probably couldn't happen if we were. 문 17. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Insomnia can be classified as transient, acute, or chronic. Transient insomnia lasts for less than a week. It can be caused by another disorder, by changes in the sleep environment, by the timing of sleep, severe depression, or by stress. Its consequences such as sleepiness and impaired psychomotor performance are similar to those of sleep deprivation. Acute insomnia is the inability to consistently sleep well for a period of less than a month. Acute insomnia is present when there is difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep or when the sleep that is obtained is not refreshing. These problems occur despite adequate opportunity and circumstances for sleep and they can impair daytime functioning. Acute insomnia is also known as short term insomnia or stress related insomnia. Chronic insomnia lasts for longer than a month. It can be caused by another disorder, or it can be a primary disorder. People with high levels of stress hormones or shifts in the levels of cytokines are more likely than others to have chronic insomnia. Its effects can vary according to its causes. They might include muscular weariness, hallucinations, and/or mental fatigue. Chronic insomnia can also cause double vision. ※ cytokines: groups of molecules released by certain cells of the immune system ① Insomnia can be classified according to its duration. ② Transient insomnia occurs solely due to an inadequate sleep environment. ③ Acute insomnia is generally known to be related to stress. ④ Chronic insomnia patients may suffer from hallucinations. 문 18. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Kisha Padbhan, founder of Everonn Education, in Mumbai, looks at his business as nation-building. India's student-age population of 230 million (kindergarten to college) is one of the largest in the world. The government spends $83 billion on instruction, but there are serious gaps. "There aren't enough teachers and enough teacher-training institutes," says Kisha. "What children in remote parts of India lack is access to good teachers and exposure to good-quality content." Everonn's solution? The company uses a satellite network, with two-way video and audio __________________________________________________. It reaches 1,800 colleges and 7,800 schools across 24 of India's 28 states. It offers everything from digitized school lessons to entrance exam prep for aspiring engineers and has training for job-seekers, too. ① to improve the quality of teacher training facilities ② to bridge the gap through virtual classrooms ③ to get students familiarized with digital technology ④ to locate qualified instructors across the nation 문 19. 주어진 문장 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? A technique that enables an individual to gain some voluntary control over autonomic, or involuntary, body functions by observing electronic measurements of those functions is known as biofeedback. (A) When such a variable moves in the desired direction (for example, blood pressure down), it triggers visual or audible displays ― feedback on equipment such as television sets, gauges, or lights. (B) Electronic sensors are attached to various parts of the body to measure such variables as heart rate, blood pressure, and skin temperature. (C) Biofeedback training teaches one to produce a desired response by reproducing thought patterns or actions that triggered the displays. ① (A) - (B) - (C) ② (B) - (C) - (A) ③ (B) - (A) - (C) ④ (C) - (A) - (B) 문 20. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은? ① 그 연사는 자기 생각을 청중에게 전달하는 데 능숙하지 않았다. → The speaker was not good at getting his ideas across to the audience. ② 서울의 교통 체증은 세계 어느 도시보다 심각하다. → The traffic jams in Seoul are more serious than those in any other city in the world. ③ 네가 말하고 있는 사람과 시선을 마주치는 것은 서양 국가에서 중요하다. → Making eye contact with the person you are speaking to is important in western countries. ④ 그는 사람들이 생각했던 만큼 인색하지 않았다는 것이 드러났다. → It turns out that he was not so stingier as he was thought to be.
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  • 2018 서울시 9급 영어 문제 해설 (3월) [58]
    스터디 영어_9급_A형.pdf 영어_9급_B형.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이서윤.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 조만구.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이현아.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김지영.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2018 서울시 9급 영어 해설 공수코.pdf Ⓐ - 3 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? (1~2) 1. Ethical considerations can be an integral element of biotechnology regulation. ① key ② incidental ③ interactive ④ popular 2. If the area of the brain associated with speech is destroyed, the brain may use plasticity to cause other areas of the brain not originally associated with this speech to learn the skill as a way to make up for lost cells. ① accuracy ② systemicity ③ obstruction ④ suppleness ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? (3~4) 3. Mephisto demands a signature and contract. No mere contract will do. As Faust remarks, the devil wants everything in writing. ① genuine ② essential ③ reciprocal ④ verbal 4. The company and the union reached a tentative agreement in this year s wage deal as the two sides took the company s _________ operating profits seriously amid unfriendly business environments. ① deteriorating ② enhancing ③ ameliorating ④ leveling ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? (5~7) 5. I ① convinced that making pumpkin cake ② from scratch would be ③ even easier than ④ making cake from a box. 6. When you find your tongue ① twisted as you seek to explain to your ② six-year-old daughter why she can t go to the amusement park ③ that has been advertised on television, then you will understand why we find it difficult ④ wait. 7. Lewis Alfred Ellison, a small-business owner and ① a construction foreman, died in 1916 after an operation to cure internal wounds ② suffering after shards from a 100-lb ice block ③ penetrated his abdomen when it was dropped while ④ being loaded into a hopper. ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? (8~9) 8. A:You don t know about used cars, Ned. Whew! 70,000 miles. B:Oh, that s a lot of miles! We have to take a close look at the engine, the doors, the tires, everything ... A:It s too expensive, Ned. ________________________ B:You have to watch these used car salesmen. ① Let s buy it. ② I ll dust it down. ③ What model do you want? ④ I don t want to get ripped off. 9. The term combines two concepts― bionic which means to give a living thing an artificial capability like a bionic arm, and nano which _____________ particles smaller than 100 nanometers that can be used to imbue the living thing with its new capability. ① breaks in ② refers to ③ originates from ④ lays over 10. 어법상 가장 옳은 것은? ① If the item should not be delivered tomorrow, they would complain about it. ② He was more skillful than any other baseball players in his class. ③ Hardly has the violinist finished his performance before the audience stood up and applauded. ④ Bakers have been made come out, asking for promoting wheat consumption. 11. <보기> 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? <보기> If you are unhappy yourself, you will probably be prepared to admit that you are not exceptional in this. ( ① ) Animals are happy so long as they have health and enough to eat. Human beings, one feels, ought to be, but in the modern world they are not, at least in a great majority of cases. ( ② ) If you are happy, ask yourself how many of your friends are so. ( ③ ) And when you have reviewed your friends, teach yourself the art of reading faces; make yourself receptive to the moods of those whom you meet in the course of an ordinary day. ( ④ ) 12. 글의 흐름상 가장 적절하지 않은 문장은? Tighter regulations on cigarette products have spilled over to alcohol, soda and other consumer products, which has restricted consumer choices and made goods more expensive. ① Countries have taken more restrictive measures, including taxation, pictorial health warnings and prohibitions on advertising and promotion, against cigarette products over the past four decades. ② Regulatory measures have failed to improve public health, growing cigarette smuggling. ③ Applying restrictions first to tobacco and then to other consumer products have created a domino effect, or what is called a slippery slope, for other industries. ④ At the extreme end of the slippery slope is plain packaging, where all trademarks, logos and brand-specific colors are removed, resulting in unintended consequences and a severe infringement of intellectual property rights. Ⓐ - 4 ※ 글의 흐름상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? (13~14) 13. Language changes when speakers of a language come into contact with speakers of another language or languages. This can be because of migration, perhaps, because they move to more fertile lands, or because they are displaced on account of war or poverty or disease. It can also be because they are invaded. Depending on the circumstances, the home language may succumb completely to the language of the invaders, in which case we talk about replacement. _________, the home language might persist side-by-side with the language of the invaders, and depending on political circumstances, it might become the dominant language. ① Typically ② Consistently ③ Similarly ④ Alternatively 14. The notion that a product tested without branding is somehow being more objectively appraised is entirely ___________. In the real world, we no more appraise things with our eyes closed and holding our nose than we do by ignoring the brand that is stamped on the product we purchase, the look and feel of the box it comes in, or the price being asked. ① correct ② reliable ③ misguided ④ unbiased 15. <보기> 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? <보기> Many visitors to the United States think that Americans take their exercise and free time activities too seriously. Americans often schedule their recreation as if they were scheduling business appointments. They go jogging every day at the same time, play tennis two or three times a week, or swim every Thursday. Foreigners often think that this kind of recreation sounds more like work than relaxation. For many Americans, however, their recreational activities are relaxing and enjoyable, or at least worthwhile, because they contribute to health and physical fitness. ① Health and fitness ② Popular recreational activities in the United States ③ The American approach to recreation ④ The definition of recreation 16. <보기> 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? <보기> Feelings of pain or pleasure or some quality in between are the bedrock of our minds. We often fail to notice this simple reality because the mental images of the objects and events that surround us, along with the images of the words and sentences that describe them, use up so much of our overburdened attention. But there they are, feelings of myriad emotions and related states, the continuous musical line of our minds, the unstoppable humming of the most universal of melodies that only dies down when we go to sleep, a humming that turns into all-out singing when we are occupied by joy, or a mournful requiem when sorrow takes over. ① Feelings are closely associated with music. ② Feelings are composed of pain and pleasure. ③ Feelings are ubiquitous in our minds. ④ Feelings are related to the mental images of objects and events. 17. <보기> 글의 분위기로 가장 적절한 것은? <보기> I go to the local schoolyard, hoping to join in a game. But no one is there. After several minutes of standing around, dejected under the netless basketball hoops and wondering where everybody is, the names of those I expected to find awaiting me start to fill my mind. I have not played in a place like this for years. What was that? What was I thinking of, coming here? When I was a child, a boy, I went to the schoolyard to play. That was a long time ago. No children here will ever know me. Around me the concrete is empty except for pebbles, bottles, and a beer can that I kick, clawing a scary noise out of the pavement. ① calm and peaceful ② festive and merry ③ desolate and lonely ④ horrible and scary 18. 글의 흐름상 빈칸에 들어갈 단어를 순서대로 고른 것은? Often described as the rags to riches tale, the story of steel magnate Andrew Carnegie s rise begins in 1835 in a small one-room home in Dunfermline, Scotland. Born into a family of laborers, Carnegie received little schooling before his family emigrated to America in 1848. Arriving in Pennsylvania, he soon got a job in a textile mill, where he earned only $1.20 per week. ① quintessential -destitute ② exceptive- devout ③ interesting-meticulous ④ deleterious-impoverished 19. <보기> 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? <보기> In the American Southwest, previously the Mexican North, Anglo-America ran into Hispanic America. The meeting involved variables of language, religion, race, economy, and politics. The border between Hispanic America and Anglo-America has shifted over time, but one fact has not changed: it is one thing to draw an arbitrary geographical line between two spheres of sovereignty; it is another to persuade people to respect it. Victorious in the Mexican-American War in 1848, the United States took half of Mexico. The resulting division did not ratify any plan of nature. The borderlands were an ecological whole; northeastern Mexican desert blended into southeastern American desert with no prefiguring of nationalism. The one line that nature did provide — the Rio Grande — was a river that ran through but did not really divide continuous terrain. ① The borderlands between America and Mexico signify a long history of one sovereignty. ② While nature did not draw lines, human society certainly did. ③ The Mexican-American War made it possible for people to respect the border. ④ The Rio Grande has been thought of as an arbitrary geographical line. 20. <보기> 글을 문맥에 가장 어울리게 순서대로 배열한 것은? <보기> ㉠ The trigger for the aggressive driver is usually traffic congestion coupled with a schedule that is almost impossible to meet. ㉡ Unfortunately, these actions put the rest of us at risk. For example, an aggressive driver who resorts to using a roadway shoulder to pass may startle other drivers and cause them to take an evasive action that results in more risk or even a crash. ㉢ As a result, the aggressive driver generally commits multiple violations in an attempt to make up time. ㉣ Aggressive driving is a traffic offense or combination of offenses such as following too closely, speeding, unsafe lane changes, failing to signal intent to change lanes, and other forms of negligent or inconsiderate driving. ① ㉠-㉢-㉡-㉣ ② ㉠-㉣-㉢-㉡ ③ ㉣-㉠-㉢-㉡ ④ ㉣-㉡-㉢-㉠
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  • 2017 지방직 9급 영어 문제 해설 (하반기) = 사복직 9급 영어 [15]
    스터디 영어-A.pdf 영어-C.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이서윤.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김민수.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 오동훈.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 곽지영.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 공수코.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 최호철.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 장종재.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김세현.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 영 어 A 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 1. ~문 3.] 문 1. During both World Wars, government subsidies and demands for new airplanes vastly improved techniques for their design and construction. ① financial support ② long-term planning ③ technical assistance ④ non-restrictive policy 문 2. Tuesday night's season premiere of the TV show seemed to be trying to strike a balance between the show's convoluted mythology and its more human, character-driven dimension. ① ancient ② unrelated ③ complicated ④ otherworldly 문 3. By the time we wound up the conversation, I knew that I would not be going to Geneva. ① initiated ② resumed ③ terminated ④ interrupted 문 4. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? A police sergeant with 15 years of experience was dismayed after being ___________ for promotion in favor of a young officer. ① run over ② asked out ③ carried out ④ passed over 문 5. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳은 것은? Last week I was sick with the flu. When my father ① heard me sneezing and coughing, he opened my bedroom door to ask me ②that I needed anything. I was really happy to see his kind and caring face, but there wasn't ③ anything he could do it to ④ make the flu to go away. 문 6. 어법상 옳은 것은? ① A week's holiday has been promised to all the office workers. ② She destined to live a life of serving others. ③ A small town seems to be preferable than a big city for raising children. ④ Top software companies are finding increasingly challenging to stay ahead. ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 7. ~문 8.] 문 7. A : How do you like your new neighborhood? B : It's great for the most part. I love the clean air and the green environment. A : Sounds like a lovely place to live. B : Yes, but it's not without its drawbacks. A : Like what? B : For one, it doesn't have many different stores. For example, there's only one supermarket, so food is very expensive. A : _______________________________________ B : You're telling me. But thank goodness. The city is building a new shopping center now. Next year, we'll have more options. ① How many supermarkets are there? ② Are there a lot of places to shop there? ③ It looks like you have a problem. ④ I want to move to your neighborhood. 문 8. A : So, Mr. Wong, how long have you been living in New York City? B : I've been living here for about seven years. A : Can you tell me about your work experience? B : I've been working at a pizzeria for the last three years. A : What do you do there? B : I seat the customers and wait on them. A : How do you like your job? B : It's fine. Everyone's really nice. A : __________________________________________________ B : It's just that I want to work in a more formal environment. A : Okay. Is there anything else you would like to add? B : I am really good with people. And I can also speak Italian and Chinese. A : I see. Thank you very much. I'll be in touch shortly. B : I hope to hear from you soon. ① So, what is the environment like there? ② Then, why are you applying for this job? ③ But are there any foreign languages you are good at? ④ And what qualities do you think are needed to work here? 문 9. 우리말을 영어로 옳게 옮긴 것은? ① 내가 열쇠를 잃어버리지 않았더라면 모든 것이 괜찮았을텐데. → Everything would have been OK if I haven't lost my keys. ② 그 영화가 너무 지루해서 나는 삼십 분 후에 잠이 들었어. → The movie was so bored that I fell asleep after half an hour. ③ 내가 산책에 같이 갈 수 있는지 네게 알려줄게. → I will let you know if I can accompany with you on your walk. ④ 내 컴퓨터가 작동을 멈췄을 때, 나는 그것을 고치기 위해 컴퓨터 가게로 가져 갔어. → When my computer stopped working, I took it to the computer store to get it fixed. 영 어 A 책형 2 쪽 문 10. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은? ① 예산은 처음 기대했던 것보다 약 25 퍼센트 더 높다. → The budget is about 25 % higher than originally expecting. ② 시스템 업그레이드를 위해 해야 될 많은 일이 있다. → There is a lot of work to be done for the system upgrade. ③ 그 프로젝트를 완성하는데 최소 한 달, 어쩌면 더 긴 시간이 걸릴 것이다. → It will take at least a month, maybe longer to complete the project. ④ 월급을 두 배 받는 그 부서장이 책임을 져야 한다. → The head of the department, who receives twice the salary, has to take responsibility. 문 11. 밑줄 친 (A), (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The decline in the number of domestic adoptions in developed countries is mainly the result of a falling supply of domestically adoptable children. In those countries, the widespread availability of safe and reliable contraception combined with the pervasive postponement of childbearing as well as with legal access to abortion in most of them has resulted in a sharp reduction of unwanted births and, consequently, in a reduction of the number of adoptable children. (A) , single motherhood is no longer stigmatized as it once was and single mothers can count on State support to help them keep and raise their children. (B) , there are not enough adoptable children in developed countries for the residents of those countries wishing to adopt, and prospective adoptive parents have increasingly resorted to adopting children abroad. (A) (B) ① However Consequently ② However In summary ③ Furthermore Nonetheless ④ Furthermore As a consequence 문 12. 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 것은? A story that is on the cutting edge of modern science began in an isolated part of northern Sweden in the 19th century. ① This area of the country had unpredictable harvests through the first half of the century. In years that the harvest failed, the population went hungry. However, the good years were very good. ② The same people who went hungry during bad harvests overate significantly during the good years. A Swedish scientist wondered about the long-term effects of these eating patterns. He studied the harvest and health records of the area. He was astonished by what he found. ③ Boys who overate during the good years produced children and grandchildren who died about six years earlier than the children and grandchildren of those who had very little to eat. Other scientists found the same result for girls. ④Both boys and girls benefited greatly from the harvests of the good years. The scientists were forced to conclude that just one reason of overeating could have a negative impact that continued for generations. ※ 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것을 고르시오. [문 13. ~ 문 14.] 문 13. There is a basic principle that distinguishes a hot medium like radio from a cool one like the telephone, or a hot medium like the movie from a cool one like TV. A hot medium is one that extends one single sense in "high definition." High definition is the state of being well filled with data. A photograph is visually "high definition." A cartoon is "low definition," simply because very little visual information is provided. Telephone is a cool medium, or one of low definition, because the ear is given a meager amount of information. And speech is a cool medium of low definition, because so little is given and so much has to be filled in by the listener. On the other hand, hot media do not leave so much to be filled in or completed by the audience. ① Media can be classified into hot and cool. ② A hot medium is full of data. ③ Telephone is considered high definition. ④ Cool media leave much to be filled in by the audience. 문 14. December usually marks the start of humpback whale season in Hawaii, but experts say the animals have been slow to return this year. The giant whales are an iconic part of winter on the islands and a source of income for tour operators. But officials at the Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary said they've been getting reports that the whales have been difficult to spot so far. "One theory was that something like this happened as whales increased. It's a product of their success. With more animals, they're competing against each other for food resources, and it takes an energy of reserve to make the long trip back," said Ed Lyman, a Maui-based resource protection manager and response coordinator for the sanctuary. He was surprised by how few of the animals he saw while responding to a call about a distressed calf on Christmas Eve, saying "We've just seen a handful of whales." It will be a while before officials have hard numbers because the annual whale counts don't take place until the last Saturday of January, February and March, according to former sanctuary co-manager Jeff Walters. ① Humpback whale season in Hawaii normally begins at the end of the year. ② Humpback whales are profitable for tour operators in Hawaii. ③ The drop in the number of humpback whales spotted in Hawaii may be due to their success. ④ The number of humpback whales that have returned to Hawaii this whale season has been officially calculated. 영 어 A 책형 3 쪽 문 15. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 곳은? However, should understanding not occur, you will find yourself soon becoming drowsy. Dictionaries are your most reliable resources for the study of words. Yet the habit of using them needs to be cultivated. Of course, it can feel like an annoying interruption to stop your reading and look up a word. You might tell yourself that if you keep going, you would eventually understand it from the context. ( ① ) Indeed, reading study guides often advise just that. ( ② ) Often it's not the need for sleep that is occurring but a gradual loss of consciousness. ( ③ ) The knack here is to recognize the early signs of word confusion before drowsiness takes over when it is easier to exert sufficient willpower to grab a dictionary for word study. ( ④ ) Although this special effort is needed, once the meaning is clarified, the perceptible sense of relief makes the effort worthwhile. 문 16. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? It is easy to look at the diverse things people produce and to describe their differences. Obviously a poem is not a mathematical formula, and a novel is not an experiment in genetics. Composers clearly use a different language from that of visual artists, and chemists combine very different things than do playwrights. To characterize people by the different things they make, however, is to miss the universality of how they create. For at the level of the creative process, scientists, artists, mathematicians, composers, writers, and sculptors use a common set of what we call "tools for thinking," including emotional feelings, visual images, bodily sensations, reproducible patterns, and analogies. And all imaginative thinkers learn to translate ideas generated by these subjective thinking tools into public languages to express their insights, which can then give rise to new ideas in others' minds. ① obstacles to imaginative thinking ② the difference between art and science ③ the commonality of the creative process ④ distinctive features of various professions ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 17. ~문 19.] 문 17. There are few simple answers in science. Even seemingly straightforward questions, when probed by people in search of proof, lead to more questions. Those questions lead to nuances, layers of complexity and, more often than we might expect, ______________________________________. In the 1990s, researchers asking "How do we fight oxygen-hungry cancer cells?" offered an obvious solution: Starve them of oxygen by cutting off their blood supply. But as Laura Beil describes in "Deflating Cancer," oxygen deprivation actually drives cancer to grow and spread. Scientists have responded by seeking new strategies: Block the formation of collagen highways, for instance, or even, as Beil writes, give the cells "more blood, not less." ① plans that end up unrealized ② conclusions that contradict initial intuition ③ great inventions that start from careful observations ④ misunderstandings that go against scientific progress 문 18. Before the lecture began, the speaker of the day distributed photocopies of his paper to each of the audience, and I got one and leafed through it and grasped the main idea of the text. Waiting for him to begin, I prayed in silence that this speaker would not read but speak instead directly to the audience with his own words about what he knew on the subject. But to my great disappointment, he __________________________________________________. Soon I found I was mechanically following the printed words on the paper in my hand. ① was afraid of making his lecture too formal ② elaborated on his theories without looking at his paper ③ began to read his lengthy and well-prepared paper faithfully ④ made use of lots of humorous gestures to attract the audience 문 19. In a famous essay on Tolstoy, the liberal philosopher Sir Isaiah Berlin distinguished between two kinds of thinkers by harking back to an ancient saying attributed to the Greek lyric poet Archilochus (seventh century BC): "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." Hedgehogs have one central idea and see the world exclusively through the prism of that idea. They overlook complications and exceptions, or mold them to fit into their world view. There is one true answer that fits at all times and all circumstances. Foxes, for whom Berlin had greater sympathy, have a variegated take on the world, which prevents them from ________________________________. They are skeptical of grand theories as they feel the world's complexity prevents generalizations. Berlin thought Dante was a hedgehog while Shakespeare was a fox. ① behaving rationally ② finding multiple solutions ③ articulating one big slogan ④ grasping the complications of the world 문 20. 다음 글에서 Locke의 주장으로 가장 적절한 것은? In Locke's defense of private property, the significant point is what happens when we mix our labor with God's land. We add value to the land by working it; we make fertile what once lay fallow. In this sense, it is our labor that is the source of the value, or the added value, of the land. This value-creating power of my labor makes it right that I own the piece of land which I have made valuable by clearing it, the well I have made full by digging it, the animals I have raised and fattened. With Locke, Homo faber―the man of labor―becomes for the first time in the history of political thought a central rather than peripheral figure. In Locke's world, status and honor still flowed to the aristocrats, who were entitled to vast landholdings but were letting history pass them by precisely because new economic realities were in the process of shifting wealth to a bourgeoisie that actually created value by work. In time, Locke's elevation of the significance of labor was bound to appeal to the rising bourgeoisie. ① Ownership of property comes from labor. ② Labor is the most important ideal to aristocratic society. ③ The accumulation of private property is a source of happiness. ④ A smooth transition to bourgeois society is essential for social progress.
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  • 2017 국가직 9급 영어 문제 해설 (=사복직 9급 영어) [11]
    스터디 영어-A.pdf 영어-C.pdf 영어-나.pdf 영어-마.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김범재.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김성익.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김세현.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김신주.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 강수정.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김종주.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김한상.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김형구.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 윤정호.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이리라.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이영규.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이영신.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 잇올.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 장서영.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 정수현.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 정일현.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 조태정.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 최호철.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2017 국가직 9급 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf 영 어 A 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 1 ~ 문 2] 문 1. I absolutely detested the idea of staying up late at night. ① defended ② abhorred ③ confirmed ④ abandoned 문 2. I had an uncanny feeling that I had seen this scene somewhere before. ① odd ② ongoing ③ obvious ④ offensive ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 3~문 4] 문 3. A : May I help you? B : I bought this dress two days ago, but it's a bit big for me. A : ______________________________________________ B : Then I'd like to get a refund. A : May I see your receipt, please? B : Here you are. ① I'm sorry, but there's no smaller size. ② I feel like it fits you perfectly, though. ③ That dress sells really well in our store. ④ I'm sorry, but this purchase can't be refunded. 문 4. A : Every time I use this home blood pressure monitor, I get a different reading. I think I'm doing it wrong. Can you show me how to use it correctly? B : Yes, of course. First, you have to put the strap around your arm. A : Like this? Am I doing this correctly? B : That looks a little too tight. A : Oh, how about now? B : Now it looks a bit too loose. If it's too tight or too loose, you'll get an incorrect reading. A : __________________________________ B : Press the button now. You shouldn't move or speak. A : I get it. B : You should see your blood pressure on the screen in a few moments. ① I didn't see anything today. ② Oh, okay. What do I do next? ③ Right, I need to read the book. ④ Should I check out their website? 문 5. 어법상 옳은 것은? ① They didn't believe his story, and neither did I. ② The sport in that I am most interested is soccer. ③ Jamie learned from the book that World War I had broken out in 1914. ④ Two factors have made scientists difficult to determine the number of species on Earth. 문 6. 어법상 옳지 않은 것은? ① A few words caught in passing set me thinking. ② Hardly did she enter the house when someone turned on the light. ③ We drove on to the hotel, from whose balcony we could look down at the town. ④ The homeless usually have great difficulty getting a job, so they are losing their hope. ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 7~문 9] 문 7. Why might people hovering near the poverty line be more likely to help their fellow humans? Part of it, Keltner thinks, is that poor people must often band together to make it through tough times ― a process that probably makes them more socially astute. He says, "When you face uncertainty, it makes you orient to other people. You build up these strong social networks." When a poor young mother has a new baby, for instance, she may need help securing food, supplies, and childcare, and if she has healthy social times, members of her community will pitch in. But limited income is hardly a prerequisite for developing this kind of empathy and social responsiveness. Regardless of the size of our bank accounts, suffering becomes a conduit to altruism or heroism when our own pain compels us to be ____________________ other people's needs and to intervene when we see someone in the clutches of the kind of suffering we know so well. ① less involved in ② less preoccupied with ③ more attentive to ④ more indifferent to 문 8. The Soleil department store outlet in Shanghai would seem to have all the amenities necessary to succeed in modern Chinese retail: luxury brands and an exclusive location. Despite these advantages, however, the store's management thought it was still missing something to attract customers. So next week they're unveiling a gigantic, twisting, dragon-shaped slide that shoppers can use to drop from fifth-floor luxury boutiques to first-floor luxury boutiques in death-defying seconds. Social media users are wondering, half-jokingly, whether the slide will kill anyone. But Soleil has a different concern that Chinese shopping malls will go away completely. Chinese shoppers, once seemingly in endless supply, are no longer turning up at brick-and-mortar outlets because of the growing online shopping, and they still go abroad to buy luxury goods. So, repurposing these massive spaces for consumers who have other ways to spend their time and money is likely to require a lot of creativity. ___________________________________________. ① Luxury brands are thriving at Soleil ② Soleil has decided against making bold moves ③ Increasing the online customer base may be the last hope ④ A five-story dragon slide may not be a bad place to start 영 어 A 책형 2 쪽 문 9. It is easy to devise numerous possible scenarios of future developments, each one, on the face of it, equally likely. The difficult task is to know which will actually take place. In hindsight, it usually seems obvious. When we look back in time, each event seems clearly and logically to follow from previous events. Before the event occurs, however, the number of possibilities seems endless. There are no methods for successful prediction, especially in areas involving complex social and technological changes, where many of the determining factors are not known and, in any event, are certainly not under any single group's control. Nonetheless, it is essential to _______________________________________________. We do know that new technologies will bring both dividends and problems, especially human, social problems. The more we try to anticipate these problems, the better we can control them. ① work out reasonable scenarios for the future ② legitimize possible dividends from future changes ③ leave out various aspects of technological problems ④ consider what it would be like to focus on the present 문 10. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? Taste buds got their name from the nineteenth-century German scientists Georg Meissner and Rudolf Wagner, who discovered mounds made up of taste cells that overlap like petals. Taste buds wear out every week to ten days, and we replace them, although not as frequently over the age of forty-five: our palates really do become jaded as we get older. It takes a more intense taste to produce the same level of sensation, and children have the keenest sense of taste. A baby's mouth has many more taste buds than an adult's, with some even dotting the cheeks. Children adore sweets partly because the tips of their tongues, more sensitive to sugar, haven't yet been blunted by trying to eat hot soup before it cools. ① Taste buds were invented in the nineteenth century. ② Replacement of taste buds does not slow down with age. ③ Children have more sensitive palates than adults. ④ The sense of taste declines by eating cold soup. 문 11. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? At this company, we will not put up with such behavior. ① modify ② record ③ tolerate ④ evaluate 문 12. 밑줄 친 부분 중 의미상 옳지 않은 것은? ① I'm going to take over his former position. ② I can't take on any more work at the moment. ③ The plane couldn't take off because of the heavy fog. ④ I can't go out because I have to take after my baby sister. 문 13. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Drama is doing. Drama is being. Drama is such a normal thing. It is something that we all engage in every day when faced with difficult situations. You get up in the morning with a bad headache or an attack of depression, yet you face the day and cope with other people, pretending that nothing is wrong. You have an important meeting or an interview coming up, so you talk through the issues with yourself beforehand and decide how to present a confident, cheerful face, what to wear, what to do with your hands, and so on. You've spilt coffee over a colleague's papers, and immediately you prepare an elaborate excuse. Your partner has just run off with your best friend, yet you cannot avoid going in to teach a class of inquisitive students. Getting on with our day-to-day lives requires a series of civilized masks if we are to maintain our dignity and live in harmony with others. ① Dysfunctions of Drama ② Drama in Our Daily Lives ③ Drama as a Theatrical Art ④ Dramatic Changes in Emotions 문 14. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? How on earth will it help the poor if governments try to strangle globalization by stemming the flow of trade, information, and capital ― the three components of the global economy? That disparities between rich and poor are still too great is undeniable. But it is just not true that economic growth benefits only the rich and leaves out the poor, as the opponents of globalization and the market economy would have us believe. A recent World Bank study entitled "Growth Is Good for the Poor" reveals a one-for-one relationship between income of the bottom fifth of the population and per capita GDP. In other words, incomes of all sectors grow proportionately at the same rate. The study notes that openness to foreign trade benefits the poor to the same extent that it benefits the whole economy. ① Globalization deepens conflicts between rich and poor. ② The global economy grows at the expense of the poor. ③ Globalization can be beneficial regardless of one's economic status. ④ Governments must control the flow of trade to revive the economy. ※ 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것을 고르시오. [문 15 ~ 문 16] 문 15. ① 이 편지를 받는 대로 곧 본사로 와 주십시오. → Please come to the headquarters as soon as you receive this letter. ② 나는 소년 시절에 독서하는 버릇을 길러 놓았어야만 했다. → I ought to have formed a habit of reading in my boyhood. ③ 그는 10년 동안 외국에 있었기 때문에 영어를 매우 유창하게 말할 수 있다. → Having been abroad for ten years, he can speak English very fluently. ④ 내가 그때 그 계획을 포기했었다면 이렇게 훌륭한 성과를 얻지 못했을 것이다. → Had I given up the project at that time, I should have achieved such a splendid result. 영 어 A 책형 3 쪽 문 16. ① 그 회의 후에야 그는 금융 위기의 심각성을 알아차렸다. → Only after the meeting did he recognize the seriousness of the financial crisis. ② 장관은 교통문제를 해결하기 위해 강 위에 다리를 건설해야 한다고 주장했다. → The minister insisted that a bridge be constructed over the river to solve the traffic problem. ③ 비록 그 일이 어려운 것이었지만, Linda는 그것을 끝내기 위해 최선을 다했다. → As difficult a task as it was, Linda did her best to complete it. ④ 그는 문자 메시지에 너무 정신이 팔려서 제한속도보다 빠르게 달리고 있다는 것을 몰랐다. → He was so distracted by a text message to know that he was going over the speed limit. 문 17. 빈칸 (A), (B)에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The amount of information gathered by the eyes as contrasted with the ears has not been precisely calculated. Such a calculation not only involves a translation process, but scientists have been handicapped by lack of knowledge of what to count. A general notion, however, of the relative complexities of the two systems can be obtained by (A) the size of the nerves connecting the eyes and the ears to the centers of the brain. Since the optic nerve contains roughly eighteen times as many neurons as the cochlear nerve, we assume it transmits at least that much more information. Actually, in normally alert subjects, it is probable that the eyes may be as much as a thousand times as effective as the ears in (B) information. *cochlear : 달팽이관의 (A) (B) ① adding clearing up ② adding disseminating ③ comparing reducing ④ comparing sweeping up 문 18. 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 문장은? Children's book awards have proliferated in recent years; today, there are well over 100 different awards and prizes by a variety of organizations. ① The awards may be given for books of a specific genre or simply for the best of all children's books published within a given time period. An award may honor a particular book or an author for a lifetime contribution to the world of children's literature. ② Most children's book awards are chosen by adults, but now a growing number of children's choice book awards exist. The larger national awards given in most countries are the most influential and have helped considerably to raise public awareness about the fine books being published for young readers. ③ An award ceremony for outstanding services to the publishing industry is put on hold. ④Of course, readers are wise not to put too much faith in award-winning books. An award doesn't necessarily mean a good reading experience, but it does provide a starting place when choosing books. 문 19. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 곳은? This inequality is corrected by their getting in their turn better portions from kills by other people. Let us examine a situation of simple distribution such as occurs when an animal is killed in a hunt. One might expect to find the animal portioned out according to the amount of work done by each hunter to obtain it. ( ① ) To some extent this principle is followed, but other people have their rights as well. ( ② ) Each person in the camp gets a share depending upon his or her relation to the hunters. ( ③ ) When a kangaroo is killed, for example, the hunters have to give its main parts to their kinfolk and the worst parts may even be kept by the hunters themselves. ( ④ ) The net result in the long run is substantially the same to each person, but through this system the principles of kinship obligation and the morality of sharing food have been emphasized. 문 20. 주어진 글 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? The most innovative of the group therapy approaches was psychodrama, the brainchild of Jacob L. Moreno. Psychodrama as a form of group therapy started with premises that were quite alien to the Freudian worldview that mental illness essentially occurs within the psyche or mind. (A) But he also believed that creativity is rarely a solitary process but something brought out by social interactions. He relied heavily on theatrical techniques, including role-playing and improvisation, as a means to promote creativity and general social trust. (B) Despite his theoretical difference from the mainstream viewpoint, Moreno's influence in shaping psychological consciousness in the twentieth century was considerable. He believed that the nature of human beings is to be creative and that living a creative life is the key to human health and well-being. (C) His most important theatrical tool was what he called role reversal ― asking participants to take on another's persona. The act of pretending "as if" one were in another's skin was designed to help bring out the empathic impulse and to develop it to higher levels of expression. ① (A) - (C) - (B) ② (B) - (A) - (C) ③ (B) - (C) - (A) ④ (C) - (B) - (A)
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    영어_9급_A형.pdf 영어_9급_B형.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 김세현.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 김한상.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 김형구.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 박세진.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 이영규.pdf 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 정진영.hwp 2017 서울시 사복직 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf Ⓐ - 3 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? (1~2) 1. As a salesman, you should remember that your cardinal rule is to do everything you can to satisfy a customer. ① definitive ② gigantic ③ potential ④ principal 2. The audio of the surreptitious recording clearly indicates that the participants did not want to be recorded. ① clandestine ② statutory ③ forthright ④ seraphic 3. 다음 대화 중 어색한 것은? ① A : Why doesn t this device function properly? B : You ought to plug in first. ② A : How long does it take from my house to his office? B : Hopefully, by the end of the week. ③ A : Do you know where I can rent a wheelchair? B : Try around at the back gate. ④ A : You re going to be present at the staff training session this weekend, aren t you? B : It s mandatory, isn t it? 4. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것은? Allium vegetables ― edible bulbs ① including onions, garlic, and leeks ― appear in nearly every cuisine around the globe. ② They are fundamental in classic cooking bases, such as French mirepoix (diced onions, celery, and carrots), Latin American sofrito (onions, garlic, and tomatoes), and Cajun holy trinity (onions, bell peppers and celery). ③ While we sometimes take these standbys for granted, the flavor of allium vegetables can not be replicated. And neither their health benefits ④ can, which include protection from heart diseases and cancer. 5. 다음 중 문법적으로 올바른 문장은? ① Both adolescents and adults should be cognizant to the risks of second-hand smoking. ② His address at the luncheon meeting was such great that the entire audience appeared to support him. ③ Appropriate experience and academic background are required of qualified applicants for the position. ④ The major threat to plants, animals, and people is the extremely toxic chemicals releasing into the air and water. 6. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 속담으로 가장 적절한 것은? It s often said that . Actually this proverb is, for the most part, not true. For much of the history of modern neuroscience, the adult brain was believed to be a fixed structure that, once damaged, could not be repaired. But research published since the 1960s has challenged this assumption, showing that it is actually a highly dynamic structure, which changes itself in response to new experiences, and adapts to injuries ― a phenomenon referred to as neuroplasticity. ① a stitch in time saves nine ② birds of a feather flock together ③ you can t teach an old dog new tricks ④ two heads are better than one ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? (7~8) 7. Research shows you ll eat less food and take in fewer calories if you eat slowly, so yourself at holiday meals. ① hide ② express ③ pace ④ betray 8. The government is currently trying to find an alternative to garbage disposal to environmental pollution. ① slope off ② head off ③ set off ④ run off with 9. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? On a bright spring morning 50 years ago, two young astronomers at Bell Laboratories were tuning a 20-foot, horn-shaped antenna pointed toward the sky over New Jersey. Their goal was to measure the Milky Way galaxy, home to planet Earth. To their puzzlement, Robert W. Wilson and Arno A. Penzias heard the insistent hiss of radio signals coming from every direction ― and from beyond the Milky Way. It was cosmic microwave background radiation, a residue of the primordial explosion of energy and matter that suddenly gave rise to the universe some 13.8 billion years ago. The scientists had found evidence that would confirm the Big Bang Theory, first proposed by Georges Lemaître in 1931. ① The light helps rule the Big Bang Theory out. ② The mysterious signal means a steady state of the universe. ③ The universe was in a steady state without a singular beginning. ④ The radiation is a residual effect of the explosion which Lemaître theorized. 10. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? If we can t directly intuit what s in our minds, then our only option is to approach the investigation of internal things (like knowledge and mental states) as we would approach the investigation of external things (like birds and planets). That is, we must formulate explicit theories in order to reach a satisfactory explanation of the facts. Since we can t look directly at what s inside the minds, our job will be to figure out what s inside on the basis of what we can observe from the outside. ① A talking analogy ② A black box problem ③ Dividing up the problem area ④ Comparisons with human language 11. 글의 흐름상 가장 적절하지 못한 문장은? The green revolution was the result of a sequence of scientific breakthroughs and development activities that successfully fought hunger by increasing food production. Basic ingredients of the green revolution were new seeds, use of chemicals and proper irrigation system. ① The green revolution resulted in an increase in production and changed the thinking of farmers. ② It improved resistance of crops to diseases and created massive job opportunities within the industrial and agricultural sectors. ③ Therefore, the environmental cost of chemical fertilizers and heavy irrigation has caused considerable controversy. ④ Self-sufficiency in food grains also affected the planning processes and gave a boost to the national self-confidence of then emerging democracies. 12. 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? When I heard the poem, some of the lines rang a bell. ① sounded familiar ② became music ③ seemed weird ④ were interesting Ⓐ - 4 13. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? On June 23, 2016, a historic referendum took place in the United Kingdom (UK). The referendum question was: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? The possibility of Britain leaving the EU became known as Brexit. Over 30 million people voted in the referendum. The turnout was higher than Britain s last general election. Eligible voters were British, Irish, and Commonwealth citizens (18 and over) living in the UK. On June 23, 52% of voters chose Leave the European Union. This shocked the world. Within hours, the value of the British pound (£) had fallen to a historic low and Prime Minister Cameron had stepped down. In the weeks following the referendum, millions of people signed a petition asking for a second referendum. The new prime minister, Theresa May, told citizens that Brexit is Brexit. Negotiating the exit will take approximately two years. The status and rights of British nationals living in the EU and of EU nationals living in the UK are a primary concern. ① Britain joining the EU is called Brexit. ② All people in Britain participated in the vote. ③ 52% of voters wanted the UK to leave the EU. ④ The value of the Euro had risen after the vote. 14. 우리말을 영어로 가장 잘 옮긴 것은? ① 나는 이 집으로 이사 온 지 3년이 되었다. → It was three years since I moved to this house. ② 우리는 해가 지기 전에 그 도시에 도착해야 한다. → We must arrive in the city before the sun will set. ③ 나는 그녀가 오늘 밤까지 그 일을 끝마칠지 궁금하다. → I wonder if she finishes the work by tonight. ④ 그는 실수하기는 했지만, 좋은 선생님으로 존경받을 수 있었다. → Although making a mistake, he could be respected as a good teacher. ※ 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? (15~16) 15. Speaking of names, it s important to check how they are spelled ― nobody wants to see their names misspelled. In English, there is often a mix of ways of spelling names that are pronounced the same way: McIntosh or Mackintosh, Stevenson or Stephenson, Davis or Davies, Frances (female) or Francis (male). ① bewildering ② suasive ③ clever ④ foreign 16. In Book VII of The Republic, Plato paints a picture of ordinary people imprisoned in a shadowcave, unaware of the true reality hidden from them. When a prisoner is released from the cave, he initially suffers from the sun s blinding brightness, yet as his eyes adjust he begins to see the truth. If he were to return underground to enlighten his former fellow prisoners, they would not believe him, . Platos allegory is a powerful metaphor for contemplating a divide between ignorance and enlightenment ―between the visible world and the intelligible realm. ① for they could be inspired by real things outside the cave ② for they couldn t imagine a world beyond the shadows dominating their existence ③ for they could drag themselves out into the light of the sun ④ for they couldn t turn away from the things which he was able to look at outside the cave 17. 다음 글을 읽고 유추할 수 있는 것은? It was November: rain fell coldly and drearily. He buttoned himself in his long raincoat and went to meet her. She had promised to wear a red carnation; the suggestion was her own, and tickled him hugely. As the pink-faced suburbanites poured, in an icy stream, into the hot waiting-room, he looked for her. Presently he saw her: she came toward him immediately, since his height was unmistakable. They talked excitedly flustered, but gradually getting some preliminary sense of each other. ① The man and woman are meeting for the first time. ② The man lived in a suburban neighborhood. ③ The man was tall and ticklish. ④ The man suggested the woman wear a flower. 18. 다음 글에서 [ ]로 표시된 부분에 들어갈 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? Climate change has narrowed the range where bumblebees are found in North America and Europe in recent decades, according to a recent study, published in the journal Science. [ ] Bumblebee species across Europe and North America are declining at continental scales, Jeremy T. Kerr, a conservation biologist at the University of Ottawa in Canada who was the lead author of the report, said at a news conference. And our data suggest that climate change plays a leading, or perhaps the leading, role in this trend. (A) Logic would suggest that the northern reaches of their home turf* would shift to higher latitudes by a corresponding distance. (B) The paper suggests that warming temperatures have caused bumblebee populations to retreat from the southern limits of their travels by as much as 190 miles since the 1970s. (C) But that has not happened, leading researchers to think that the more northern habitats may be less hospitable to them. * turf : short, thick, even grass ① (A) - (B) - (C) ② (B) - (A) - (C) ③ (A) - (C) - (B) ④ (B) - (C) - (A) 19. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절하게 짝지어진 것은? The financial rewards of owning your own business may not happen (A) you put in years of hard work. The desire to make money may not be enough to (B) you going through the difficult early period. (A) (B) (A) (B) ① until refute ② when drive ③ before reproach ④ until keep 20. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은? ① 우리는 그에게 이 일을 하도록 요청했다. → We asked him about this job. ② 그들은 TV 빼고는 모두 훔쳤다. → They stole everything but the television. ③ 식사할 때 물 마시는 게 좋니? → Is drinking water while eating good for you? ④ 그렇긴 하지만, 그것은 여전히 종교적 축제이다. → That said, it is still a religious festival.
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  • 2017 서울시 9급 영어 문제 해설 [8]
    스터디 영어_9급_A형.pdf 영어_9급_B형.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김범재.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김성익.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김세현.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김영국.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김한상.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 성기건.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 오동훈.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이영규.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 정수현.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 정진영.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 조태정.pdf 2017 서울시 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf Ⓐ - 3 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? (1~2) 1. Leadership and strength are inextricably bound together. We look to strong people as leaders because they can protect us from threats to our group. ① inseparably ② inanimately ③ ineffectively ④ inconsiderately 2. Prudence indeed will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes. ① transparent ② momentary ③ memorable ④ significant ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? (3~4) 3. The idea that justice ① in allocating access to a university has something to do with ② the goods that ③ universities properly pursue ④ explain why selling admission is unjust. 4. Strange as ① it may seem, ② the Sahara was once an expanse of grassland ③ supported the kind of animal life ④ associated with the African plains. 5. 대화의 흐름으로 보아 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? A : Do you think we can get a loan? B : Well, it depends. Do you own any other property? Any stocks or bonds? A : No. B : I see. Then you don t have any . Perhaps you could get a guarantor ― someone to sign for the loan for you. ① investigation ② animals ③ collateral ④ inspiration 6. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? In 1782, J. Hector St. John De Crèvecoeur, a French immigrant who had settled in New York before returning to Europe during the Revolutionary War, published a series of essays about life in the British colonies in North America, Letters from an American Farmer. The book was an immediate success in England, France, and the United States. In one of its most famous passages, Crèvecoeur describes the process by which people from different backgrounds and countries were transformed by their experiences in the colonies and asks, What then is the American? In America, Crèvecoeur suggests, individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men, whose labors and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world. Crèvecoeur was among the first to develop the popular idea of America as that would come to be called melting pot. ① Crèvecoeur s book became an immediate success in England. ② Crèvecoeur developed the idea of melting pot in his book. ③ Crèvecoeur described and discussed American individualism. ④ Crèvecoeur explained where Americans came from in his book. ※ 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 단어는? (7~8) 7. Again and again we light on words used once in a good, but now in an unfavorable sense. Until the late Eighteenth century this word was used to mean serviceable, friendly, very courteous and obliging. But a(n) person nowadays means a busy uninvited meddler in matters which do not belong to him/her. ① servile ② officious ③ gregarious ④ obsequious 8. A faint odor of ammonia or vinegar makes one-week-old infants grimace and their heads. ① harness ② avert ③ muffle ④ evoke 9. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? The first coffeehouse in western Europe ① opened not in ② a center of trade or commerce but in the university city of Oxford, ③ in which a Lebanese man ④ naming Jacob set up shop in 1650. 10. 다음 문장 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? ① John promised Mary that he would clean his room. ② John told Mary that he would leave early. ③ John believed Mary that she would be happy. ④ John reminded Mary that she should get there early. 11. 대화의 흐름으로 보아 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? A : Why don t you let me treat you to lunch today, Mr. Kim? B: . ① No, I m not. That would be a good time for me ② Good. I ll put it on my calendar so I don t forget ③ OK. I ll check with you on Monday ④ Wish I could but I have another commitment today 12. 글의 흐름으로 보아 빈칸에 들어갈 단어를 순서대로 고른 것은? For centuries, people gazing at the sky after sunset could see thousands of vibrant, sparkling stars. But these days, you ll be lucky if you can view the Big Dipper. The culprit: electric beams pouring from homes and street lamps, whose brightness obscures the night sky. In the U.S., so-called light pollution has gotten so bad that by one estimate, 8 out of 10 children born today will never encounter a sky enough for them to see the Milky Way. There is hope, however, in the form of astrotourism, a small but growing industry centered on stargazing in the worlds darkest places. These remote sites, many of them in national parks, offer views for little more than the cost of a campsite. And the people who run them often work to reduce light pollution in surrounding communities. astrotourism may not be as luxurious as some vacations, travelers don t seem to mind. ① dark - Although ② bright - Because ③ dark - Since ④ bright - In that Ⓐ - 4 13. 다음 글을 문맥에 맞게 순서대로 배열한 것은? ㉠ Millions of people suffering from watery and stinging eyes, pounding headaches, sinus issues, and itchy throats, sought refuge from the debilitating air by scouring stores for air filters and face masks. ㉡ The outrage among Chinese residents and the global media scrutiny impelled the government to address the country s air pollution problem. ㉢ Schools and businesses were closed, and the Beijing city government warned people to stay inside their homes, keep their air purifiers running, reduce indoor activities, and remain as inactive as possible. ㉣ In 2013, a state of emergency in Beijing resulting from the dangerously high levels of pollution led to chaos in the transportation system, forcing airlines to cancel flights due to low visibility. ① ㉡-㉠-㉣-㉢ ② ㉡-㉢-㉣-㉠ ③ ㉣-㉡-㉢-㉠ ④ ㉣-㉢-㉠-㉡ ※ 글의 흐름으로 보아 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? (14~16) 14. Both novels and romances are works of imaginative fiction with multiple characters, but that s where the similarities end. Novels are realistic; romances aren t. In the 19th century, a romance was a prose narrative that told a fictional story dealt with its subjects and characters in a symbolic, imaginative, and nonrealistic way. , a romance deals with plots and people that are exotic, remote in time or place from the reader, and obviously imaginary. ① Typically ② On the other hand ③ Nonetheless ④ In some cases 15. Definitions are especially to children. There s an oft-cited 1987 study in which fifth graders were given dictionary definitions and asked to write their own sentences using the words defined. The results were discouraging. One child given the word erode wrote Our family erodes a lot, because the definition given was eat out, eat away. ① beneficial ② disrespectful ③ unhelpful ④ forgettable 16. Modern banking has its origins in ancient England. In those days people wanting to safeguard their gold had two choices ― hide it under the mattress or turn it over to someone else for safekeeping. The logical people to turn to for storage were the local goldsmiths, since they had the strongest vaults. The goldsmiths accepted the gold for storage, giving the owner a receipt stating that the gold could be redeemed at a later date. When a payment was due, the owner went to the goldsmith, redeemed part of the gold and gave it to the payee. After all that, the payee was very likely to turn around and give the gold back to the goldsmith for safekeeping. Gradually, instead of taking the time and effort to physically exchange the gold, business people . ① began to exchange the goldsmith s receipts as payment ② saw the potential for profit in this arrangement ③ warned the depositors against redeeming their gold ④ lent the gold to somebody else for a fee 17. 빈칸에 공통으로 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? In some cultures, such as in Korea and Egypt, politeness norms require that when someone is offered something to eat or drink, it must be refused the first time around. However, such a refusal is often viewed as a rejection of someone s hospitality and thoughtlessness in other cultures, particularly when no is made for the refusal. Americans and Canadians, for instance, expect refusals to be accompanied by a reasonable . ① role ② excuse ③ choice ④ situation 18. 다음 주어진 문장이 들어갈 가장 적절한 곳은? Instead, these employees spoke first of the sincerity of the relationships at work, that their work culture felt like an extension of home, and that their colleagues were supportive. ( ① ) There is a clear link between job satisfaction and productivity. However, job satisfaction also depends on the service culture of an organization. ( ② ) This culture comprises the things that make a business distinctive and make the people who work there proud to do so. ( ③ ) When employees of the Top 10 Best Companies to Work For were asked by Fortune magazine why they loved working for these companies, it was notable that they didn t mention pay, reward schemes, or advancing to a more senior position. ( ④ ) 19. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? Why Orkney of all places? How did this scatter of islands off the northern tip of Scotland come to be such a technological, cultural, and spiritual powerhouse? For starters, you have to stop thinking of Orkney as remote. For most of history, Orkney was an important maritime hub, a place that was on the way to everywhere. It was also blessed with some of the richest farming soils in Britain and a surprisingly mild climate, thanks to the effects of the Gulf Stream. ① Orkney people had to overcome a lot of social and natural disadvantages. ② The region was one of the centers of rebellion that ultimately led to the annihilation of the civilization there. ③ Orkney did not make the best of its resources because it was too far from the mainland. ④ Orkney owed its prosperity largely to its geographical advantage and natural resources. 20. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Initially, papyrus and parchment were kept as scrolls that could be unrolled either vertically or horizontally, depending on the direction of the script. The horizontal form was more common, and because scrolls could be quite long, a scribe would typically refrain from writing a single line across the entire length, but instead would mark off columns of a reasonable width. That way the reader could unroll one side and roll up the other while reading. Nevertheless, the constant need to re-roll the scroll was a major disadvantage to this format, and it was impossible to jump to various places in the scroll the way we skip to a particular page of a book. Moreover, the reader struggled to make notes while reading since both hands (or weights) were required to keep the scroll open. ① The inconvenience of scrolls ② The evolution of the book ③ The development of writing and reading ④ The ways to overcome disadvantages in scrolls
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  • 2017 지방직 9급 영어 문제 해설 [11]
    스터디 영어-B.pdf 영어-D.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 강수정.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 곽인수.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김송희.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김한상.hwp 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 김형구.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 문민.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 성기건.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 오동훈.hwp 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이영규.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 잇올.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 장서영.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 장종재.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 정수현.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 조태정.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 최호철.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2017 지방직 9급 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf 영 어 B 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 1~문 2] 문 1. A : I just received a letter from one of my old high school buddies. B : That's nice! A : Well, actually it's been a long time since I heard from him. B : To be honest, I've been out of touch with most of my old friends. A : I know. It's really hard to maintain contact when people move around so much. B : You're right. _______________________________________. But you're lucky to be back in touch with your buddy again. ① The days are getting longer ② People just drift apart ③ That's the funniest thing I've ever heard of ④ I start fuming whenever I hear his name 문 2. A : What are you getting Ted for his birthday? I'm getting him a couple of baseball caps. B : I've been _____________________ trying to think of just the right gift. I don't have an inkling of what he needs. A : Why don't you get him an album? He has a lot of photos. B : That sounds perfect! Why didn't I think of that? Thanks for the suggestion! ① contacted by him ② sleeping all day ③ racking my brain ④ collecting photo albums ※ 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 3 ~ 문 5] 문 3. Some of the newest laws authorize people to appoint a surrogate who can make medical decisions for them when necessary. ① proxy ② sentry ③ predecessor ④ plunderer 문 4. A : He thinks he can achieve anything. B : Yes, he needs to keep his feet on the ground. ① live in a world of his own ② relax and enjoy himself ③ be brave and confident ④ remain sensible and realistic about life 문 5. She is on the fence about going to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum. ① anguished ② enthusiastic ③ apprehensive ④ undecided 문 6. 어법상 옳지 않은 것은? ① You might think that just eating a lot of vegetables will keep you perfectly healthy. ② Academic knowledge isn't always that leads you to make right decisions. ③ The fear of getting hurt didn't prevent him from engaging in reckless behaviors. ④ Julie's doctor told her to stop eating so many processed foods. 문 7. 어법상 옳은 것은? ① The oceans contain many forms of life that has not yet been discovered. ② The rings of Saturn are so distant to be seen from Earth without a telescope. ③ The Aswan High Dam has been protected Egypt from the famines of its neighboring countries. ④ Included in this series is “The Enchanted Horse,” among other famous children's stories. 문 8. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? Soils of farmlands used for growing crops are being carried away by water and wind erosion at rates between 10 and 40 times the rates of soil formation, and between 500 and 10,000 times soil erosion rates on forested land. Because those soil erosion rates are so much higher than soil formation rates, that means a net loss of soil. For instance, about half of the top soil of Iowa, the state whose agriculture productivity is among the highest in the U.S., has been eroded in the last 150 years. On my most recent visit to Iowa, my hosts showed me a churchyard offering a dramatically visible example of those soil losses. A church was built there in the middle of farmland during the 19th century and has been maintained continuously as a church ever since, while the land around it was being farmed. As a result of soil being eroded much more rapidly from fields than from the churchyard, the yard now stands like a little island raised 10 feet above the surrounding sea of farmland. ① A churchyard in Iowa is higher than the surrounding farmland. ② Iowa's agricultural productivity has accelerated its soil formation. ③ The rate of soil formation in farmlands is faster than that of soil erosion. ④ Iowa has maintained its top soil in the last 150 years. 영 어 B 책형 2 쪽 문 9. 다음 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 문장은? Whether you've been traveling, focusing on your family, or going through a busy season at work, 14 days out of the gym takes its toll―not just on your muscles, but your performance, brain, and sleep, too. ① Most experts agree that after two weeks, you're in trouble if you don't get back in the gym. “At the two week point without exercising, there are a multitude of physiological markers that naturally reveal a reduction of fitness level,” says Scott Weiss, a New York-based exercise physiologist and trainer who works with elite athletes. ② After all, despite all of its abilities, the human body (even the fit human body) is a very sensitive system and physiological changes (muscle strength or a greater aerobic base) that come about through training will simply disappear if your training load dwindles, he notes. Since the demand of training isn't present, your body simply slinks back toward baseline. ③More protein is required to build more muscles at a rapid pace in your body. ④ Of course, how much and how quickly you'll decondition depends on a slew of factors like how fit you are, your age, and how long sweating has been a habit. “Two to eight months of not exercising at all will reduce your fitness level to as if you never exercised before,” Weiss notes. 문 10. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Before the fifteenth century, all four characteristics of the witch (night flying, secret meetings, harmful magic, and the devil's pact) were ascribed individually or in limited combination by the church to its adversaries, including Templars, heretics, learned magicians, and other dissident groups. Folk beliefs about the supernatural emerged in peasant confessions during witch trials. The most striking difference between popular and learned notions of witchcraft lay in the folk belief that the witch had innate supernatural powers not derived from the devil. For learned men, this bordered on heresy. Supernatural powers were never human in origin, nor could witches derive their craft from the tradition of learned magic, which required a scholarly training at the university, a masculine preserve at the time. A witch's power necessarily came from the pact she made with the devil. ① The folk and learned men had different views on the source of the witch's supernatural powers. ② According to the folk belief, supernatural powers belonged to the essential nature of the witch. ③ Four characteristics of the witch were attributed by the church to its dissident groups. ④ Learned men believed that the witch's power came from a scholarly training at the university. 문 11. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 것은? Fortunately, however, the heavy supper she had eaten caused her to become tired and ready to fall asleep. Various duties awaited me on my arrival. I had to sit with the girls during their hour of study. ( ① ) Then it was my turn to read prayers; to see them to bed. Afterwards I ate with the other teachers. ( ② ) Even when we finally retired for the night, the inevitable Miss Gryce was still my companion. We had only a short end of candle in our candlestick, and I dreaded lest she should talk till it was all burnt out. ( ③ ) She was already snoring before I had finished undressing. There still remained an inch of candle. ( ④ ) I now took out my letter; the seal was an initial F. I broke it; the contents were brief. 문 12. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Fear and its companion pain are two of the most useful things that men and animals possess, if they are properly used. If fire did not hurt when it burnt, children would play with it until their hands were burnt away. Similarly, if pain existed but fear did not, a child would burn himself again and again, because fear would not warn him to keep away from the fire that had burnt him before. A really fearless soldier―and some do exist―is not a good soldier, because he is soon killed; and a dead soldier is of no use to his army. Fear and pain are therefore two guards without which human beings and animals might soon die out. ① Obscurity of Fear and Pain in Soldiers ② Indispensability of Fear and Pain ③ Disapproval of Fear and Pain ④ Children's Association with Fear and Pain ※ 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것을 고르시오. [문 13 ~ 문 14] 문 13. ① 나는 매달 두세 번 그에게 전화하기로 규칙을 세웠다. → I made it a rule to call him two or three times a month. ② 그는 나의 팔을 붙잡고 도움을 요청했다. → He grabbed me by the arm and asked for help. ③ 폭우로 인해 그 강은 120 cm 상승했다. → Owing to the heavy rain, the river has risen by 120 cm. ④ 나는 눈 오는 날 밖에 나가는 것보다 집에 있는 것을 더 좋아한다. → I prefer to staying home than to going out on a snowy day. 문 14. ① 그를 당황하게 한 것은 그녀의 거절이 아니라 그녀의 무례함 이었다. → It was not her refusal but her rudeness that perplexed him. ② 부모는 아이들 앞에서 그들의 말과 행동에 대해 아무리 신중 해도 지나치지 않다. → Parents cannot be too careful about their words and actions before their children. ③ 환자들과 부상자들을 돌보기 위해 더 많은 의사가 필요했다. → More doctors were required to tend sick and wounded. ④ 설상가상으로, 또 다른 태풍이 곧 올 것이라는 보도가 있다. → To make matters worse, there is a report that another typhoon will arrive soon. 영 어 B 책형 3 쪽 ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 15~문 16] 문 15. Our main dish did not have much flavor, but I made it more ______________ by adding condiments. ① palatable ② dissolvable ③ potable ④ susceptible 문 16. London taxi drivers have to undertake years of intense training known as “the knowledge” to gain their operating license, including learning the layout of over twenty-five thousand of the city's streets. A researcher and her team investigated the taxi drivers and the ordinary people. The two groups were asked to watch videos of routes unfamiliar to them through a town in Ireland. They were then asked to take a test about the video that included sketching out routes, identifying landmarks, and estimating distances between places. Both groups did well on much of the test, but the taxi drivers did significantly better on identifying new routes. This result suggests that the taxi drivers' mastery can be _____________ to new and unknown areas. Their years of training and learning through deliberate practice prepare them to take on similar challenges even in places they do not know well or at all. ① confined ② devoted ③ generalized ④ contributed 문 17. 주어진 글 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? I remember the day Lewis discovered the falls. They left their camp at sunrise and a few hours later they came upon a beautiful plain and on the plain were more buffalo than they had ever seen before in one place. (A) A nice thing happened that afternoon, they went fishing below the falls and caught half a dozen trout, good ones, too, from sixteen to twenty-three inches long. (B) After a while the sound was tremendous and they were at the great falls of the Missouri River. It was about noon when they got there. (C) They kept on going until they heard the faraway sound of a waterfall and saw a distant column of spray rising and disappearing. They followed the sound as it got louder and louder. ① (A) - (B) - (C) ② (B) - (C) - (A) ③ (C) - (A) - (B) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) 문 18. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Novelty-induced time expansion is a well-characterized phenomenon which can be investigated under laboratory conditions. Simply asking people to estimate the length of time they are exposed to a train of stimuli shows that novel stimuli simply seem to last longer than repetitive or unremarkable ones. In fact, just being the first stimulus in a moderately repetitive series appears to be sufficient to induce subjective time expansion. Of course, it is easy to think of reasons why our brain has evolved to work like this—presumably novel and exotic stimuli require more thought and consideration than familiar ones, so it makes sense for the brain to allocate them more subjective time. ① Response to stimuli is an important by-product of brain training. ② The intensity of stimuli increases with their repetition. ③ Our physical response to stimuli influences our thoughts. ④ New stimuli give rise to subjective time expansion. ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 19~문 20] 문 19. One of the tricks our mind plays is to highlight evidence which confirms what we already believe. If we hear gossip about a rival, we tend to think “I knew he was a nasty piece of work”; if we hear the same about our best friend, we're more likely to say “that's just a rumour.” Once you learn about this mental habit―called confirmation bias―you start seeing it everywhere. This matters when we want to make better decisions. Confirmation bias is OK as long as we're right, but all too often we're wrong, and we only pay attention to the deciding evidence when it's too late. How ________________________________________________ depends on our awareness of why, psychologically, confirmation bias happens. There are two possible reasons. One is that we have a blind spot in our imagination and the other is we fail to ask questions about new information. ① we make our rivals believe us ② our blind spot helps us make better decisions ③ we can protect our decisions from confirmation bias ④ we develop exactly the same bias 문 20. For many big names in consumer product brands, exporting and producing overseas with local labor and for local tastes have been the right thing to do. In doing so, the companies found a way to improve their cost structure, to grow in the rapidly expanding consumer markets in emerging countries. But, Sweets Co. remains stuck in the domestic market. Even though its products are loaded with preservatives, which means they can endure long travel to distant markets, Sweets Co. ___________________________________, let alone produce overseas. The unwillingness or inability to update its business strategy and products for a changing world is clearly damaging to the company. ① is intent on importing ② does very little exporting ③ has decided to streamline operations ④ is expanding into emerging markets
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  • 2016 국가직 9급 영어 문제 해설 [10]
    영어-2.pdf 영어-4.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김영국.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김정연.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 성기건.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 손재석.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김민수.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김신주.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 김태은.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 박지나.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 서병석.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 손진숙.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 오동훈.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이리라.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이영규.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 장서영.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 장종재.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 2016 국가직 9급 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf 영 어 2 책형 1 쪽 영 어 문 1. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The campaign to eliminate pollution will prove ________ unless it has the understanding and full cooperation of the public. ① enticing ② enhanced ③ fertile ④ futile 문 2. 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것은? Up to now, newspaper articles have only scratched the surface of this tremendously complex issue. ① superficially dealt with ② hit the nail on the head of ③ seized hold of ④ positively followed up on ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 3~문 4] 문 3. A : I'd like to get a refund for this tablecloth I bought here yesterday. B : Is there a problem with the tablecloth? A : It doesn't fit our table and I would like to return it. Here is my receipt. B : I'm sorry, but this tablecloth was a final sale item, and it cannot be refunded. A : ______________________________________ B : It's written at the bottom of the receipt. ① Nobody mentioned that to me. ② Where is the price tag? ③ What's the problem with it? ④ I got a good deal on it. 문 4. A : Hello? Hi, Stephanie. I'm on my way to the office. Do you need anything? B : Hi, Luke. Can you please pick up extra paper for the printer? A : What did you say? Did you say to pick up ink for the printer? Sorry, ________________________________ B : Can you hear me now? I said I need more paper for the printer. A : Can you repeat that, please? B : Never mind. I'll text you. A : Okay. Thanks, Stephanie. See you soon. ① My phone has really bad reception here. ② I couldn't pick up more paper. ③ I think I've dialed the wrong number. ④ I'll buy each item separately this time. 문 5. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은? ① 나의 이모는 파티에서 그녀를 만난 것을 기억하지 못했다. → My aunt didn't remember meeting her at the party. ② 나의 첫 책을 쓰는 데 40년이 걸렸다. → It took me 40 years to write my first book. ③ 학교에서 집으로 걸어오고 있을 때 강풍에 내 우산이 뒤집혔다. → A strong wind blew my umbrella inside out as I was walking home from school. ④ 끝까지 생존하는 생물은 가장 강한 생물도, 가장 지적인 생물도 아니고, 변화에 가장 잘 반응하는 생물이다. → It is not the strongest of the species, nor the most intelligent, or the one most responsive to change that survives to the end. 문 6. 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? After analyzing a mass of data on job interview results, a research team discovered a surprising reality. Did the likelihood of being hired depend on qualifications? Or was it work experience? In fact, it was neither. It was just one important factor: did the candidate appear to be a pleasant person. Those candidates who had managed to ingratiate themselves were very likely to be offered a position; they had charmed their way to success. Some had made a special effort to smile and maintain eye contact. Others had praised the organization. This positivity had convinced the interviewers that such pleasant and socially skilled applicants would fit well into the workplace, and so should be offered a job. ① To Get a Job, Be a Pleasant Person ② More Qualifications Bring Better Chances ③ It Is Ability That Counts, Not Personality ④ Show Yourself As You Are at an Interview 문 7. 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Most writers lead double lives. They earn good money at legitimate professions, and carve out time for their writing as best they can: early in the morning, late at night, weekends, vacations. William Carlos Williams and Louis-Ferdinand Céline were doctors. Wallace Stevens worked for an insurance company. T.S. Elliot was a banker, then a publisher. Don DeLilo, Peter Carey, Salman Rushdie, and Elmore Leonard all worked for long stretches in advertising. Other writers teach. That is probably the most common solution today, and with every major university and college offering so-called creative writing courses, novelists and poets are continually scratching and scrambling to land themselves a spot. Who can blame them? The salaries might not be big, but the work is steady and the hours are good. ① Some writers struggle for teaching positions to teach creative writing courses. ② As a doctor, William Carlos Williams tried to find the time to write. ③ Teaching is a common way for writers to make a living today. ④ Salman Rushdie worked briefly in advertising with great triumph. 영 어 2 책형 2 쪽 문 8. 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 문장은? One of the largest celebrations of the passage of young girls into womanhood occurs in Latin American and Hispanic cultures. This event is called La Quinceañera, or the fifteenth year. ① It acknowledges that a young woman is now of marriageable age. The day usually begins with a Mass of Thanksgiving. ② By comparing the rites of passage of one culture with those of another, we can assess differences in class status. The young woman wears a full-length white or pastel-colored dress and is attended by fourteen friends and relatives who serve as maids of honor and male escorts. ③Her parents and godparents surround her at the foot of the altar. When the Mass ends, other young relatives give small gifts to those who attended, while the Quinceañera herself places a bouquet of flowers on the altar of the Virgin. ④Following the Mass is an elaborate party, with dancing, cake, and toasts. Finally, to end the evening, the young woman dances a waltz with her favorite escort. 문 9. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 곳은? He dismally fails the first two, but redeems himself in the concluding whale episode, where he does indeed demonstrate courage, honesty, and unselfishness. Disney's work draws heavily from fairy tales, myths, and folklore, which are profuse in archetypal elements. ( ① ) Pinocchio is a good example of how these elements can be emphasized rather than submerged beneath a surface realism. ( ② ) Early in the film, the boy/puppet Pinocchio is told that in order to be a "real boy," he must show that he is "brave, truthful, and unselfish." ( ③ ) The three principal episodes of the movie represent ritualistic trials, testing the youth's moral fortitude. ( ④ ) As such, like most of Disney's works, the values in Pinocchio are traditional and conservative, an affirmation of the sanctity of the family unit, the importance of a Higher Power in guiding our destinies, and the need to play by society's rules. 문 10. 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Stanislavski was fortunate in many ways. He was the son of a wealthy man who could give him the advantages of a broad education, the opportunity to see the greatest exponents of theatre art at home and abroad. He acquired a great reputation because he had set high goals and never faltered along the hard road leading to them. His personal integrity and inexhaustible capacity for work contributed to making him a professional artist of the first rank. Stanislavski was also richly endowed by nature with a handsome exterior, fine voice and genuine talent. As an actor, director and teacher, he was destined to influence and inspire the many who worked with him and under him or who had the privilege of seeing him on the stage. ① Stanislavski was born with attractive features. ② Stanislavski remained uninfluential on his colleagues throughout his life. ③ Stanislavski's father was affluent enough to support his education. ④ Stanislavski became a top-ranked artist by the aid of his upright character and untiring competence. ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 11 ~ 문 12] 문 11. It was personal. Why did you have to stick your nose in? ① hurry ② interfere ③ sniff ④ resign 문 12. Newton made unprecedented contributions to mathematics, optics, and mechanical physics. ① mediocre ② suggestive ③ unsurpassed ④ provocative 문 13. 어법상 옳은 것은? ① Jessica is a much careless person who makes little effort to improve her knowledge. ② But he will come or not is not certain. ③ The police demanded that she not leave the country for the time being. ④ The more a hotel is expensiver, the better its service is. 문 14. 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Character is a respect for human beings and the right to interpret experience differently. Character admits self-interest as a natural trait, but pins its faith on man's hesitant but heartening instinct to cooperate. Character is allergic to tyranny, irritable with ignorance and always open to improvement. Character is, above all, a tremendous humility before the facts ― an automatic alliance with truth even when that truth is bitter medicine. ① Character's Resistance to Truth ② How to Cooperate with Characters ③ The Ignorance of Character ④ What Character Means 문 15. 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Children who under-achieve at school may just have poor working memory rather than low intelligence. Researchers from a university surveyed more than 3,000 primary school children of all ages and found that 10 % of them suffer from poor working memory, which seriously impedes their learning. Nationally, this equates to almost 500,000 children in primary education being affected. The researchers also found that teachers rarely identify poor working memory and often describe children with this problem as inattentive or less intelligent. ① children's identification with teachers at school ② low intelligence of primary school children ③ influence of poor working memory on primary school children ④ teachers' efforts to solve children's working-memory problem 영 어 2 책형 3 쪽 문 16. 글의 내용과 일치하는 것은? A new study by Harvard researchers may provide a compelling reason to remove canned soup and juice from your dining table. People who ate one serving of canned food daily over the course of five days, the study found, had significantly elevated levels ― more than a tenfold increase ―of bisphenol-A, or BPA, a substance that lines most food and drink cans. Public health officials in the United States have come under increasing pressure to regulate it. Some of the research on BPA shows that it is linked to a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Some researchers, though, counter that its reputation as a health threat to people is exaggerated. The new study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association is the first to measure the amounts of BPA that are ingested when people eat food that comes directly out of a can. ① 하버드의 새로운 연구가 통조림 음식의 안전성을 입증하였다. ② 비스페놀 A와 암, 심장병, 비만의 연관성이 과장되었다는 데에 모든 학자들이 동의한다. ③ 통조림 음식으로부터 사람의 몸에 유입된 비스페놀 A의 양이 아직 측정되지 않았다. ④ 미국의 보건 관리들은 비스페놀 A를 규제하라는 압력을 점점 더 받고 있다. 문 17. 주어진 글 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? All animals have the same kind of brain activation during sleep as humans. Whether or not they dream is another question, which can be answered only by posing another one: Do animals have consciousness? (A) These are three of the key aspects of consciousness, and they could be experienced whether or not an animal had verbal language as we do. When the animal's brain is activated during sleep, why not assume that the animal has some sort of perceptual, emotional, and memory experience? (B) Many scientists today feel that animals probably do have a limited form of consciousness, quite different from ours in that it lacks language and the capacity for propositional or symbolic thought. (C) Animals certainly can't report dreams even if they do have them. But which pet owner would doubt that his or her favourite animal friend has perception, memory, and emotion? ① (A) - (B) - (C) ② (A) - (C) - (B) ③ (B) - (C) - (A) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) 문 18. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳은 것은? ①As the old saying go, you are what you eat. The foods you eat ②obvious affect your body's performance. They may also influence how your brain handles tasks. If your brain handles them well, you think more clearly, and you are more emotionally stable. The right food can ③ help you being concentrated, keep you motivated, sharpen your memory, speed your reaction time, reduce stress, and perhaps ④even prevent your brain from aging. ※ 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것을 고르시오. [문 19~문 20] 문 19. There's a knock at your door. Standing in front of you is a young man who needs help. He's injured and is bleeding. You take him in and help him, make him feel comfortable and safe and phone for an ambulance. This is clearly the right thing to do. But if you help him just because you feel sorry for him, according to Immanuel Kant, ______________________. Your sympathy is irrelevant to the morality of your action. That's part of your character, but nothing to do with right and wrong. Morality for Kant wasn't just about what you do, but about why you do it. Those who do the right thing don't do it simply because of how they feel: the decision has to be based on reason, reason that tells you what your duty is, regardless of how you happen to feel. ① that wouldn't be a moral action at all ② your action is founded on reason ③ then you're exhibiting ethical behavior ④ you're encouraging him to be an honest person 문 20. A group of tribes and genera of hopping reptiles, small creatures of the dinosaur type, seem to have been pushed by competition and the pursuit of their enemies towards the alternatives of extinction or adaptation to colder conditions in the higher hills or by the sea. Among these distressed tribes there was developed a new type of scale ― scales that were elongated into quill-like forms and that presently branched into the crude beginnings of feathers. These quill-like scales lay over one another and formed a heat-retaining covering more efficient than any reptilian covering that had hitherto existed. So they permitted an invasion of colder regions that were otherwise uninhabited. Perhaps simultaneously with these changes there arose in these creatures a greater solicitude for their eggs. Most reptiles are apparently quite careless about their eggs, which are left for sun and season to hatch. But some of the varieties upon this new branch of the tree of life were acquiring a habit of guarding their eggs and ________________________________. With these adaptations to cold, other internal modifications were going on that made these creatures, the primitive birds, warm-blooded and independent of basking. ① hatching them unsuccessfully ② leaving them under the sun on their own ③ keeping them warm with the warmth of their bodies ④ flying them to scaled reptiles
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  • 2016 사복직 9급 영어 문제 해설 [2]
    영어-A.pdf 영어-C.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 김민수.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 김범재.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 김세현.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 김재운.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 장서영.pdf 2016 사복직 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf 영 어 A 책형 1 쪽 영 어 ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 1 ~ 문 2] 문 1. The opposition party leaders promised to persist in their efforts to force the prime minister's resignation. ① consider ② continue ③ rescue ④ stop 문 2. Many people were taken in by his good-looking face and great manner of talking, so they gave him all their money to invest. ① were pleased ② were shocked ③ were deceived ④ were disillusioned 문 3. 우리말을 영어로 가장 잘 옮긴 것은? 내가 저지른 모든 실수에도 불구하고 그는 여전히 나를 신임했다. ① I had made all the mistakes, though he still trusted me. ② I had made all the mistakes, moreover, he still trusted me. ③ Despite all the mistakes I had made, he still trusted me. ④ Nevertheless all the mistakes I had made, he still trusted me. 문 4. 우리말을 영어로 잘못 옮긴 것은? ① 네가 하는 어떤 것도 나에게는 괜찮아. → Whatever you do is fine with me. ② 나는 어떤 일도 결코 우연히 하지 않았으며, 내 발명 중 어느 것도 우연히 이루어진 것은 없었다. → I never did anything by accident, nor did any of my inventions come by accident. ③ 사랑은 서로를 응시하는 것에 있지 않고, 같은 방향을 함께 바라보는 것에 있다. → Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but looks outward together in the same direction. ④ 자원봉사자들은 그들이 가치가 없기 때문이 아니라, 매우 귀중하기 때문에 보수를 받지 않는다. → Volunteers aren't paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. 문 5. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 곳은? That plunge in poverty levels is truly one of the greatest achievements in human history. Welfare helps alleviate poverty. But growth can end it. Asia's example over the past half-century teaches that there are two critical ways to raise incomes: create jobs ― and create more jobs. And the way to do that is to boost economic growth. ( ① ) When nations like China set in place the market-friendly policies to supercharge their growth rates, poverty melted away. ( ② ) In 1981, figures the World Bank, about 52 % of the population of the developing world lived on less than $ 1.25 a day. ( ③ ) By 2008 that share had shrunk to 22 %, owing largely to gains made in Asia. ( ④ ) But it isn't enough. The International Monetary Fund recently stated that nearly all economies ― advanced and emerging ― suffered a widening gap between rich and poor in the past three decades. 문 6. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? A: Finally, the long vacation begins tomorrow. What are your plans? B: I'm not sure. Maybe I'll go on a trip. A: Where do you want to go? B: That's a good question. Well, I'll just take a bus and go wherever it leads me to. Who knows? I may find a perfect place for my vacation. A: Yeah, trips are always refreshing. But I prefer to stay at home and do nothing. B: ___________________________. Relaxing at home can recharge your energy. ① That's not a bad idea ② I prefer a domestic airline ③ You need to work at home too ④ My family leaves for Seoul tomorrow 문 7. 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? How do you describe the times we live in, so connected and yet fractured? Linda Stone, a former Microsoft techie, characterizes ours as an era of continuous partial attention. At the extreme end are teenagers instant-messaging while they are talking on the cell phone, downloading music and doing homework. But adults too live with all systems go, interrupted and distracted, scanning everything, multi-technological-tasking everywhere. We suffer from the illusion, Stone says, that we can expand our personal bandwidth, connecting to more and more. Instead, we end up overstimulated, overwhelmed and, she adds, unfulfilled. ① Modern technology helps us to enrich our lives. ② We live in an age characterized by lack of full attention. ③ Family bond starts to weaken as a result of smart phone development. ④ The older generation can be as technologically smart as the younger one. 영 어 A 책형 2 쪽 문 8. 다음 글을 통해 IQ에 대하여 유추할 수 있는 것은? IQ is a lot like height in basketball. Does someone who is five foot six have a realistic chance of playing professional basketball? Not really. You need to be at least six foot or six one to play at that level, and, all things being equal, it's probably better to be six two than six one, and better to be six three than six two. But past a certain point, height stops mattering so much. A player who is six foot eight is not automatically better than someone two inches shorter. (Michael Jordan, the greatest player ever, was six six after all.) A basketball player only has to be tall enough ― and the same is true of intelligence. Intelligence has a threshold. ① IQ is just a myth; it has nothing to do with how smart you are. ② Once your IQ is over a certain level, it may not really matter anymore in terms of intelligence. ③ The higher IQ you have, the more intelligent you must be. ④ The more you practice, the higher your IQ will get. 문 9. 주어진 글 다음에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? Two major techniques for dealing with environmental problems are conservation and restoration. Conservation involves protecting existing natural habitats. Restoration involves cleaning up and restoring damaged habitats. The best way to deal with environmental problems is to prevent them from happening. Conserving habitats prevents environmental issues that arise from ecosystem disruption. (A) To solve the problem, the city built a sewage-treatment complex. Since then, the harbor waters have cleared up. Plants and fish have returned, and beaches have been reopened. (B) For example, parks and reserves protect a large area in which many species live. Restoration reverses damage to ecosystems. Boston Harbor is one restoration success story. (C) Since the colonial period, the city dumped sewage directly into the harbor. The buildup of waste caused outbreaks of disease. Beaches were closed. Most of the marine life disappeared and as a result, the shellfish industry shut down. ① (A) - (B) - (C) ② (B) - (C) - (A) ③ (C) - (A) - (B) ④ (C) - (B) - (A) 문 10. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The majority of British people dress conservatively rather than fashionably. A small number of the upper and professional upper middle class, for example, barristers, diplomats, army officers and Conservative MPs, dress in the well-tried styles of the past 50 years or so. Many of the men still have their suits specially tailored, and are thus instantly recognizable as belonging to the upper echelons of society. Yet how they dress is wholly unrepresentative of society in general. The vast majority of people buy their clothes at the high-street stores, of which Marks and Spencer, a major British multinational retailer, must be the most famous. They wear the clothes of the British middle classes, perfectly passable but hardly stylish like the dress standards in much of Europe. Indeed, the British still have a reputation of being _______________________ in Europe, and they do not really care. ① the most diligent people ② the worst dressed people ③ the most arrogant people ④ the least conservative people ※ 밑줄 친 부분과 의미가 가장 가까운 것을 고르시오. [문 11 ~ 문 12] 문 11. When my sister's elbow healed, her fears of never being able to play tennis were assuaged. ① heightened ② soothed ③ tormented ④ escalated 문 12. There are multiple opportunities each day to become upset about something, but we have the choice to let them go and remain at peace. ① various ② important ③ occasional ④ decisive 문 13. 두 사람의 대화 내용 중 가장 어색한 것은? ① A: I don't think I can finish this project by the deadline. B: Take your time. I'm sure you can make it. ② A: Mom, what do you want to get for Mother's Day? B: I don't need anything. I just feel blessed to have a son like you. ③ A: I think something's wrong with this cake. This is not sweet at all! B: I agree. It just tastes like a chunk of salt. ④ A: Would you carry this for me? I don't have enough hands. B: Sure, I'll hand it over to you right away. ※ 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 옳지 않은 것을 고르시오. [문 14 ~ 문 15] 문 14. The middle-class Americans who chose ① to avoid the suburban lifestyle and ② live in the central city ③ were most often those least ④ depended on central-city government services. 영 어 A 책형 3 쪽 문 15. In 1778 Carlo de Buonaparte, re-elected as one of the Council of Twelve Nobles, ①was chosen to be a member of a Corsican delegation to King Louis XVI. He took ten-year-old Giuseppe and nine-year-old Napoleone with him, ② to begin their life in their new country. They spent a night in a miserable inn at the port, sleeping on mattresses ③lay out on the floor. En route from Corsica they visited Florence, where Carlo was able to procure a letter of introduction from the Habsburg Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo to his sister Queen Marie Antoinette. Then they went on to France. Admittedly Carlo had something to celebrate, ④having been informed by the Minister for War that Napoleone had been granted a scholarship and a place in the military school at Brienne as 'Royal Pupil' whose expenses would be paid by the King. 문 16. 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The first commercially successful steam engine was built in England in 1712, but it was very slow. Then an inventor named James Watt came up with crucial innovations. His engine was faster and more efficient at driving machinery. By 1800 about 500 of Watt's steam engines were chugging and hissing in mines and factories throughout Britain. The widespread use of steam engines began when inventors put them to use in the textile mills. Using steam power instead of water power meant that factories no longer had to be built near ready supplies of water. ____________, they could be located where fuel was readily available and where workers already lived. Also, factories could be built closer to roads and ports from which raw materials and finished products could be shipped. ① Unfortunately ② Nevertheless ③ Similarly ④ Instead 문 17. 주어진 문장이 들어갈 위치로 가장 적절한 곳은? Teaching is also one of the few jobs where you can say you are making a significant and positive impact on the world around you. The rewards that come from teaching are numerous. ( ① ) One of those is the emotional connections you make with your students. ( ② ) You are constantly engaging with them on a personal level, inspiring them to strive to do the best they can and providing support when they run into problems. ( ③ ) Watching them grow from the experience and ultimately seeing them succeed because of your tuition and guidance is a feeling without comparison. ( ④ ) While other jobs may leave a more obvious mark, few can say that over the course of their career they have helped countless young people fulfill their potential and become the adults they are today. 문 18. 글의 내용과 가장 일치하는 것은? Polar bears are mammals that belong to the bear family. They are one of the largest animals in the Arctic and one of the largest meat-eating animals in the world. They can weigh up to 680 kilograms and can be up to 3.4 meters tall. Polar bears have thick, oily, and water-repellent fur. This fur covers their body, including the spaces between their pads on their paws. Their white fur helps them blend in with the snow and ice. They use only their broad front paws to swim through the water. As for their food, polar bears hunt and eat seals from time to time. They also eat fish, grass, or even dead animals and stranded whales. ① Polar bears have fur that is permeable to water. ② Polar bears have no fur on their paws. ③ Polar bears rely on their front paws for swimming. ④ Polar bears eat only meat. 문 19. 글의 흐름상 가장 어색한 문장은? Children can benefit from learning how to use context clues and guessing the meaning from the context. ①This is a strategy that children can use when they encounter unfamiliar words. ② Conversely, some researchers point out that in addition to teaching how to use context clues, children also need to be taught that context clues do not always help readers to understand the meanings of unfamiliar words. ③ An example would be having a child choose between the words enormous and giant in a sentence about sandwiches. ④Children need to be taught that there are times when they will not be able to figure out the meaning from context clues. 문 20. 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? When we think of the people who make our lives miserable by spreading malicious viruses, most of us imagine an unpopular teenager boy, brilliant but geeky, venting his frustrations from the safety of a suburban bedroom. Actually, these stereotypes are just that ― stereotypes ― according to Sarah Gordon, an expert in computer viruses and security technology. Since 1992, Gordon has studied the psychology of virus writers. "A virus writer is just as likely to be the guy next door to you," she says. The virus writers Gordon has come to know have varied backgrounds; while predominantly male, some are female. Some are solidly academics, while others are athletic. Many have friendships with members of the opposite sex, good relationships with their parents and families; most are popular with their peers. They don't spend all their time in the basement. One virus writer volunteers in his local library, working with elderly people. One of them is a poet and a musician, another is an electrical engineer, and others work for a university quantum physics department. ① Unmasking Virus Writers ② Virus Writers: Gender and Class ③ Underground Virus Writers ④ Misterious Activities by Virus Writers
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  • 2016 서울시 9급 영어 문제 해설 [12]
    영어_9급_A형.pdf 영어_9급_B형.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 강수정.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김민수.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김신주.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 김영국.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 성기건.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 손재석.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이리라.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이영규.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 이충권.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 정수현.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 줄리아.pdf 2016 서울시 9급 영어 해설 한덕현.pdf Ⓐ - 3 ※ 다음 중 밑줄 친 단어와 뜻이 가장 가까운 것은? (1~3) 1. Parents must not give up on kids who act rebellious or seem socially awkward; this is a normal stage most youngsters go through and eventually outgrow. ① passive ② delirious ③ disobedient ④ sporadic 2. He was born to a wealthy family in New York in 1800 s. This circumstance allowed him to lead a prodigal existence for much of his life. ① perjury ② unstable ③ pernicious ④ lavish 3. Perhaps the brightest spot in the contemporary landscape of American higher education is the resurgence of interest in engaging students in civic life beyond campus. ① comeback ② disappearance ③ motivation ④ paucity 4. 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? He acknowledged that ① the number of Koreans were forced ② into labor ③ under harsh conditions in some of the locations ④ during the 1940 s. 5. 다음 대화에서 어법상 가장 옳지 않은 것은? Ann : Your hair ① looks nice. Tori : I ② had it cut by the tall hairdresser in the new hair salon next to the cafeteria. Ann : Not that place where I ③ got my head to stick in the drier? Tori : ④ Must be, I suppose. Yes, that one. Ann : Huh, and they still let them open. ※ 어법상 빈칸에 들어가기에 가장 적절한 것은? (6~7) 6. Creativity is thinking in ways that lead to original, practical and meaningful solutions to problems or new ideas or forms of artistic expression. ① that generate ② having generated ③ to be generated ④ being generated 7. It was when I got support across the board politically, from Republicans as well as Democrats, I knew I had done the right thing. ① who ② whom ③ whose ④ that 8. 문맥상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? Usually several skunks live together; however, adult male striped skunks are during the summer. ① nocturnal ② solitary ③ predatory ④ dormant 9. 문맥상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? Language and spelling change. Crystal, one of the most prolific writers on English, has helped popularize that truth. If, as internet use suggests, people are now starting to write rhubarb as rubarb , that, he says, may one day become an acceptable . ① alternative ② obligation ③ risk ④ order 10. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? The reputation of Genghis Khan as may be worse than the reality. Much of our information comes from chroniclers of the time who often exaggerated the facts. It is possible that they were encouraged by their Mongol employers to exaggerate the tales of cruelty so that the Mongols appeared more frightening to their enemies. ① an exaggerating storyteller ② a courageous emperor ③ an influential figure ④ an utterly ruthless warrior 11. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 연결어를 고르면? Our brain processes and stores different kinds of information in different ways. Think about factual knowledge. Fact memory entails learning explicit information, such as names, faces, words and dates. It is related to our conscious thoughts and our ability to manipulate symbols and language. When fact memories are committed to long-term memory, they are usually filed along with the context in which they were learned: , when you think of your new friend Joe, you probably picture him at the basketball game where you met him. ① In short ② For instance ③ Above all ④ In addition 12. 문맥상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것은? As incredible as it sounds, there are some species of insects that will themselves to protect their nests. When faced with an intruder, the Camponotus cylindricus ant of Borneo will grab onto the invader and squeeze itself until it explodes. The ant s abdomen ruptures, releasing a sticky yellow substance that will be lethal for both the defender and the attacker, permanently sticking them together and preventing the attacker from reaching the nest. ① commit ② replace ③ expose ④ sacrifice 13. 문맥상 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? E-waste is being produced on a scale never seen before. Computers and other electronic equipment become in just a few years, leaving customers with little choice but to buy newer ones to keep up. Thus, tens of millions of computers, TVs and cell phones are each year. ① efficient - documented ② obsolete - discarded ③ fascinating - reused ④ identical - thrown Ⓐ - 4 14. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? In the last twenty years the amount of time Americans have spent at their jobs has risen steadily. Each year the change is small, amounting to about nine hours, or slightly more than one additional day of work. In any given year such a small increment has probably been . But the accumulated increase over two decades is substantial. ① dazzling ② vulnerable ③ imperceptible ④ compulsory ※ 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어를 순서대로 고르면? (15~16) 15. The country with the highest rate of crime in the world is Vatican City, with 1.5 crimes per resident. However, this high ratio is due to the country s tiny population of only around 840 people. It is likely that the vast majority of the crimes, which consist mainly of pick-pocketing and shop-lifting, are by outsiders. The Vatican has a special police force with 130 members responsible for criminal investigation, border control and protection of the pope. There is no prison in Vatican City, with the exception of a few detention cells to hold criminals before trial. The majority of criminals are by Italian courts. ① manipulated - sealed ② dominated - overruled ③ committed - tried ④ conducted - enforced 16. Albert Einstein s general theory of relativity is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and his revolutionary hypothesis has the test of time, despite numerous expert attempts to find . Einstein changed the way we think about the most basic things, which are space and time. And that opened our eyes to the universe, and how the most interesting things in it work, like black holes. ① withstood - flaws ② resisted - proofs ③ wasted - examples ④ squandered - pitfalls 17. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은? Casa Heiwa is an apartment building where people can learn some important life skills and how to cope with living in a new environment. The building managers run a service that offers many programs to children and adults living in the building. For the children, there is a day-care center that operates from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. There are also educational programs available for adults including computer processing and English conversation courses. ① to argue for a need for educational programs ② to recruit employees for an apartment building ③ to attract apartment residents toward programs ④ to recommend ways to improve the living standard 18. 다음 글을 문맥에 맞게 순서대로 배열한 것은? ㉠ Rosa Parks was arrested, jailed, convicted and fined. She refused to pay. Her experience set off a 382-day boycott of Montgomery city buses. ㉡ According to the segregation laws of the day, Rosa Parks, an African American, was required to sit in the back of the bus. She was accused of encroaching on the whites-only section, and the bus driver tried to convince her to obey the law. ㉢ Instead, Rosa Parks kept both her mien and her seat. At last, the driver warned her that he would send for the police. Go ahead and call them. Parks answered. ㉣ On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks took a city bus home from her job at a store in downtown Montgomery, Alabama. ① ㉡-㉠-㉣-㉢ ② ㉣-㉢-㉠-㉡ ③ ㉡-㉢-㉣-㉠ ④ ㉣-㉡-㉢-㉠ 19. 다음 글의 분위기로 가장 어울리는 것은? As Ryan Cox was waiting to pay for his coffee order at an Indiana, US fast food drive-through, he decided to try something he d seen on a TV news show ― he paid for the coffee order of the driver in the car behind. The small gesture made the young Indianapolis entrepreneur feel great, so he shared his experience on Facebook. An old friend suggested that rather than paying for people s coffee, Ryan put that money towards helping school students pay off their delinquent school lunch accounts. So the following week Ryan visited his nephew s school cafeteria and asked if he could pay off some accounts, and handed over $100. ① gloomy ② serene ③ touching ④ boring 20. 아래 글 바로 다음에 이어질 문장으로 가장 적절한 것을 고르면? The moon is different from the earth in many respects. First of all, there is no known life on the moon. And in terms of size, it is much smaller than the earth. You may think both of them have the same spherical shape. But strictly speaking, they are not the same. The moon is almost a perfect sphere; its diameter differs by no more than 1% in any direction. The faster an astronomical object spins, the more it becomes bulged at the equator and flattened at the poles. ① So spinning objects undergo some changes of their shape, except for the moon and the earth. ② Since the moon rotates more slowly than the earth, it is more nearly spherical. ③ Moreover, the moon s diameter has been varied for the last hundred years. ④ In fact, the moon s spherical shape is rather unexpected, considering its density and gravity.
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