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문서 (25): 과목이나 선생님은 태그검색에서 찾는 게 빨라요

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    영어.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 정수현.hwp 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이솔.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 샐리정.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 양익.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2019 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이영신.pdf - 3 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 밑줄 친 단어의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? Defeat at this stage would compromise their chances of reaching the finals of the competition. ① rate ② fancy ③ reduce ④ squander 2. 다음 밑줄 친 표현의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? She went for a long walk to work up her appetite. ① accommodate ② annihilate ③ gratify ④ whet 3. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? He’s a actor who has played a wide variety of parts so splendidly. ① versatile ② sterile ③ futile ④ volatile 4. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 공통으로 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? · The food supplies were ( ㉠ ) to meet the needs of the flood victims. · They are blaming their failure on ( ㉡ ) preparation. ① ambiguous ② thorough ③ inadequate ④ sufficient 5. 다음 ㉠, ㉡, ㉢에 들어갈 단어들로 가장 적절한 것은? Efficiency means producing a desired outcome rapidly, with the ( ㉠ ) amount of cost. The idea of efficiency is specific to the interests of the industry or business, but is typically advertised as a ( ㉡ ) to the customer. The salad bars, self-service gasoline, ATMs, and microwave dinners are some good examples. The interesting element here is that the customer often ends up doing the work that previously was done for them. This means that the customer may end up ( ㉢ ) more time and sometimes more money in order for the business to operate more efficiently. ① ㉠ most ㉡ loss ㉢ saving ② ㉠ minimum ㉡ benefit ㉢ spending ③ ㉠ maximum ㉡ benefit ㉢ spending ④ ㉠ least ㉡ loss ㉢ saving 6. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? Each color has different qualities ㉠associated with it and ㉡affect our moods and feelings. Some combinations of colors naturally go well together while ㉢others can feel discordant. Take care ㉣not to bring too many colors into a room since this can confuse the energy and end up being too stimulating. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 7. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? Social psychologists at the University of Virginia asked college students to stand at the base of a hill while carrying a weighted backpack and ㉠estimate the steepness of the hill. Some participants stood next to close friends whom they had known for a long time, some stood next to friends they had not known for long, some stood next to strangers, and ㉡the others stood alone during the exercise. The participants who stood with close friends gave significantly ㉢low estimates of the steepness of the hill than those who stood alone, next to strangers, or next to ㉣newly formed friends. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 8. 다음 문장들 중 어법상 가장 적절한 것은? ① They are looking forward to meet the President. ② The committee consists with ten members. ③ Are you familiar to the computer software they use? ④ Radioactive waste must be disposed of safely. 9. 우리말을 영어로 옮긴 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? ① 밤 공기가 뜨거웠지만 그들은 푹 잤다. ⟶ Hot as the night air was, they slept soundly. ② 어젯밤에 경찰은 행방불명된 소녀를 찾았다고 말했다. ⟶ Last night the police have said that they had found the missed girl. ③ 교통 신호등이 파란색으로 바뀌어 나는 출발했다. ⟶ The traffic lights were turned green and I pulled away. ④ 불리한 증거가 없어서 그는 석방되었다. ⟶ Being no evidence against him, he was released. 10. A에 대한 B의 응답으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A: After a long day at work, I’m really tired. B: That makes two of us! ② A: Do you remember the name of the bar we went to last Friday? B: Oh man, it’s just on the tip of my tongue. ③ A: I am so excited to see this film. B: Me too. The film got two thumbs up from all the critics. ④ A: I am feeling a little under the weather. B: It’s not actually raining now! 11. 다음 글의 내용과 가장 일치하지 않는 것은? An idea came to me, and I turned off the lights in the studio. In the darkness, I put the cello’s spike into a loose spot on the carpet, tightened the bow and drew it across the open strings. I took off my shirt and tried it again; it was the first time in my life I’d felt the instrument against my bare chest. I could feel the vibration of the strings travel through the body of the instrument to my own body. I’d never thought about that; music scholars always talk about the resonating properties of various instruments, but surely the performer’s own body must have some effect on the sound. As I dug into the notes I imagined that my own chest and lungs were extensions of the sound box; I seemed to be able to alter the sound by the way I sat, and by varying the muscular tension in my upper body. ① 화자는 어둠 속에서 첼로 연주를 했다. ② 화자는 태어나서 처음으로 첼로를 연주했다. ③ 음악 학자들은 여러 악기들이 가진 공명의 특성들을 말한다. ④ 화자는 연주할 때 본인의 자세가 첼로 소리에 영향을 준다고 생각했다. 12. 다음 글에서 유추할 수 있는 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The primary purpose of peppers, as with all fruits, is to disperse seeds. However, just as fruit attracts helpful organisms which spread the seeds, like birds, it also attracts harmful microbes that destroy seeds, like fungus. Studying wild pepper plants, a group of international researchers found that in areas with a high prevalence of fungus, peppers contained more capsaicin, a natural antifungal agent. These findings support the hypothesis that environmental factors trigger adaptive responses in the chemistry of fruits. ① Birds are always helpful in dispersing fruits’ seeds. ② Capsaicin in peppers attracts not only helpful but also harmful organisms. ③ Fruits’ chemistry can be influenced by the microbes in their environment. ④ The more capsaicin peppers contain, the better they taste. - 4 - 13. 다음 글의 흐름으로 보아 <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > And those are qualities you want in any candidate. If you are trying to decide among a few people to fill a position, take a look at their writing skills. ① It doesn’t matter if that person is a marketer, salesperson, designer, programmer, or whatever; their writing skills will pay off. That’s because being a good writer is about more than writing. ② Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking. Good writers know how to communicate. They make things easy to understand. They can put themselves in someone else’s shoes. They know what to omit. ③ Writing is making a comeback all over our society. ④ Look at how much communication happens through instant messaging and blogging. Writing is today’s currency for good ideas. Thus, it is essential to welcome people with good writing skills into your organization. 14. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Drawing a line is making a distinction between two categories which only differ in degree. Where there is a continuum, such as that between rich and poor, for some purposes, such as deciding who should be eligible for tax relief, it is necessary to draw a line between what is to count as rich and what as poor. Sometimes the fact that a line could have been drawn elsewhere is taken as evidence that we should not draw a line at all, or that the line that has been drawn has no force; in most contexts this view is wrong. For example, in Britain the speed limit in built-up areas is 30 miles per hour (mph); it could have been fixed at 25 mph or 35 mph. However, it in no way follows from this that we should ignore the speed limit, once the line between speeding and driving safely has been set. ① 두 범주를 구분하는 선긋기는 비록 그 기준이 자의적일지라도 존중될 필요가 있다. ② 모든 자의적인 구분은 배격되어야 한다. ③ 부유층과 빈곤층의 경계는 언제나 명확하다. ④ 정도의 차이만 있는 두 범주를 구분하는 것은 불필요하다. 15. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? While most desert animals will drink water if confronted with it, for many of them the opportunity never comes. Yet all living things must have water, or they will expire. The herbivores find it in desert plants. The carnivores slake their thirst with the flesh and blood of living prey. One of the most remarkable adjustments, however, has been made by the tiny kangaroo rat, who not only lives without drinking but subsists on a diet of dry seeds containing about 5% free water. Like other animals, he has the ability to manufacture water in his body by a metabolic conversion of carbohydrates. But he is notable for the parsimony with which he conserves his small supply by every possible means, expending only minuscule amounts in his excreta * and through evaporation from his respiratory tract. *excreta 배설물 ① Survival of Desert Animals ② The Way the Kangaroo Rat Copes with Lack of Water ③ The Small Amounts of Water the Kangaroo Rat Drinks ④ The Effect the Environment Lacking in Water Has on Animals 16. 다음 밑줄 친 부분에 들어갈 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The sociologist Glen Elder proposed that there is a sensitive period for growth—late teens through early 30s—during which failures are most beneficial. Such a pattern seems to promote the trait sometimes called equanimity. We learn that trauma is survivable, so we don’t plunge too deeply following setbacks. Nor, conversely, do we soar too high on our successes. Some businesses in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street make a point of hiring ex-pro athletes to their staffs. It’s not just that their high profile draws business. It’s because athletes are good at recovering from their failures. “We needed people who could perform and not get emotionally attached to losses,” a Chicago oil trader told the New York Times, explaining why the firm likes athletes on the trading floor, particularly in ugly economic times like these. The image is of a rider easy in the saddle * . *saddle (말의) 안장 ① Nothing can so surprise her—either for good for ill—that she’ll be knocked off. ② A setback in any area will mean in your mind that you’re a failure categorically. ③ We should hope for the rider’s dominant position early and often. ④ You could wind up in a position where success reveals itself all at once. 17. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Much has been made of India’s growing middle class, but it is only the wealthiest of the urban population who can claim a typical Western middle-class lifestyle. ( ㉠ ), India’s population is still rural and impoverished, and this poorer demographic is driving India’s continued population growth. ( ㉡ ), by 2030 India’s population is projected to surpass that of China. The majority of this population will be concentrated in the poorest regions, where basic necessities are scarce. ① ㉠ Therefore ㉡ Instead ② ㉠ By and large ㉡ In fact ③ ㉠ On the contrary ㉡ Besides ④ ㉠ Nonetheless ㉡ In contrast 18. 다음 글의 내용과 가장 일치하는 것은? Inappropriate precision means giving information or figures to a greater degree of apparent accuracy than suits the context. For example, advertisers often use the results of surveys to prove what they say about their products. Sometimes they claim a level of precision not based reliably on evidence. So, if a company selling washing powder claims 95.45% of British adults agree that this powder washes whiter than any other, then this level of precision is clearly inappropriate. It is unlikely that all British adults were surveyed, so the results are based only on a sample and not the whole population. At best the company should be claiming that over 95% of those asked agreed that their powder washes whiter than any other. Even if the whole population had been surveyed, to have given the result to two decimal places* would have been absurd. The effect is to propose a high degree of scientific precision in the research. Frequently, however, inappropriate precision is an attempt to mask the unscientific nature of a study. *decimal place 소수점 자리 ① 광고에서 사용하는 수치는 최대한 정밀해야 한다. ② 이용자 수는 특정 세제의 표백 효과를 뒷받침한다. ③ 세제의 표백 효과를 입증하기 위해서는 더 엄밀한 조사가 필요하다. ④ 필요 이상으로 정밀한 정보를 제시하는 연구는 비과학적인 경우가 많다. - 5 - 19. 다음 빈칸 ㉠과 ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Mass political opinion can be sort of like guessing the number of marbles in a glass jar. Most people’s guesses will miss the mark, but the average guess of a large enough crowd is generally very accurate. The idea that the masses generally come up with good overall decisions is sometimes referred to as the “wisdom of crowds,” and it really does work amazingly well for some things. The problem is that in politics we don’t see the glass jar for ourselves—we view it through the lens of the media, and the media show us a(n) ( ㉠ ) view of politics. This goes a lot further than liberal or conservative bias. Thus, we should be aware of such media biases in order to minimize the likelihood that they’ll throw off our political judgment, even though there’s no way to permanently ( ㉡ ) them. ① ㉠ apocalyptic ㉡ implant ② ㉠ distorted ㉡ fix ③ ㉠ balanced ㉡ overcome ④ ㉠ conflicting ㉡ promote 20. 다음 보기에 이어질 글의 순서로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > There is a widely held notion that does plenty of damage: the notion of ‘scientifically proved.’ It is nearly an oxymoron* . The very foundation of science is to keep the door open to doubt. *oxymoron 모순어법(양립할 수 없는 개념을 함께 사용하는 수사법) ㉠ Therefore, certainty is not only something useless but is also in fact damaging, if we value reliability. ㉡ Therefore, a good scientist is never ‘certain.’ Lack of certainty is precisely what makes conclusions more reliable than the conclusions of those who are certain, because the good scientist will be ready to shift to a different point of view if better evidence or novel arguments emerge. ㉢ Precisely because we keep questioning everything, especially our own premises, we are always ready to improve our knowledge. ① ㉠-㉢-㉡ ② ㉢-㉠-㉡ ③ ㉠-㉡-㉢ ④ ㉢-㉡-㉠
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    스터디 영어.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 정일현.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 이솔.hwp 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 이서윤.hwp 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 영어연구소.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 기승훈.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 MAX.pdf 2018 경찰 3차 영어 해설 양익.pdf - 3 - 1. 다음 밑줄 친 단어의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? It is obligatory for everyone in a car to wear a seat belt. ① clumsy ② nebulous ③ compulsory ④ mutable 2. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? The police found no evidence that he was involved in that crime. ① lacking ② impending ③ compelling ④ upcoming 3. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Because aging is one of the realities that one cannot really fight against, the best one can do is to keep oneself healthy so as to age with grace and fitness. ① incipient ② inexorable ③ congenial ④ salutary 4. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? · Seohee ( ㉠ ) her book on the table. · The heavy snow prevented us ( ㉡ ) baseball. ① ㉠ lay ㉡ to play ② ㉠ lay ㉡ from playing ③ ㉠ laid ㉡ to play ④ ㉠ laid ㉡ from playing 5. 다음 ㉠, ㉡, ㉢에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? When an animal is injured, the first thing it will do, if it possibly can, is scramble to its feet. Despite the fact that doing so will probably cause ( ㉠ ) pain, the instinct to get up drives the animal because the alternative, taking no action to get up, invites predators to come in to kill and eat the ( ㉡ ) one. Emotionally, we do the same thing. Often a person who has just suffered an injury or a devastating shock or loss will answer, “Fine” when asked, “How are you?” Just labeling this as ( ㉢ ) misses the deeper truth. The organism, animal or human, is trying not only to look fine in order to avoid attack, but trying to be fine. ① ㉠ severe ㉡ vulnerable ㉢ threshold ② ㉠ acute ㉡ aggressive ㉢ pretense ③ ㉠ further ㉡ defenseless ㉢ denial ④ ㉠ voracious ㉡ defensive ㉢ disguise 6. 다음 글의 내용과 가장 일치하지 않는 것은? The aye-aye, the largest nocturnal primate in the world, displays an unusual degree of fearlessness towards humans. Wild aye-ayes have been known to appear unexpectedly from nowhere in the rainforest to sniff a researcher’s shoes. It is different from the other *lemurs because it is highly specialized in many ways; its continuously growing incisor teeth (which led to its being considered a rodent during part of the 19th century), its large ears (almost certainly used in locating insect larvae in dead wood), and its long skeleton-like middle finger used to extract larvae from holes. So unique is it among the lemurs that it has proven extremely difficult to determine which other lemurs are its closest relatives. The aye-aye is so unusual that it is not only strange within the context of the primates, but it is one of the most distinctive mammals on earth. *lemur 여우원숭이 ① 야행성 영장류인 아이아이원숭이는 이상할 정도로 인간을 두려워하지 않는다. ② 아이아이원숭이는 계속 자라나는 앞니 때문에 19세기 이래로 설치류로 간주되고 있다. ③ 아이아이원숭이의 커다란 귀는 유충을 찾는 데, 긴 중지는 유충을 꺼내는 데 사용된다. ④ 아이아이원숭이는 가장 독특한 포유류 중 하나이다. 7. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 적절한 것은? ① The game was watching outside the stadium on a huge screen. ② We will never get to the meeting unless the train leaves within five minutes. ③ With sunshine streamed through the window, Hugh found it impossible to sleep. ④ The water which she fell was freezing cold. 8. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? ① 유수는 그 회사에 지원하는 것을 고려하고 있다. → Yusoo is considering applying for the company. ② 그 경찰서는 난민들에게 생활필수품을 제공했다. → The police station provided commodities with refugees. ③ 판사는 죄수가 재구속되어야 한다고 명령했다. → The judge ordered that the prisoner was remanded. ④ 그는 물속으로 깊이 잠수했다. → He dived deeply into the water. 9. 다음 A, B의 대화 중 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A : Wasn’t that last question on the test tough? B : Yes, it was tricky. ② A : Hi, please transfer me to Ella Jones. This is her husband. B : I’ll put you right through. ③ A : Why is Mina so fed up at her job? B : She feels overeaten. ④ A : Chanhee? What brings you to London? B : I just arrived on business. 10. 다음 밑줄 친 부분 중 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? If properly stored, broccoli will stay ㉠fresh for up to four days. The best way to store fresh bunches is to refrigerate them in an open plastic bag in the vegetable compartment, ㉡which will give them the right balance of humidity and air, and help preserve the vitamin C content. Don’t wash the broccoli before ㉢storing it since moisture on its surface ㉣encourage the growth of mold. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 11. 다음 글의 내용과 가장 일치하지 않는 것은? The Hazara are an ethnic minority living in the arid mountainous regions of Central Afghanistan. Several things distinguish them from other ethnic groups in the area. The first is their strongly Asiatic ancestry, which suggests that they are probably descended from the Mongolians, although the group has clearly intermixed with people of Eastern European and Middle Eastern ancestry as well. The Hazara speak Hazaragi, a form of Persian, and they are primarily Shia Muslims. This ethnic group also has its own distinct cultural and religious traditions. Most of all, they are famous for their poetry and storytelling, with legends of their culture and life being passed down in the form of lengthy songs, poems, and stories told to children. While those in this ethnic group share values with other Muslims across the Middle East, they sometimes express them in different ways, integrating rich folklore and a history of superstition into their practice of the Muslim faith. ① 중앙 아프가니스탄 산악지역에 사는 하자라족은 주로 시아파 무슬림이다. ② 하자라족은 아마도 몽골인종계이지만 동유럽인과 중동인의 혈통과도 섞였다. ③ 하자라족의 언어는 페르시아어의 일종인 하자라기어이다. ④ 하자라족 고유의 문화적 전통인 민간전승설화는 중동지역 무슬림 신앙의 바탕이 되었다. 【영 어】 - 4 - 12. 다음 밑줄 친 표현의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? A : I’ve heard that you got a job offer. B : Yes, but I am not sure whether to take it or not. A : Really? I thought you wanted to make a change in your career. B : Yes, but it is hard to make a decision. A : Take your time and ponder it. B : Thank you. ① mull it over ② weigh it down ③ make up for it ④ take it down 13. 다음 글의 주제문을 만들기 위해 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Classification allows us to focus on one or two features and see something in terms of those characteristics alone. To classify plants and animals, we have to ignore all the variations that distinguish one plant from another and one animal from another. We have to focus only on those aspects that are shared by all plants and that differentiate them from all animals. We ignore the great variation that exists within each group and reduce its members to the common ground that ties all the members of that group together. As a result, we come to see objects in terms of their membership in a particular group, and we miss seeing that each is more than its group membership. Trapped by the category of doors, we become blind to the three-by-sevenfoot pieces of wood that are right in front of us. < 주제문 > In classification, we concentrate on a few features ( ㉠ ) to group members, and in doing so, we tend to overlook ( ㉡ ) within the group. ① ㉠ distinctive ㉡ membership ② ㉠ different ㉡ great variation ③ ㉠ shared ㉡ group membership ④ ㉠ common ㉡ individual variations 14. 다음 글의 주제문을 만들기 위해 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The underlying idea of world history is that the interaction among human societies resembles not the relationships among billiard balls, but rather among bacteria. Billiard balls rolling around the table may collide and affect each other’s trajectories, but they do not actually change each other: The eight ball is an eight ball even after it is struck by the cue ball. Bacteria, however, fundamentally shape each other as they interact. Because the membranes covering bacteria are full of pores, bacteria can exchange genetic information and can even fundamentally alter each other’s basic make-up when they touch. Similarly, human societies in contact affect each other’s development. World historians, recognizing this, seek to understand human history through studying both developments within societies and the way in which societies relate to each other. < 주제문 > World history is that of ( ㉠ ) relationships between human societies in which human societies, like bacteria, have interacted and ( ㉡ ) each other into a fundamentally different society. ① ㉠ inverse ㉡ amended ② ㉠ reciprocal ㉡ transformed ③ ㉠ cozy ㉡ absorbed ④ ㉠ diplomatic ㉡ isolated 15. 다음 글의 흐름으로 보아 <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > When a director changes the story into a film, however, all these rights are taken from the reader, and everything is constructed according to the taste of people other than the reader. I propose that the reason people enjoy the book version of a story more than the film version is that each reader creates the details in his or her favorite scenes. ㉠ The characters—the way they look, talk, dress—and everything else in the story are guided by the writer but are constructed by the reader according to his or her individual tastes. ㉡ Here, in effect, the reader also becomes the director and the producer and fixes everything to his or her liking. ㉢ The more these details are solidified in a certain way, the more the artist invades the audience’s domain, and confines the reader’s imagination to what is presented to them by others. Thus, the art, the artist, and the audience lose out. ㉣ ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 16. 다음 빈칸에 공통으로 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? We tend not to notice how many creative tasks benefit from ( ) because they are built in and have become invisible. For example, almost all popular music is in 4/4 time, four beats in the bar, with the emphasis usually landing on the first beat. Tracks are normally three or four minutes in length, contain a chorus, and so on. These are just a few ( ) of many that popular music follows, and yet look at the variation that can be achieved. Many songs break these rules, but they often achieve their effects because there is a rule to break in the first place. Painters, writers, artists, and so on are all influenced by previous styles to various degrees and it’s these previous styles that provide ( ). ① repercussions ② catastrophes ③ encroachments ④ constraints 17. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The Rust Belt is notorious for its poor air quality. For decades, coal plants, steel production, and auto emissions have pumped *particulates like *sulfate into the atmosphere over the eastern U.S. Especially before air quality laws began appearing in the 1970s, particulate pollution was behind acid rain, respiratory disease, and ozone depletion. But a new study from Harvard University suggests that the Rust Belt’s thick particulate fog may have helped slow down the effects of climate change, particularly when it was thickest. Throughout the 20 th century, global temperatures have gone up by just under one degree Celsius. But in the U.S., eastern and central states haven’t seen the same rise. In fact, temperatures there actually decreased over the same period. The reason seems to be particulate pollution. Instead of trapping warm air in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, fine particles like sulfate reflect the sun’s light and heat. They may even group with watery cloud droplets, which do the same thing. The effect is a net cooling across entire regions. *particulates: 분진, *sulfate: 황산염 ① Rust Belt의 석탄 공장, 철강 생산으로 인한 황산염 분진들은 미국의 서부권으로 배출되었다. ② 오존 증가, 호흡기 질환, 산성비의 원인은 분진으로 된 오염 물질이다. ③ 새로운 연구는 Rust Belt의 두터운 분진 안개가 기후 변화의 영향을 늦추었을 가능성이 있다고 주장한다. ④ 황산염 같은 미세한 입자들은 태양빛을 흡수하여, 전 지역에 냉각효과를 가져온다. - 5 - 18. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Man differs from the lower animals because he preserves his past experiences. What happened in the past is lived again in memory. About what goes on today hangs a cloud of thoughts concerning similar things undergone in bygone days. With other animals, an experience perishes as it happens, and each new doing or suffering stands alone. But man lives in a world where each occurrence is charged with echoes and reminiscences of what has gone before, where each event is a reminder of other things. Hence he lives not, like the beasts of the field, in a world of merely physical things but in a world of signs and symbols. A stone is not merely hard, a thing into which one bumps; but it is a(n) ( ) of a deceased ancestor. ① monument ② foundation ③ enchantment ④ elimination 19. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Can we sustain our standard of living in the same ecological space while consuming the resources of that space? This question is particularly relevant since we are living in an era of skyrocketing fuel costs and humans’ ever-growing carbon footprints. Some argue that we are already at a breaking point because we have nearly exhausted the Earth’s finite carrying capacity. ( ㉠ ), it’s possible that innovations and cultural changes can expand Earth’s capacity. We are already seeing this as the world economies are increasingly looking at “green,” renewable industries like solar and hydrogen energy. ( ㉡ ), many believe we will eventually reach a point at which conflict with the finite nature of resources is inevitable. That means survival could ultimately depend on getting the human population below its carrying capacity. Otherwise, without population control, the demand for resources will eventually exceed an ecosystem’s ability to provide it. ① ㉠ However ㉡ Still ② ㉠ Therefore ㉡ On the other hand ③ ㉠ Hence ㉡ Though ④ ㉠ Nevertheless ㉡ For instance 20. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? On the way home from school on Tuesday, a dad promises his five-year-old son that he will take him to the baseball game on Saturday afternoon. When they get home, Dad learns from Mom that earlier in the day she had scheduled a swim lesson for Saturday afternoon and can’t change it. When they tell their son, he gets terribly upset, and the situation melts down. Why is the kid so upset? Dad didn’t know about the swim lesson. By the adult definition, he did not lie. But by the kid definition, he did lie; any false statement—regardless of intent or belief—is a lie. Therefore, unwittingly, Dad has given his child the message that he approves of breaking promises. ① Parents who break their promise by chance don’t give their child the impression that they told a lie. ② It is difficult for children to grasp the qualifying role of intent in telling a lie. ③ It goes without saying that children would rather take a lesson than play on weekend. ④ There are few roles parents play in the development of their child’s habit of keeping a promise.
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  • 2018 경찰 2차 영어 문제 해설 [29]
    스터디 영어.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 양익.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 장종재.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 공수코.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김채환.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2018 경찰 2차 영어 해설 이영신.pdf - 3 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 밑줄 친 단어의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? A theory developed by a scientist cannot be accepted as part of scientific knowledge until it has been verified by the studies of other researchers. ① repealed ② refuted ③ confirmed ④ neutralized 2. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Jason used to confide all his secrets to her because he believed she would never __________ them to other people. ① divulge ② diverge ③ deluge ④ decry 3. 다음 밑줄 친 단어의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? One reason that energy prices are so volatile is that many consumers are extremely limited in their ability to substitute between fuels when the price of natural gas, for example, fluctuates. ① differentiate ② exchange ③ subdue ④ retain 4. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Although he was a(n) __________ man with a family, he behaved in an infantile manner, clamoring for attention if he did not get his way. ① grown ② innocent ③ obstinate ④ juvenile 5. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? The most persistent question in the selective attention theories has been whether the shifts in attention that accompany changes in the arousal level are ___________ or deliberate. ① automatic ② incessant ③ conscious ④ sporadic 6. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? Usually, people who have been adopted __________ have access to their files. ① do not allow ② are not allowed to ③ has not been allowed ④ is not allowed to 7. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? The chameleon’s camouflage is very effective. As a result, __________ from a distance, it is indistinguishable from its environment. ① seeing ② they are seen ③ to be seen ④ seen 8. 다음 ㉠∼㉣ 중 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? People have been asking questions about ㉠what they have seen around them for thousands of years. The answers they have come up with have changed a lot. So ㉡is science itself. Science is dynamic, building upon the ideas and discoveries which one generation passes on to the next, as well as ㉢making huge leaps forward when completely new discoveries are made. What hasn’t changed is the curiosity, imagination and intelligence of those doing science. We might know more today, but people who thought deeply about their world 3,000 years ago ㉣were just as smart as we are. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 9. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? Maggie will be waiting for me when my flight _________ this evening. ① will arrive ② is arrived ③ arrives ④ will have arrived 10. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? Rachel impressed her superiors so much that __________ a position available, they would have promoted her immediately. ① had been ② there had been ③ had there been ④ if there were 11. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? The gnu is a heavy animal that lives in southern Africa. Weighing 300 to 475 pounds, the gnu is equipped with high, large shoulders and a thick neck. Attaining a shoulder height of 3-4 feet, it stands higher at the shoulder than at the rump. Its big head has long horns that curve upward. Stiff hairs grow on the gnu’s forehead, neck, and shoulders, as well as on its long tail. The southern African form, the white-tailed gnu has a black mane and flowing white tail. Now extinct in the wild, the white-tailed gnu is preserved in a number of national parks and reserves. The brindled gnu is reasonably abundant over much of central and southeastern Africa. It ranges from northern South Africa to Kenya. The brindled gnu has yellowish-brown or gray hair with dark stripes on its shoulders and neck. ① gnu는 높고 큰 어깨와 두꺼운 목을 갖고 있다. ② gnu의 어깨는 높이가 3-4피트에 이른다. ③ 흰 꼬리 gnu는 검은 갈기를 가지고 있다. ④ 얼룩 무늬 gnu는 야생에서 멸종되었다. 12. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? Plastic bags were found in the digestive systems of more than 400 leatherback turtles. The leatherback turtle is a critically endangered species. Jellyfish is their main diet. Mistaking the increased amounts of plastic bags drifting in the currents for drifting jellyfish is causing the leatherbacks harm. Plastic bags account for 12 percent of all marine debris, and plastic bottles and plastic caps and lids are also prevalent at six and eight percent respectively. Marine litter is one of the most pervasive and solvable pollution problems plaguing the world’s oceans and waterways. A simple solution to the plastic bag issue is reusable shopping bags. An increased awareness of the effects of plastic bags has caused many states and countries to implement plastic bag related legislation. For example, when Ireland imposed a fee on each plastic bag used by consumers, single-use plastic bag consumption dropped by 90 percent. ① 장수거북은 비닐봉지를 해파리로 착각하고 먹었다. ② 비닐봉지 외에도 플라스틱으로 만들어진 해양쓰레기가 있다. ③ 비닐봉지 사용으로 인한 해양오염에 대한 인식이 높아졌다. ④ 아일랜드는 1회용 비닐봉지 사용에 요금을 부과하였으나 큰 효과를 보지 못했다. - 4 - 13. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? A special feature of the real estate rental market is its tendency to undergo a severe and prolonged contraction phase, more so than with manufactured products. When the supply of a manufactured product exceeds the demand, the manufacturer cuts back on output, and the merchant reduces inventory to balance supply and demand. However, property owners cannot reduce the amount of space available for rent in their buildings. Space that was constructed to accommodate business and consumer needs at the peak of the cycle remains, so vacancy rates climb and the downward trend becomes more severe. Rental rates generally do not drop below a certain point, the minimum that must be charged in order to cover operating expenses. Some owners will take space off the market rather than lose money on it. A few, unable to subsidize the property, will sell at distress prices, and lenders will repossess others. These may then be placed on the market at lower rental rates, further depressing the market. *distress price: 투매 가격(판매자가 손해를 감수하는 가격) ① The market of manufactured products has a better chance of balancing supply and demand than the real estate rental market does. ② The manufacturers and the merchants would be better at coping with the fluctuation of the market than the property owners are. ③ When the economic cycle of the real estate market reaches its peak, vacancy rates increase and depression becomes more severe. ④ Lower rental rates resulting from too much supply in the real estate rental market make it more depressed. 14. 밑줄 친 it이 가리키는 대상이 나머지 셋과 다른 것은? An economy as big as the United States can afford to place reasonable bets in all areas where ㉠it looks as if technology can be pushed forward. In contrast, a country as small as Israel cannot. The U.S. research and development budget is three times the entire GDP of Israel. Israel has to focus, concentrate its money, and place its bets on a very limited number of technologies if ㉡it is to spend enough money on any one technology to have any chance of success. If ㉢it spends very small sums in all areas, it will end up wasting all of its resources. But if it must focus its bets, in what areas should ㉣it focus? No one knows. Since small countries and companies have to bet in what is an intrinsically riskier, more uncertain environment, they not surprisingly tend to bet less. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 15. 다음 글의 흐름으로 볼 때, <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > In the same way, thinking of yourself as successful, talented, responsible, or fairly paid depends entirely on whom you choose for comparison. Typically, we don’t make social comparisons randomly or on some absolute scale. ( ㉠ ) Meaningful evaluations are based on comparing yourself with people of similar backgrounds, abilities, and circumstances. To illustrate, let’s ask a student named Wendy if she is a good tennis player. ( ㉡ ) If Wendy compares herself with a professional, the answer will be negative. But within her tennis group, Wendy is regarded as an excellent player. ( ㉢ ) On a fair scale of comparison, Wendy knows she is good and she takes pride in her tennis skills. ( ㉣ ) Thus, a desire for social comparison provides a motive for associating with others and influences which groups we join. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 16. 다음 글의 흐름으로 볼 때, <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > For example, many African agricultural development programs are based on the conversion of communal land to private holdings. As a rule, women farmers work longer hours and have lower incomes than do male farmers. This is not because they are less educated or less competent. Rather, it is due to restricting socio-cultural factors. Firstly, most women farmers are involved in subsistence farming or food production for the local market that yields little cash return. ( ㉠ ) Secondly, they have less access to credit at bank than men. ( ㉡ ) Government-subsidized rates that would make it possible for them to acquire the ‘Green Revolution’ technology, such as hybrid seeds and fertilizers are also comparatively inaccessible to women. ( ㉢ ) Thirdly, in some societies women cannot own land and so are excluded from agricultural improvement programs and projects aimed at landowners. ( ㉣ ) This conversion adversely affects women because women have access to communal land while they are excluded from private holdings. *subsistence farming: 자급적 농업 ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 17. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? Single-person households and “empty nesters” have different lifestyles and preferences than larger families. Singles, especially, spend heavily on foodservice, both for convenience and for social occasions. The increasing domination of these smaller all-adult households and single-person households has implications for restaurant patronage patterns. ( ㉠ ), the use of takeout has grown among both families with children and adult-only households (singles and couples). But these different types of households tend to be interested in different types of takeout, and for different reasons. ( ㉡ ) the family with kids may order a crowd-pleasing, inexpensive meal such as a large pizza or a bucket of chicken, the single adult might be more likely to stop on the way home after work for a sophisticated green salad that’s “too much trouble” to make for just one person. Adults who live alone or with one other person are more likely to rely on takeout as a routine pattern of sourcing food, whether they are in an older age group or a younger one. *empty nester: (장성한 자녀가 집을 떠난 뒤) 둘만 사는 부부 ① ㉠ Nevertheless ㉡ Since ② ㉠ For instance ㉡ While ③ ㉠ However ㉡ When ④ ㉠ For example ㉡ Because 18. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? It is commonly believed that writers are working alone. Yet people see only the surface of the process. Consider, for example, a writer who creates a novel in the solitary confinement of her house. The writer is alone only in a very narrow sense. Indeed, she is writing, typically, about people, with people, and for people. The process of writing a novel can hardly be reduced to an individual cognitive reflection. Thus, the imaginary reader is always present in the creative process of writing ― as an addressee, a possible judge of the creation, and, more generally, a partner in a dialogue that each human creation ultimately is. Our writer arguably also is motivated by specifically human, social purposes, such as to be understood, respected and needed by others. ① characteristic of the writer as a social being ② dialogues between the writer and the reader ③ importance of the writer’s creativity ④ solitude of the imaginary reader - 5 - 19. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Whether moral progress is possible or not could be a decisive factor in evaluating human history. The analogy below can provide us with an answer. Before the invention of the microscope, people had no tools for seeing microscopic creatures and, consequently, made inaccurate judgments regarding the causes of disease. With the invention of the microscope, however, scientists were able to perceive entities they’d previously been unable to and, as a result, were able to make improved judgments ― many of which we still accept today. Similarly, in the moral sphere, when people don’t have the tools needed for perceiving the rightness or wrongness of something, they make judgments that are less accurate than they would be if they had such tools. We can see then, for instance, how the limited perspective of some people in 19th-century America led them to conclude that racism was acceptable and how our wider perspective these days enables us to recognize how terribly mistaken that earlier judgment was. ① 현미경의 발명은 인류의 질병 퇴치에 매우 획기적인 사건이었다. ② 19세기 미국의 인종주의자들은 도덕적으로 미개한 상태에 놓여 있었다. ③ 인류가 과학적 진보를 이루어왔듯이 도덕적 진보 역시 가능하다. ④ 인류가 과학적 진보를 이루는 것은 도덕적 진보를 이루어 나가는 것과 별개의 문제다. 20. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Fourteenth-century approaches to music had a profound and continuing impact on music in later centuries. Perhaps most significant was the invention of a precise and unambiguous notation that could record a wide variety of rhythms and allowed music to be distributed in writing and performed accurately wherever it went. We now take this for granted when we play from notation and sight-read through unfamiliar music, but it was a remarkable innovation in the fourteenth century. Among its effects was that composers could fix their music exactly as they wished it to be performed, leading them to take pride in authorship. The increased interest in the individual and in satisfying the human senses that was characteristic of the age grew stronger in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and has remained important ever since. ① The Innovative Invention of Musical Instruments ② Musical Notation: Its Invention and Contributions ③ Authorship: Motivation for Innovations ④ History of Music in Terms of Genre
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  • 2018 경찰 1차 영어 문제 해설 [43]
    스터디 영어.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 영독사.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 장종재.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 성정혜.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 남지해.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 박철우.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 샐리정.pdf 2018 경찰 1차 영어 해설 공수코.pdf - 3 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 밑줄 친 단어의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? The woman was convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison for the murder case. ① indisposed ② tattered ③ condemned ④ dejected 2. 다음 밑줄 친 단어의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? The earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks frightened citizens. ① opaque ② repellent ③ sanguine ④ ensuing 3. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? The truck went out of control and came close to ( ) over a pedestrian. ① running ② pulling ③ taking ④ looking 4. 다음 ㉠, ㉡, ㉢에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? We’re all told at school that white reflects sunlight and black absorbs it so the paler your clothes are, the ( ㉠ ) you’ll be. But it’s not quite that simple. In many hot countries, locals often wear dark colors. Peasants in China and old ladies in southern Europe, for instance, traditionally wear black, and the Tuareg, the nomadic people of Sahara, favor indigo blue. These clothes are effective because there are two thermal ( ㉡ ) happening at once. Heat is coming downwards from the sun but it is also going outwards from the body. Though light clothes are better at reflecting the sun’s heat, dark clothes are better at radiating the body’s heat. Given that no one born in a hot climate willingly stands in direct sunlight, the dark clothing has the ( ㉢ ) because it keeps you cooler when you’re in the shade. ① ㉠ warmer ㉡ programs ㉢ edge ② ㉠ cooler ㉡ processes ㉢ advantage ③ ㉠ warmer ㉡ products ㉢ advance ④ ㉠ cooler ㉡ progress ㉢ defect 5. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? · The game industry must ( ㉠ ) to changing conditions in the marketplace. · A tree provides homes for many creatures, all of ( ㉡ ) also use it for food. ① ㉠ adopt ㉡ which ② ㉠ adapt ㉡ which ③ ㉠ adopt ㉡ them ④ ㉠ adapt ㉡ them 6. 다음 문장에서 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? The people ㉠were stunned into ㉡silent as they slowly began ㉢to realize ㉣what the mayor’s statement meant to their future as citizens in the city. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 7. 다음 문장에서 어법상 가장 적절한 것은? · The police officer approached ㉠to the suspected murderer. · Your baby looks ㉡lovely. · He will explain ㉢us how he could pass the test. · He was ㉣disappointing with the result of the test. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 8. 다음 문장에서 어법상 가장 적절한 것은? · The daughter made her parents ㉠happily. · Chaera ㉡lay down on the bed and took a nap yesterday. · When he ㉢will retire next month, we will give him a present. · Trees must be fitted for the places ㉣where they live in. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 9. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? ① 새로운 관리자는 이전 관리자보다 더 우수하다. → The new manager is more superior to the old one. ② 시민들은 그 파출소가 폐쇄되어서는 안 된다고 요구했다. → Citizens demanded that the police box was not closed. ③ 서희는 가족과 함께 있을 때 가장 행복하다. → Seohee is happiest when she is with her family. ④ 우리가 가장 존경했던 선생님께서 지난달에 은퇴하셨다. → The teacher whose we respect most retired last month. 10. 다음 A, B의 대화 중 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A: Could you deliver this parcel to my office? B: Consider it done. ② A: Jinmo took an unrelated issue during the conference. B: He did me a good turn. ③ A: Would you mind opening the door? B: Of course not. ④ A: Is her business shaping up? B: Not that I know of. She is having a cash flow problem. 11. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Newtown has developed a new subway system. It transports people quickly and cheaply from all parts of the city to the downtown center of the city. It stops at all major intersections, and it connects with buses and elevated trains. In this way, it makes the city convenient for tourists, because it is easy to travel to the city’s major attractive sights. With the subway system, Newtown is becoming one of the most ( ) cities in the country. ① prosperous ② skeptical ③ mindful ④ indifferent 12. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Your culture maintains an implicit schedule for the right time to do many important things; ( ㉠ ), the right time to start dating, to finish college, to buy your own home, or to have a child. This unspoken timetable provides you with a social clock that tells you if you’re keeping pace with your peers, are ahead of them, or are falling behind. On the basis of this social clock, you evaluate your own social and professional development. If you keep up with the rest of your peers, then you’ll feel well adjusted, competent and a part of the group. If you’re late, you’ll probably experience feelings of dissatisfaction. ( ㉡ ) in some cultures the social clock is becoming more flexible and more tolerant of deviations from the conventional timetable, it still exerts pressure to keep pace with your peers. ① ㉠ for example ㉡ Even though ② ㉠ in addition ㉡ Therefore ③ ㉠ for instance ㉡ Despite ④ ㉠ however ㉡ In conclusion 13. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? Universities are promoting themselves much more widely in order to attract prospective students. They identify demographics to appeal to diverse groups of students in very distinct manners. Some of their recent efforts include the creation of special Web sites, brochures, and more informal events to target students from certain backgrounds. They also enlist consultants to find out what educational issues concern various groups. This is in stark contrast to traditional recruitment strategies, which simply involved mass-mailings and meeting students at large, intimacy-lacking college fairs at local high schools. ① 대학들은 다양한 집단의 학생들을 유치하기 위해 노력하고 있다. ② 대학들은 학생 유치를 위해 상담가와 협력하고 있다. ③ 대학들은 소외계층 사람들을 모집하는 데 주력하고 있다. ④ 대학들의 홍보 방법은 과거와 뚜렷한 대조를 이루고 있다. - 4 - 14. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? I was surprised to learn that the notion of a bedtime is not the norm around the world, even among other industrialized societies. For example, in Southern European countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece, children are typically allowed to participate in the family’s late evening life, falling asleep in cars or laps instead of their own rooms, and there is no specified time for going to bed. The same is often true for famil es in Central and South America. In many tribal cultures, such as the Mayan or the Balinese, infants and toddlers are held, carried, or accompanied continuously by a series of caretakers. They are able to doze, fall asleep, stir, and waken under many circumstances, even in the middle of noisy, all-night ritual observances, with little need for special sleep aids like pacifiers, blankets, or stuffed animals. ① 많은 부족 문화권에서는 아이들의 숙면을 위해 담요와 같은 특별한 수면 보조기구들을 주로 활용한다. ② 남부 유럽 국가 아이들은 가족의 늦은 저녁 생활에 참여할 수 있지만 잠은 반드시 자신의 방에서 자는 것이 원칙이다. ③ 남아메리카의 아이들은 명시된 취침 시간이 없다. ④ 그리스 아이들은 명시된 취침 시간을 갖고 있다. 15. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The Republic of Ireland was long seen as an economic powerhouse in Europe. Driven by a comparatively modest corporate tax rate of 12.5%, it had the highest levels of growth in Europe from 1995 to 2007. Then things started to go wrong. The country’s real estate bubble burst in 2007, leading to six months of recession in the middle of the year. Then the global financial crisis struck in 2008, and Ireland descended into a two-year recession. And it has never recovered from that shock, alternating since then between recession and anemic growth. ① Ireland steadily experienced the abrupt growth from 2007 to 2008. ② The recession of Ireland in 2007 was caused by a housing collapse. ③ Ireland led Europe with the lowest corporate tax up to 2007. ④ The economy of Ireland after 2010 has continued to expand steadily. 16. 다음 글의 흐름으로 보아 <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > As the work is accomplished, the energy escapes the organism and disperses into the environment as low-quality heat. The passage of energy in a linear or one-way direction through an ecosystem is known as energy flow. ① Energy enters an ecosystem as the radiant energy of sunlight, some of which is trapped by plants during the process of photosynthesis. ② This energy, now in chemical form, is stored in the bonds of organic molecules such as glucose. ③ When the molecules are broken apart by cellular respiration, the energy becomes available to do work such as tissue repair, production of body heat, or reproduction. ④ Ultimately, this heat energy radiates into space. Thus, once energy has been used by organisms, it becomes unavailable for reuse. 17. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? In the early days of my first web hosting company, I was often criticized for not sticking with plans. If I saw a better opportunity, I would often divert all energy to the new opportunity and let the other one go. It’s like being on a busy sidewalk and seeing a dollar bill a few yards away; you start to walk toward it with the intent to pick it up, and then you see a ten-dollar bill that is even closer. How could you not change the course and pick up the ten-dollar bill instead? Let someone else get the one-dollar bill, or if it is still there, get it after you pick up the ten-dollar bill. It was not long before those on my team began to realize the method to my madness. ① 상황 변화에 대처하는 유연성을 가져라. ② 새로운 기회를 다른 사람에게 양보하는 미덕을 가져라. ③ 단기적인 계획보다 장기적인 계획을 세워라. ④ 자신의 계획들에 집착하기보다는 타인의 조언을 경청하라. 18. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The medical library of a hospital is a special library. So are the libraries of a law office, a weather bureau, a labor union, a museum, an arboretum, or an encyclopedia publishing firm. A special library is a part of a hospital, business, or other organizations, and it offers practical information to the workers or members. Such a library is not generally open to the public. Usually it concentrates on a particular subject – medicine, law, climate and weather, labor, or art. A special library may have few books, relying heavily instead on such materials as magazines, reports, and computer printouts. These enable the library to keep up in fast-moving fields including aerospace and bio-technology. ① Special libraries have more books than other types of materials. ② A special library usually focuses on a particular field. ③ Special libraries contribute to a local community. ④ A special library is not proper for assisting fast-moving fields. 19. 다음 글의 주제문을 만들기 위해 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Americans in Greece often get the feeling that they are witnessing an argument when they are overhearing a friendly conversation that is more heated than such a conversation would be if Americans were having it. Linguist Sarah Tannen showed that in the conversations of working class Eastern European Jewish speakers – both male and female – in Philadelphia, a friendly argument was a means of being on good terms with someone. Linguist Jane Frank analyzed the conversation of a Jewish couple who tended to polarize and take argumentative positions in social situations. But they were not fighting. They were staging a kind of public sparring, where both fighters were on the same side. < 주제문 > Many cultures of the world see ( ㉠ ) as a pleasurable sign of ( ㉡ ). ① ㉠ arguing ㉡ intimacy ② ㉠ sparring ㉡ fighting ③ ㉠ friendly argument ㉡ cultural difference ④ ㉠ conversations ㉡ similarity 20. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Errold Reid of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and his colleagues studied piano players who had been playing for at least 10 years. Eleven of the players experienced varying degrees of piano-related discomfort; 21 were pain-free. The researchers found that no postural differences were evident in the two groups, but the players who were pain-free relied heavily on their back and neck muscles. Conversely, players who experienced pain used smaller muscles in their forearms more. According to the study, not using the strong back muscles shifts the work to the smaller, more delicate muscles in the fingers and arms, which is too hard on those little muscles. ① 피아노 칠 때 사용하는 근육이 통증에 미치는 영향 ② 피아노곡 감상을 통한 통증 치료 효과 ③ 목 근육에 의존하여 생기는 부작용과 해결 방법 ④ 오랜 시간 피아노를 치기 위한 바른 자세
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What he discovered was that‚ despite their objections to the malicious nature of the advertisements‚ viewers were nonetheless affected by them in the way advertisers desired. ① innocuous ② malleable ③ ambivalent ④ spiteful 5. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? ·There used to be a shop at the end of the street; it closed ( ㉠ ) a few years ago. ·Helen was going away. We went to the station with her to see her ( ㉡ ). ㉠ ㉡ ㉠ ㉡ ① off on ② down off ③ on off ④ out in 6. 다음 A, B의 대화 중 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A: I can't thank you enough. B: I'm sorry to hear that. ② A: Need a hand? B: No thanks. I can handle it. ③ A: Would you show me the way to Jongno police station? B: I'm sorry‚ but I am a stranger here. ④ A: Is it all right if I come back around four? B: Certainly. Do as you wish‚ please. 7. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? How can you balance your household budget if you spend so much on liquor and cigarettes? ① make ends meet ② hit the ceiling ③ beat around the bush ④ brush up on it 8. 다음 중 어법에 맞는 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? ·I'm considering ( ㉠ ) my job. 나는 일을 그만둘까 생각 중이다. ·She accused the CEO of her company ( ㉡ ) embezzlement. 그녀는 그녀가 일하는 회사의 대표이사를 횡령 혐의로 고발하였다. ·He felt ( ㉢ ) at being the center of attention. 그는 그에게 관심이 집중되자 당황했다. ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① to quit on embarrassed ② to quit of embarrassing ③ quitting of embarrassed ④ quitting on embarrassing 9. 다음 중 어법에 맞는 표현으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ㉠Most readers of novels intuitively feel that their favorite authors have ㉡distinctive styles‚ and some sensitive readers can even attribute passages ㉢what they have not read previously ㉣to one or another of these authors. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 10. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? 경찰작용은 더 이상 법 집행에만 초점이 맞춰지지 않았으며‚ 다양한 활동에 관여될 것이 요구되었다. ① No longer were solely focused police actions on law enforcement but were required to involve in a variety of activities. ② No longer police actions were solely focused on law enforcement but to be required involve in a variety of activities. ③ No longer police actions solely focused on were law enforcement but required to be involved in a variety of activities. ④ No longer were police actions solely focused on law enforcement but were required to be involved in a variety of activities. 11. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Violent crime has dropped in the United States in recent years‚ but the overall crime rate is still alarmingly high. Crime control is one of the most difficult and controversial subjects in sociology. People have very different beliefs about the best way to lower the crime rate. Many people believe that “( )‚” meaning that the best way to control crime is deterrence - to stop crime from happening in the first place. This might mean developing educational and social programs to discourage young people from being involved in criminal activities‚ or having more police officers on the streets. ① custom rules the law ② practice is better than precept ③ an eye for an eye‚ a tooth for a tooth ④ prevention is better than cure 12. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Taichi‚ which has roots in Chinese martial arts‚ uses a series of slow‚ flowing motions and deep‚ slow breathing to exercise the body and calm the mind. You move from one pose to another gradually‚ shifting your weight and extending your limbs to challenge your balance. It looks like a graceful dance. ① One Leg Balance ② Best Exercise for Balance: Taichi ③ The Best Way to Improve Your Dancing ④ A Reduction in Falls 13. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The most common substance on Earth is water. Every living thing contains water. ( ㉠ )‚ a person's body is about 67 percent water‚ a bird's is about 75 percent water‚ and most fruits contain about 90 percent water. ( ㉡ )‚ 70 percent of the Earth's surface is water. Besides being in lakes‚ rivers‚ and oceans‚ water is in the ground and in the air. ( ㉢ )‚ most of the water in the world is saltwater. Only 3 percent of the Earth's water is fresh‚ and just one percent of that is available for human use. The rest is saltwater‚ and people cannot drink it or grow food with it. ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① For instance In addition However ② For instance Otherwise Consequently ③ Furthermore Otherwise Consequently ④ Furthermore Consequently However - 영 어 2 - 14. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? While fats have lately acquired a bad image‚ one should not forget how essential they are. Fats provide the body's best means of storing energy‚ a far more efficient energy source than either carbohydrates or proteins. They act as insulation against cold‚ as cushioning for the internal organs‚ and as lubricants. Without fats‚ there would be no way to utilize fat soluble vitamins. Furthermore‚ some fats contain fatty acids that provide necessary growth factors‚ strengthen the immune system‚ and help with the digestion of other foods. ① Fats deserve their bad image due to their roles. ② Fats store energy more efficiently than proteins and carbohydrates. ③ Fats contain acids that help the absorption of vitamins. ④ Fats serve important functions in the body. 15. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? In every generation, there are a few dreamers. Usually these people are driven by the contradictions and problems which confront them in society as it exists. They come to believe that an ideal society is possible‚ and they act on these beliefs by setting up experimental communities. Such communities‚ usually called utopian communities‚ have been proposed in many generations of our history. These utopian communities never survive‚ but they serve as beacons for social change‚ reminding us that what exists is not permanent - society is built by humans, and it can therefore be ( ) by them. ① perpetuated ② altered ③ implicated ④ eulogized 16. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Criminals were once considered sinners who chose to offend against the laws of God and man. They were severely punished for their crimes. Modern criminologists regard society itself to be largely responsible for the crimes committed against it. Poverty‚ poor living conditions‚ and inadequate education are all causes of crime. Crime is fundamentally the result of society's failure to provide a decent life for all people. It is especially common in times when values are changing‚ as after a war‚ or in countries where people with different backgrounds and values are thrown together. ① 과거에는 범죄자에 대한 처벌이 너무 가혹했다. ② 현대의 범죄는 점점 증가하고 있다. ③ 범죄 발생의 주요 요인은 사회 여건이다. ④ 오히려 선진국일수록 범죄 발생이 빈번하다. 17. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? Illegal downloads are a serious concern. P2P file sharing increases the scale of the problem. Some people consider it a form of theft‚ but for many‚ it is a grey area. A person might never rob a bank‚ but he or she may download pirated media. Korea has its fair share of copyright infringement problems. Until recently‚ copyright laws in Korea were lax. Further‚ high-speed internet is widely available. Faster download speeds are accelerating the problem. As a result‚ illegal downloads have been common. There are even online clubs dedicated to illegal file sharing. Their members pay a low monthly fee. In Korea‚ Korean and foreign television programs are easily available online. Music files are also shared. Movies can be seen even before they are released in theaters. It may not be legal‚ but it is simple and inexpensive. Many people are not even aware that file sharing is illegal. ① 몇몇 사람들은 불법 다운로드를 절도 행위의 일종으로 생각한다. ② 파일 공유가 불법임을 모르는 사람들도 많이 있다. ③ 불법 복제물을 판매하는 노점 상인들이 점점 늘어나고 있다. ④ 한국의 일부 온라인 클럽에서는 회원들이 낮은 월 이용료를 지불하면서 불법적으로 파일을 공유하기도 한다. 18. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? “For me‚ this class is very useful.” explained Gloria Wan‚ who would begin graduate studies at the school this fall. “Because I mainly study traditional Chinese music‚ it's interesting to compare traditional Korean music with traditional Chinese music‚ because there are some elements that have actually remained with traditional Korean music that are no longer found in the traditional Chinese music.” Wan also explained that the sounds of the Gayageum cannot be emulated on any other string instrument. “Do you hear this bending sound?” she asked. “There are just so many different sounds you can make‚ which makes this instrument just fascinating to me.” ① 글로리아 완은 주로 한국 전통음악을 공부하고 있다. ② 글로리아 완은 대학원 과정을 이번 가을에 졸업할 예정이다. ③ 글로리아 완은 가야금의 소리는 다른 현악기에서는 견줄 수 없는 소리들이 있다고 설명했다. ④ 글로리아 완은 가야금의 여러 가지 소리 중 특히 한 가지 소리를 흥미롭게 여기고 있다. 19. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Numerous experiments show that speakers do have strong feelings about certain sounds‚ and they agree about these feelings with remarkable consistency. In the earliest experiment designed to test ( ㉠ )‚ an influential researcher made up two words‚ mal and mil. He told five hundred subjects that one word meant “large table‚” the other “small table” - and then asked the subjects to tell which word referred to which size table. By the laws of chance‚ the subjects should have chosen one word or the other in approximately equal numbers; ( ㉡ )‚ 80 percent of them agreed that mal meant “large table” and mil meant “small table.” Since the two words differ solely in their vowels, the subjects apparently felt that a conveys largeness and i smallness. ㉠ ㉡ ① attitudes about sound symbolism moreover ② attitudes about sound symbolism instead ③ perceptions on the speed of sound moreover ④ perceptions on the speed of sound instead 20. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Teaching is supposed to be a professional activity requiring long and complicated training as well as official certification. The act of teaching is looked upon as a flow of knowledge from a higher source to an empty container. The student's role is one of receiving information; the teacher's role is one of sending it. There is a clear distinction assumed between one who is supposed to know and another‚ usually younger person who is supposed not to know. However‚ teaching need not be the province of a special group of people nor need it be looked upon as a technical skill. Teaching can be more like guiding and assisting than forcing information into a supposedly empty head. If you have a certain skill‚ you should be able to share it with someone. You do not have to get certified to convey what you know to someone else. All of us‚ from the very youngest children to the oldest members of our cultures‚ should come to realize our own potential as teachers. ① 교사들은 주입식 교육방법을 지양해야 한다. ② 모든 사람은 가르칠 수 있는 잠재력을 가지고 있다. ③ 가르치는 일은 복잡한 훈련을 요하는 전문적인 활동이다. ④ 학생들은 지식을 흡수하기 위해 개방적인 자세를 취해야 한다.
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  • 2017 경찰 2차 영어 문제 해설
    스터디 영어.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김태은.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 남지해.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 리베르타.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 샐리정.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 앤디.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 영스파.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 이솔.pdf 2017 경찰 2차 영어 해설 잇올.pdf - 3 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? He could not efface the impression from his mind. ① erase ② enlighten ③ resurrect ④ revere 2. 다음 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? The drugs they gave her only exacerbated the pain. ① alluded ② ameliorated ③ aggravated ④ alleviated 3. 다음 괄호에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? A scheduling ( ) prevented the mayor from attending the farewell meeting. ① production ② conflict ③ deduction ④ response 4. 다음 괄호에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? Some linguists thought that some “primitive” languages were intermediate between animal languages and civilized ones. They ( ) this idea when they discovered that grammatical rules varied in complexity independently of social development. ① adopted ② abandoned ③ appreciated ④ absorbed 5. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? · ( ㉠ ) the adult smoking rate is gradually dropping is not good news for big tobacco companies. 성인 흡연율이 점차 떨어지는 것은 대형 담배 회사들에게 좋은 소식이 아니다. · She requested that he ( ㉡ ) longer for dinner. 그녀는 그가 저녁 식사를 위해 좀 더 머물 것을 요청했다. ① ㉠ That ㉡ stay ② ㉠ What ㉡ stay ③ ㉠ That ㉡ stayed ④ ㉠ What ㉡ stayed 6. 다음 중 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ㉠Creating the electrical energy also creates environmental problems. We can’t give up electricity, but we can control the ways we use ㉡it. We can use alternative sources of energy that ㉢is not as harmful to the environment as those which we are presently ㉣using. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 7. 다음 중 어법상 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? · He claims ㉠to be robbed yesterday. · He found his favorite jar ㉡broken. · We’re looking forward to the time ㉢when we can get together again. · ㉣Had her father not told her to wear a seatbelt, she might have been more seriously injured. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 8. 다음 중 괄호에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Animal conservationists argue that removing some endangered species from environments where they are at risk is necessary if they ( ) in the long term. ① are to be survived ② survive ③ are surviving ④ are to survive 9. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? 나는 그런 관대한 인물을 아직 본 적이 없다. ① Never I have met such generous a man before. ② Never I have met such a generous man before. ③ Never have I met such generous a man before. ④ Never have I met such a generous man before. 10. 다음 A, B의 대화 중 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A : I’m afraid I’m coming down with something. B : You should make up your mind. ② A : You despise Harry, don’t you? B : On the contrary! I look up to him. ③ A : Do you agree or disagree with him? B : I’m on his side. ④ A : Do you mind if I stop by your house? B : No, not at all. Be my guest! 11. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Public transportation in Southeast Asia is quite unpredictable, which makes it difficult for those who are traveling in the area to gauge the expected duration of a trip. As an example, a trip may typically take only 3 hours in the dry season. However, it may take 12 hours in the rainy season because dirt roads become nearly impassable in wet weather, lengthening travel times considerably. So, when traveling in the region, don’t try to keep a strict schedule. It’s also a good idea to have a book or music player with you. ① It is necessary to bring a book or music player to Southeast Asia. ② People should travel only during the dry season. ③ Southeast Asia travelers must be prepared for unexpected slowdowns during trips. ④ Timetables of public transportation in Southeast Asia are flexible during the dry season. 12. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? For decades, archaeologists have posited that the “first Americans” came to populate the Americas by crossing the Bering Land Bridge, a strip of land that connected Asia and North America during the Ice Age. Other archaeologists, however, link the first Americans to the Solutrean culture of ancient Europe, implying early sea travel across the Atlantic. Yet another suggestion points to linguistic and cultural similarities between Australia, Asia, and South America, arguing that the first settlers crossed the Pacific. ① evidence disproving that there was migration over the Bering Land Bridge ② how the first Americans survived during the Ice Age ③ the development of sea travel by the early Americans ④ competing theories about how the Americas were first populated 13. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Nowadays, more people are working on a freelance basis. For these people, it’s important to find ways of dealing with a fluctuating income. The most important step is to realize that they won’t have a steady source of income and plan their spending accordingly. When work is abundant, it’s tempting to spend freely on luxuries. But there’s no guarantee the good times will last. So freelancers need to live on less than they earn so they can set some aside for less successful periods. ① 프리랜서로 일하기 위해서는 많은 준비가 필요하다. ② 프리랜서는 자신의 수입에 비해 과도하게 지출하는 경향이 있다. ③ 프리랜서는 불규칙한 수입에 대비하여 지출을 계획해야 한다. ④ 프리랜서에게 적절한 영업 전략은 필수적이다. - 4 - 14. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? A study of fossils from a prehistoric wombat has shed light on the species. According to the study, the species is thought to have been primarily a tree-dweller. Its extremely long forearms and short hind legs suggest it spent its time dangling from trees like modern orangutans. And an analysis of its jawbone and teeth reveals that it consumed foliage rather than meat. The species likely died out as the temperate rainforests that covered its home in Australia gave way to an increasingly dry climate. ① 웜뱃은 주로 나무에서 생활했던 것으로 여겨진다. ② 웜뱃은 매우 긴 팔뚝과 짧은 뒷다리를 가지고 있었다. ③ 웜뱃은 고기보다는 나뭇잎을 먹고 살았다. ④ 웜뱃은 점점 습해지는 기후로 인해 멸종했을 가능성이 있다. 15. 다음 ㉠, ㉡에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Often, much of the instruction necessary for engaging in a game or activity in an educational CD-ROM is presented in the form of verbal instructions that are spoken by a narrator or on-screen character. ( ㉠ ), as some experts observed, the situation is different for interactive materials delivered online. Online sound files can take considerable amounts of time to download, which can discourage use of the materials. For this reason, rather than relying heavily on spoken dialogue, designers of online materials often rely much more heavily on written text to deliver instructions and information. ( ㉡ ), the ability to read can be a stronger prerequisite for the use of online materials than for a CD-ROM. ① ㉠ In other words ㉡ However ② ㉠ Yet ㉡ Thus ③ ㉠ In other words ㉡ Therefore ④ ㉠ Yet ㉡ Similarly 16. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? When astronomers first began observing planetary systems outside our solar system, gas giants were among the first planets they detected, so they believed that gas giants were the most common type of planet. However, these astronomers could only observe solar systems close to our own, where conditions seem to be particularly conducive to the formation of gas giants. Recently, the Kepler observatory, which is on a mission to search for Earth-like planets in more distant areas of the galaxy, has transmitted data showing that small, rocky planets are actually much more common. Thus, many astronomers now believe that gas giants are less prevalent than once estimated. ① 암석 행성이 가스체 거대 행성보다 크기가 작은 것만은 아니다. ② 가스체 거대 행성이 일반적인 행성의 유형이라고 할 수는 없다. ③ 앞으로 더 많은 가스체 거대 행성이 발견될 것이다. ④ 케플러 망원경은 가스체 거대 행성을 관측하지 못한다. 17. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? While the first step in alleviating poverty in the developing world is providing adequate food and shelter, a long-term solution to the problem must focus on other issues. One of these is access to fuel. When people spend all their time and money seeking fuel, they cannot use these resources for things with more enduring benefits. Providing people with fuel for cooking, for example, would allow them to focus their time and money on education or business. This would do more in the long run to break the cycle of poverty. ① 가난 해결에는 다양한 분야의 지원이 필요하다. ② 연료비의 증가는 전 세계적으로 가난을 증가시켰다. ③ 가난에 대한 최선의 해결책은 교육의 기회를 제공하는 것이다. ④ 연료 접근성의 향상은 장기적으로 가난 해결에 도움을 준다. 18. 아래 글의 흐름으로 보아, <보기>의 문장이 들어갈 곳으로 가장 적절한 것은? < 보 기 > Besides creating more leisure time for workers, this move is expected to help ease unemployment. American culture in general appears suspicious of leisure. Some people believe this may be due to the Protestant work ethic. Many Americans fill their free time with intellectually or physically demanding hobbies or volunteer work. ① Even on vacation, Americans stay in touch with the workplace via their cellular phones and laptop computers. ② On the other hand, Europeans hold leisure in high regard. A new French law gave France the shortest work week in Europe. Companies with more than twenty employees are required to cut work hours from 39 to 35 per week. ③ In Germany, however, longer work weeks may soon be the standard. Its low birth rate has resulted in fewer workers supporting more and more retired Germans in the generous state welfare system. ④ 19. 다음 괄호에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Offers of advice and practical assistance are the most concrete expressions of being helpful. Ironically, such offers may thus be unwelcome for some recipients, as the experience can reinforce feelings of dependency and inadequacy, particularly in individualistic cultures that place high value on achievement through personal effort. Many people seem to be comforted by knowing that support is available to them but are less happy about being the actual recipients of support. ‘Less-sophisticated’ support messages that pay little attention to the needs and feelings of the recipient but are strongly related to the needs of the giver to put their view across are likely to leave both parties feeling dissatisfied with each other. So giving advice is something to be approached with ( ). ① honesty ② bravery ③ delight ④ caution 20. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The basking shark is the second largest fish, surpassed only by the whale shark. A grown-up basking shark usually has a length between 8 and 10 meters and weighs about 4 tons. In spite of its size, basking sharks are not aggressive and generally harmless to people. The basking shark has a worldwide distribution and characteristically migrates with the seasons. During the summer, they feed on plankton near the surface in more coastal waters. In the winter months, rather than spending time near the surface, basking sharks spend more time in deep waters. So they are very rarely seen during the winter. The basking shark reproduces slowly. It becomes fertile at the age of four and a pregnancy lasts for about two years, resulting in not more than six “baby-sharks,” each measuring about 1.5 meters in length. ※ basking shark: 돌묵상어 ① 돌묵상어는 공격적이며 사람에게 큰 해를 끼친다. ② 돌묵상어는 이동하지 않고 한곳에 머무르는 특성이 있다. ③ 돌묵상어는 겨울에는 주로 심해에서 생활한다. ④ 돌묵상어의 임신 기간은 대략 4년 정도이다.
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  • 2017 경찰 1차 영어 문제 해설 (여경 재시험) [1]
    영어.pdf 2017 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이영신.pdf 2017 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김성수.pdf 2017 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf - 영 어 1 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? After leaving a particularly raucous concert, some rock music fans complained about ringing in their ears known as tinnitus. ① loud ② flamboyant ③ constant ④ impending 2. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? I have an itch to write after I have a fantastic experience. ① an eagerness ② an empathy ③ an anguish ④ a rage 3. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? When my sister’s leg healed, her fears of never being able to play tennis were assuaged. ① extended ② soothed ③ dilapidated ④ aggravated 4. 다음 문장에서 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? The employees decided to launch a legal case against their employer, ( ) the company of failing to protect its workers. ① compiling ② competing ③ apologizing ④ accusing 5. 다음 중 어법에 맞는 표현으로 가장 적절한 것은? · I’d rather relax at home than ( ㉠ ) to the movies tonight. 오늘 밤 나는 영화를 보러 가기보다는 집에서 쉬고 싶다. · Can you talk her ( ㉡ ) her foolish plan? 그녀가 어리석은 계획을 포기하도록 설득해 줄래요? · Jinsoo is not ( ㉢ ) he looks. 진수는 보이는 만큼 젊지 않다. ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① go out of as young as ② go on to younger than ③ going out of younger than ④ going on to as young as 6. 다음 중 어법에 맞는 표현으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ㉠If you see Officer Kim ㉡before I do, ㉢say him that he ㉣has a guest. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 7. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? · Investment in start-up companies is down across the country, ( ㉠ ) as much as 12% from last year. · Until now, people suffering ( ㉡ ) cataracts, which cloud vision, could receive bifocal implants. ① ㉠ by ㉡ before ② ㉠ for ㉡ from ③ ㉠ by ㉡ from ④ ㉠ for ㉡ under 8. 다음 중 어법에 맞는 표현으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? If technology produced automobiles ㉠that pollute the air, it is because pollution was not ㉡recognized as a problem ㉢what engineers had to consider ㉣in their designs. ① ㉠ ② ㉡ ③ ㉢ ④ ㉣ 9. 다음 A, B의 대화 중 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A : I heard you had a bike accident. B : Yes, but it wasn’t serious. ② A : How was last night’s concert? B : Oh, you’d have loved it. ③ A : Do you mind if I put ketchup on our fries? B : Go ahead. I love the stuff. ④ A : Hello. Is this the right number for Inspector Park? B : Take your time. There’s no hurry. 10. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? 여름휴가가 가까이 다가왔다. ① The summer vacation is just around the corner. ② The summer vacation has passed by quickly. ③ The summer vacation will come one day. ④ The summer vacation is a long way off. 11. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? One of the major factors which have contributed to the development of our society is that we have learned to harness some of the sources of energy found in nature. The ability to do this has ( ) us with machines capable of converting energy taken from natural sources into useful mechanical work, and the possession of such machines is now essential to the maintenance of our civilization. ① cajoled ② provided ③ distorted ④ terminated 12. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Using a travel agent can be worthwhile for those wanting to stick to a tight budget for their vacation. Even though they charge a fee, travel agents often offer discounts not available elsewhere. They also have access to a network of partners that are willing to provide special travel deals. With their years of experience, many travel agents can also point travelers to cheap areas to visit. ① 여행사 직원은 여행사로부터 많은 혜택을 받는다. ② 여행사는 이용객들에게 과도한 수수료를 부과한다. ③ 여행사를 이용하는 사람들의 수가 점점 줄어들고 있다. ④ 여행사 이용은 예산 절약에 도움을 줄 수 있다. 13. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절한 것은? The penguin has shiny feathers coated in natural oils which keep it waterproof and warm in the icy waters. Crude oil from a spill destroys these natural oils, and the penguin fails to protect itself from the cold. The bird is also liable to swallow poisonous oil and die since it preens its feathers using its beak. Sweaters are often used to keep penguins warm when they have just been rescued from an oil slick. Once penguins are rescued, they are cleaned, dressed in sweaters, and then put in salt-water pools for rehabilitation. As they swim around and regain their strength, the salt water gradually destroys the wool. By the time the penguins are ready to return to the ocean, their natural oils will have come back and they can go home dressed only in their feathers. ① 펭귄의 부리는 천연기름으로 덮여있다. ② 유출된 원유는 펭귄의 천연기름을 파괴한다. ③ 유출된 원유를 먹고 펭귄이 죽는 일은 없다. ④ 펭귄이 구조되면 깨끗하게 씻겨진 후 스웨터가 입혀진 채로, 재활을 위해 얼음물로 가득 찬 수영장에 넣어진다. - 영 어 2 - 14. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? The Nambawi is one of the oldest traditional winter hats in Korea. At first, only men and women of the upper classes wore it. Later, it was worn by the commoners, and still later only by women. The hat protects the head and the forehead from freezing winds and has a round opening at the top. There is a long back flap for the back of the neck, and ear flaps on both sides that cover the ears. Silk sashes are attached to the ear flaps. The sashes are tied under the chin to hold the hat tightly in place. The bottom of the Nambawi is bordered with fur, and the hat is decorated with flower and bird patterns. ① 남바위는 한국의 전통 모자이다. ② 처음에는 상류층 여성만이 남바위를 착용하였다. ③ 남바위의 귀마개에는 비단 띠가 부착되어 있다. ④ 남바위는 꽃과 새 문양이 새겨져 있다. 15. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? A recent study on deaf subjects confirmed the remarkable plasticity of the brain. In the study, researchers took neurological scans of deaf subjects while presenting them with tactile and visual stimuli. Researchers found that the region of the brain used by the non-deaf to process sound was activated during these trials. That is, the sound-processing portion of the brain was not shut off in deaf people ―it was actively used in processing other stimuli. This surprising finding shows that the brain is not as limited in its design as previously thought. ① 과학자들은 뇌의 시각 처리 부위가 소리 정보를 처리하도록 조작할 수 있다. ② 뇌의 각 부위는 각기 다른 감각을 처리한다. ③ 뇌의 청각 처리 부위는 다른 자극을 처리하는 데 사용될 수 있다. ④ 청력을 잃게 되면 뇌의 청각 처리 부위도 쇠퇴한다. 16. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Great horned owls are poor home builders. They prefer to nest in a large hollow in a tree or even to occupy the deserted nest of a hawk or crow. These structures are large and rough, built of sticks and bark and lined with leaves and feathers. Sometimes great horned owls nest on a rocky ledge, or even on the bare ground. ① Sleeping Habits of Great Horned Owls ② Mating Rituals of Great Horned Owls ③ Nest Building of Great Horned Owls ④ Raising a Family of Great Horned Owls 17. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? The human species and human culture evolved through interaction with the entire communities of animals and plants. Of the two great influences that make humans what they are, heredity and environment, environment is undoubtedly the more powerful. After all, heredity itself encodes the results of millions of years of environmental influences on the human genome. Even genetic mutations are, to some extent, caused by environmental factors. Evolution is largely the result of natural selection that takes place because humans, during their history of development as a species, have been part of biotic communities in which their interactions with other species of animals and plants have decided whether or not they survived and reproduced. ① 인간은 자연환경에 많은 영향을 준다. ② 인간은 자연으로부터 분리되어서는 안 된다. ③ 유전체에 대해 추가적인 연구가 필요하다. ④ 유전보다 환경이 인간에게 더 큰 영향을 미친다. 18. 다음 글의 내용으로 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? There are two kinds of interpreters, simultaneous and consecutive, each requiring separate talents. The former, sitting in an isolated booth, usually at a large multilingual conference, speaks to listeners wearing headphones, interpreting what a foreign-language speaker says as he says it ―actually a sentence behind. Consecutive interpreters are the ones most international negotiators use. They are mainly employed for smaller meetings without sound booths, headphones, and other high-tech gear. Consecutive interpretation requires two-person teams. The interpreter, using a special shorthand, takes notes while a foreign speaker says his piece. Then during a pause, the interpreter tells the client what was said. While 99 percent of the interpreter’s work is done in the simultaneous mode, consecutive translation is used whenever a high degree of accuracy is required. ① 동시통역사는 별도의 부스 안에서 통역 내용을 전달한다. ② 순차통역은 부스, 헤드폰, 그리고 다른 첨단 장비 없이 진행된다. ③ 외국인 발화자가 말하는 동안 순차통역사는 메모를 한다. ④ 동시통역은 높은 정확도가 필요할 때 쓰인다. 19. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Archaeological and geological studies suggest that the downfall of civilizations can be explained by climate change. Despite mounting evidence, many people refuse to accept this theory because they equate it with environmental determinism, a theory that claims that climate determines character ― ( ㉠ ), that tropical climates foster indolence. The theory of environmental determinism, popular until the early twentieth century, has been dismissed as unscientific speculation used to justify racism. ( ㉡ ), the climate change theory of civilizations’ decline is fundamentally different from environmental determinism, as it focuses on the social, political, and technological adaptations to changing weather patterns. ① ㉠ for instance ㉡ Similarly ② ㉠ for instance ㉡ However ③ ㉠ therefore ㉡ However ④ ㉠ therefore ㉡ Meanwhile 20. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? If your emotional life is governed by guilt, you are wasting too much energy on that emotion. That’s not to say that all guilt is bad ― some guilt is a good thing. Guilt may have evolved because it helps us to change our course of action and make compensations. When our guilt stems from situations like overeating, postponing, or wasting money, it signals us that there has been a breakdown in self-control. It forces us to pause and provides us the opportunity to regain control of ourselves. We have all experienced the “internal brake” function of guilt. Remember the last time that you skipped going to the gym, or had too many drinks? Guilt, and the accompanying grief and regret, is the emotion that gets us to drag our heavy bodies onto the treadmill, and to pay the bartender and leave. Guilt is a powerfully ( ) emotion. ① lamenting ② motivating ③ grieving ④ exasperating
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  • 2016 경찰 1차 영어 문제 해설 [1]
    영어.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 강우진.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 기승훈.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김민수.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 장서영.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 전경식.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 정진영.pdf 2016 경찰 1차 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf - 영 어 1 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? Many scientists feel that the earth is in a precarious position. ① satisfied ② legitimate ③ normal ④ unsafe 2. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? Some witnesses are prone to exaggerate consistency and coherence of what they see. ① magnify ② dignify ③ nullify ④ sanify 3. 다음 문장에서 ㉠에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Since the speed cameras on the route ( ㉠ ), the reduction in the number of traffic accidents has indicated an encouraging trend. ① got above themselves ② got out from under ③ took it out on ④ came into operation 4. 다음 문장에서 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? ·Children ( ㉠ ) the effects of television because their minds are growing, developing, and learning much faster than those of adults. ·I'd like to talk about some ways to ( ㉡ ) with your families after an argument. ① ㉠ are suppressive to ㉡ make against ② ㉠ are susceptible to ㉡ make up ③ ㉠ are suspected to ㉡ make away ④ ㉠ are suspensive to ㉡ make over 5. 다음 문장에서 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? New York City's successful efforts to reduce the number of teens ( ) handguns are rooted in successful policing initiatives and strong gun laws. ① abducting ② carrying ③ devouring ④ obliging 6. 다음 문장에서 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Kenneth ( ) with his old friends. ① is looking forward to hang out ② looks forward to hang out ③ is looking forward to hanging out ④ is looking forward hanging out 7. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? John: Would you buy a luxurious sedan if you were a billionaire? Mary: ( ) ① Let me check your reservation. ② I offer my deepest condolence. ③ Yes, I would! I would love to use luxurious sedation and enjoy my life. ④ No, I don't think I would. That is not my cup of tea. 8. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? A: Can you show me how to send an e-mail? B: Sure. First, open the e-mail program. Then, click the “New Mail” button on the upper side. Are you following me? ① Could you help me? ② Anything else? ③ Are you with me? ④ I don't understand. 9. 다음 문장에서 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? ·People called the office “the people's drawing room” ( ㉠ ) they could get help. ·It comes from the sea, ( ㉡ ) all the waters come. ·It tells a lot about ( ㉢ ) we think. ① ㉠ where ㉡ where ㉢ what ② ㉠ where ㉡ when ㉢ which ③ ㉠ when ㉡ when ㉢ what ④ ㉠ when ㉡ where ㉢ which 10. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절한 것은? 그는 위조지폐의 출처를 알아내는 데에 시간이 오래 걸렸다. ① It took him hours to find out where the counterfeited money came from. ② It took hours to find him out where the counterfeited money came from. ③ It took hours finding him out where the counterfeited money came from. ④ It took him hours to finding out where the counterfeited money came from. 11. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? It is the mark of a rational person to support her beliefs with adequate proof, especially when the beliefs are of a controversial nature. For example, when someone asserts that China will soon overtake the United States as the dominant country in the world, this assertion should be met with the challenge, “Why do you say such a thing?” The person's reasons may be either strong or weak, but you will not know until you have asked the question and identified the reasons. If the answer is “because I think so,” you should be dissatisfied with the argument because the “reason” is a mere statement of the conclusion. However, if the answer is evidence concerning the projected military and educational expenditures of the two countries, you will consider such evidence when you evaluate the conclusion. ① 논란의 여지가 많은 주장을 제기하기에 앞서 상대방의 생각을 파악하는 것이 중요함. ② 결론의 타당성은 그것을 뒷받침하는 근거에 의해 결정됨. ③ 자신의 생각과 다른 타인의 의견도 존중할 수 있는 열린 자세를 가져야 함. ④ 국방비 및 교육비 지출액을 감안했을 때, 중국이 머지않아 미국을 제치고 세계 최강국이 될 것으로 예상됨. 12. 지문의 흐름을 고려했을 때 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Jobs that were traditionally male-oriented have had major inroads by women. Bus drivers, construction workers, telephone technicians and pilots now count women among their numbers as do the management staffs of many corporations. ( ). Men have increasingly entered such fields as nursing, secretarial sciences and flight attendants, which have been traditionally female occupations. It seems that no barriers exist to an individual with the skills to perform a job. ① This, however, has deprived men of the opportunity to work in such positions ② The number of men who resent this trend is on the rise ③ The reverse is also true ④ This trend makes men conflict with women - 영 어 2 - 13. 다음 글에 드러난 Liz의 심경 변화로 가장 적절한 것은? Over the sky a plump black cloud moved, erasing the stars. At that moment, Liz heard a stealthy step far to her left and immediately froze. She slowly released her knees and straightened her head, the better to hear. The movement stopped, and after a long moment began again. Liz saw a dark figure creep into the open and draw near to the trees. The figure stood so still and low to the ground that it might have been a stump. She called softly, “Tim!”Hearing an answering whistle, she went toward her son and, with tears of delight, hugged him tightly. ① lonely → scared ② sorrowful → ashamed ③ disappointed → depressed ④ tense → relieved 14. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? Some species seem to have a stronger influence than others on their ecosystem. Take away the sea stars along the northwest coast of the United States, for instance, and the ecosystem changes dramatically; in the absence of these sea stars, their favorite prey, mussels, takes over and makes it hard for other species that used to live there. Sea stars are known as keystone species, because as top predators they determine ecosystem structure by their eating habits. If you chop down an aspen tree by a beaver pond, not much will happen; but if you take away a beaver, a wetland might dry out, changing the kinds of plants that live there and the animals that rely on them. Because beavers exert their influence by physically altering the landscape, they are known as ecosystem engineers. ① Ways of cultivating ecosystem engineers ② Altering the ecosystem along the U.S. coasts ③ Species playing a major role in the ecosystem ④ Variety is the spice of life. 15. 다음 문장에서 빈칸에 들어갈 단어로 가장 적절한 것은? To the amazement of people elsewhere, Bostonians overwhelmingly ( ㉠ ) condemning the bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to death. The most recent poll, conducted last month for The Boston Globe, found that just 15 percent of city residents wanted him ( ㉡ ). Statewide, 19 percent did. By contrast, 60 percent of Americans wanted Mr. Tsarnaev to get the death penalty, according to a CBS News poll last month. ① ㉠ supported ㉡ imprisoned ② ㉠ supported ㉡ executed ③ ㉠ opposed ㉡ imprisoned ④ ㉠ opposed ㉡ executed 16. 다음 글과 일치하지 않은 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? In her twenties, Ella decided that she wanted to be in politics. She won her first election to the General Assembly of Connecticut in 1952. She never lost an election after that. She became Secretary of State of Connecticut, and then served two terms in the U.S. Congress. She was elected governor in 1974, the nation's first woman to be elected state governor. She was elected again for a second term in 1978, and worked to meet the needs of working people until she had to leave office in 1980 because of ill health. She died in the following year in Hartford, Connecticut. ① 그녀는 1981년에 세상을 떠났다. ② 그녀는 20대에 정치에 입문하기로 결심했다. ③ 그녀는 미 의회 의원직을 두 번 연임한 최초의 여성이었다. ④ 그녀는 1952년 이후 선거에서 모두 이겼다. 17. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Bangkok is a thriving city with a population of over nine million, and a further three million who travel into the city every day. Well-known for the terrible daily traffic jams, the Thai government desperately needed a transport system that would reduce pressure on the already busy roads. In 1992, city administrators embarked upon the Sky Train project, notable for several reasons. ① Bangkok is surrounded by the desert. ② Bangkok needed a solution to its traffic problems. ③ In 1992, The Sky Train project ended. ④ The Bangkok project was cancelled. 18. 다음 글의 주제로 가장 적절한 것은? Patents are agreements between inventors and the government that give inventors ownership of their creations for a certain amount of time. Patents also allow a person to own the idea for a not-yet-completed invention. US patent law states that an invention is “any new and useful process, machinery, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof.” Basically, anything that someone creates can be protected from theft by patenting. ① 특허권의 정의와 적용범위 ② 특허법 제정 과정 속에서 나타난 문제점 ③ 북미 지역과 미국 간의 특허법 차이 ④ 특허권을 얻기 위한 행정상의 절차 19. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은? I was pleased to receive your letter requesting a letter of reference for a Future Leaders scholarship. As your physics teacher, I can certainly speak highly of your academic abilities. Your grades have consistently been A's and B 's in my class. Since this is the first semester that I have had you in class, however, I do not feel that I am the right person to provide information on your leadership skills. I would encourage you to request a reference letter from those teachers with whom you have had the most opportunity to demonstrate those skills. I am sure many teachers would be willing to provide letters for you. Good luck with your scholarship. ① 뛰어난 학업성취를 칭찬하려고 ② 장학금 신청을 권유하기 위해 ③ 장학금 추천서 부탁을 거절하려고 ④ 장학금 수혜 소식을 알려주기 위해 20. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? The Miami County Sheriff's Office strives to keep sexual offender information on this web site current. Ohio Law requires offenders to notify the Miami County Sheriff's Office when they move. However, it is possible that an offender has failed to comply with this law and has moved without making proper notification. Due to continually changing information concerning offenders, the Miami County Sheriff's Office makes no expressed or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this information. Changes may occur at any time and without notice. The Miami County Sheriff's Office assumes no liability for damages directly or indirectly because of errors, omissions, or possible discrepancies. For additional information please contact sexual offender registration clerk Carol Foster at 937-440-3965 Ext. 6638 between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday excluding legal holidays. ① The Miami County Sheriff's Office는 자신의 실수에 전적인 책임을 진다. ② 오하이오 법에 따르면 성범죄자들이 이사를 갈 때 The Miami County Sheriff's Office에 알리도록 되어 있다. ③ The Miami County Sheriff's Office는 성범죄자들의 정보를 공개하지 않는다. ④ 성범죄자에 대한 문의사항의 경우, 언제든지 전화로 문의가 가능하다.
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  • 2016 경찰 2차 영어 문제 해설
    영어.pdf 2016 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김민수.pdf 2016 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김태은.pdf 2016 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2016 경찰 2차 영어 해설 남지해.pdf 2016 경찰 2차 영어 해설 신상훈.hwp 2016 경찰 2차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf - 영 어 1 - 【영 어】 1. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? Having a strong mind-set as an athlete is crucial, and it will lead you to win this game. ① inferior ② perpetual ③ pivotal ④ conscientious 2. 다음 문장에서 밑줄 친 부분의 의미와 가장 가까운 것은? You have the right to remain silent while you are being interrogated. ① nullified ② exacerbated ③ questioned ④ fabricated 3. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? ·When I ( ㉠ ) that he only arrived 3 days ago, it's not surprising that I feel awkward to him. ·Don't ( ㉡ ) me anymore. It's your journey from now on. ① ㉠ take it for granted ㉡ cut off ② ㉠ take it into account ㉡ count on ③ ㉠ take off ㉡ carry out ④ ㉠ take away ㉡ cope with 4. 다음 대화 중 밑줄 친 부분의 표현이 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① A: It is over midnight already. I can't believe it! B: We've been studying English for 6 hours! A: Shall we continue or stop here? B: Let's call it a day. ② A: My parents say I can't color my hair. It's unfair. B: Look on the bright side. You still look good without colored hair. ③ A: Hey, shake a leg! The train to Busan always arrives on time. You won't make it if you linger like that. B: I know. I know. Just step on your toes. ④ A: Excuse me. Is it OK if I help you cross the street? B: Sure, thanks. It's very nice of you to help me. A: Don't mention it. I'm glad to. B: In fact, I'm afraid of crossing the street. 5. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? The health care law was enacted in 2015 by the Congress. Therefore, insurance plans will be changed ( ) the purpose of the Congress and the citizen. ① in discord with ② in spite of ③ at odds with ④ in accordance with 6. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Attention, all passengers on Pacific Air Flight No. 356 to Los Angeles. We are sorry to inform you there is a slight delay due to the inclement weather condition. The plane will be departing at 01:30 a.m., three hours later from now. ( ) ① The flight is canceled due to the weather. ② We apologize for any inconvenience. ③ Please proceed to Gate 25 to board the plane immediately. ④ Life vests are under the seat. 7. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Ever since my bike ( ㉠ ), I put on my invaluable items GPS tracking devices ( ㉡ ) show me exactly where they are. ① ㉠ stole ㉡ in which ② ㉠ was stolen ㉡ which ③ ㉠ stole ㉡ which ④ ㉠ was stolen ㉡ in which 8. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? Mind Tool is an innovative product ( ㉠ ) improves student's writing skills. It provides students ( ㉡ ) the self-confidence to acquire knowledge on their own. It is a unique set of tools which enables students to ( ㉢ ) self-directed learners. ① ㉠ that ㉡ with ㉢ become ② ㉠ that ㉡ into ㉢ becoming ③ ㉠ who ㉡ with ㉢ become ④ ㉠ who ㉡ into ㉢ becoming 9. 다음 우리말을 영작한 것 중 가장 적절하지 않은 것은? ① 무고한 사람들을 보호하는 것이 우리가 가장 우선적으로 해야 할 일이다. It is our top priority to protect the innocent people. ② 일단 우리가 어떤 습관을 가지게 되면 그것을 버리기 쉽지 않다. Once we get into a habit, it is not easy for us to take it over. ③ 긍정적인 생각이 우리를 인생에서 성공하도록 할 것이다. Positive thinking will lead us to success in life. ④ 모든 사물은 보이는 것과 항상 같지는 않다. Things are not always what they seem to be. 10. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은? Despite my previous instructions on the use of the office fax machine, it is obvious that the department fax machine is still being used by the staff members for totally unauthorized, private purposes. There were over $500 worth of papers sent last month that are unaccountable as business related to this office. I wish to make it quite clear that I will not tolerate this continued misuse of valuable office resources, and the practice is to cease immediately. ① 팩스기 사용료를 절감하는 방법을 소개하기 위해 ② 팩스기와 관련된 사업의 수익성을 설명하기 위해 ③ 회계와 관련한 실수를 사원들에게 보여 주기 위해 ④ 팩스기 사용과 관련한 잘못된 관행에 대해 경고하기 위해 11. 다음 글의 목적으로 가장 적절한 것은? Criminals in central Russia are having a hard time because of a new detective in town – Rusik, the cat. A year ago he walked into the police station as a stray kitten. If the police had ignored him then, they wouldn't have the latest weapon in the battle against fish thieves now. Rusik sniffs out the endangered fish caught by fishermen, who want to sell them illegally for large profits. The police say that no matter how well they hide the fish, he is always able to point his nose in the right direction and find them. ① To sell the state-of-the-art weapon for the police ② To encourage people to have pet cats ③ To advertise famous fishing spots ④ To warn criminals of a smart detective 12. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? We all want to be happy, but something always gets in the way. There is never enough time or money. Somebody is always failing to do what he or she is supposed to do. Our parents, friends, and teachers aren't doing it right. They failed us. We are angry, and we have a right to be angry. But is that anger making us happy? Happiness is not something anyone else can give us or take away from us. Happiness is what we make of our lives or don't. Whatever our circumstances, we can create a joyful life or a miserable one. It is up to us. ① It is important that nobody disappoints you. ② Everybody has a right to be angry. ③ Circumstances influence how happy you are. ④ Only you can make yourself happy. - 영 어 2 - 13. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? The principles of European integration like free competition or free movement of goods and capital will promote a free market economy in countries such as Albania, Bosnia and Serbia in East Europe. The removal of custom barriers will enable producers to cut production costs, which will result in export increases. It will create new jobs and bring new technologies into European industry and trade. Therefore, the EU should be willing to open its door to these three countries as soon as possible. It will be also good for the EU. That's because the more membership countries the EU has, the more powerfully and effectively it will do its job. ① 유럽연합(EU)은 유럽 내 비가맹국의 전통문화를 위협하고 있다. ② 유럽연합(EU)으로의 통합은 자국민의 일자리를 위협할 수 있다. ③ 유럽연합(EU)은 유럽 내 무역 분쟁에 적극적으로 관여해야 한다. ④ 동유럽 3국의 유럽연합(EU) 가입이 조속히 이루어져야 한다. 14. 다음 글의 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? As a police officer, I have often been asked: “What is the best thing about your job?” With so many police interactions with the public being so negative, special things happen sometimes that truly raise our spirits. ( ㉠ ), in August 2015, a man told me that a family seemed to have fallen on hard times and was driving around on bald tires. My initial thought was that he wanted us to do something to stop them. ( ㉡ ), he had arranged for a tire dealer to fit four new tires to their car and paid $800 for it. He wanted to do this in secret. All he wanted the police to do was to get the family to accept the help and keep his name out of it. ① ㉠ For example ㉡ Instead ② ㉠ For example ㉡ Therefore ③ ㉠ However ㉡ Similarly ④ ㉠ However ㉡ Presumably 15. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하지 않는 것은? Although every forensic case is different, each case goes through many of same phases. Each phase requires its own procedures and expertise. Throughout each phase, the chain of evidence must remain intact. The first phase is usually the discovery of the case. More likely than not, discovery is made by accident. The second phase is recovery of the remains and evidence. This and future phases require professional help. Next, laboratory analysis and research on the remains and evidence proceed. At some point, all of the data from the different labs and investigators comes together and is synthesized into the case report. Although changes may be made, this synthesis is the formal interpretation of the data and provides the most logical explanation or reconstruction of the events and the identification of the remains. ① 포렌식의 두 번째 단계는 전문적인 도움을 필요로 한다. ② 포렌식의 각 단계에서 일련의 증거들은 훼손되지 않아야 한다. ③ 포렌식을 통해 만들어진 종합 보고서는 자료에 대한 공식적인 해석이다. ④ 증거에 대한 실험실 분석과 조사가 진행된 후 증거 복원 절차가 진행된다. 16. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? In the midst of the fall election campaign in 2012, there was a trial for one of the most horrific murder cases in memory. The murder case was the sort of crime that could increase support for the death penalty. No wonder it was said that the trial would affect the governor's race, because it set a supporter of capital punishment against an opponent. Considering the event, it would seem a tough case to make, but the opponent of the death penalty won. That's just one of the many indications that capital punishment is becoming less popular. Executions have fallen by half since 1999. The number of new death sentences is about one-third of what it was at its 1996 peak. ① 사형은 점점 줄어들고 있는 추세이다. ② 사형에 대한 찬반 논의는 수세기 동안 지속되었다. ③ 사형 선고에 대한 집행은 1996년에 비해 약 1/3로 감소하였다. ④ 사형의 정치적 쟁점화가 유권자들의 반감을 사고 있다. 17. 다음 글의 내용과 일치하는 것으로 가장 적절한 것은? Colors also have different meanings in different cultures. A color may represent good feelings in one culture but bad feelings in another. For instance, in the United States, white represents goodness and holy things. It is usually the color of bride's wedding dress. However, in India, China and Japan, white can mean death. Green is the color of dollar bills in the United States, so green may make Americans think of money. But in China, green can represent a loss of respect. ① 녹색은 미국인들에게 돈을 연상시키는 색상이다. ② 하얀색은 미국에서 죽음을 의미하는 부정적인 색상이다. ③ 모든 나라마다 통일된 의미를 가지고 있는 색상이 있다. ④ 녹색은 중국에서 존경을 표시할 때 사용하는 색상이다. 18. 다음 빈칸에 들어갈 말로 가장 적절한 것은? When you watch a chase scene in an action movie, your heart races as well – you may be a little bit scared, or excited. Your body and mind may react like the experience is real, as though it is happening to you. That's what happens when you visualize: You ask for the experience and your mind believes that it is real, which creates the attraction for you to receive in your life. This technique is favored by many of the world's great coaches as they encourage athletes to visualize the actual race or contest ahead of time. Every stroke, step, and muscle exertion is vividly imagined. The idea is, when you see it in your mind, your body will surely follow. And, when the big day comes, mind and body are so well trained to act in unison that ( ) is virtually assured. ① group cooperation ② ultimate performance ③ public reputation ④ visual observation 19. 다음 글의 요지로 가장 적절한 것은? Almost every form of transportation has given someone the idea for a new type of toy. After the Montgolfier brothers flew first balloon, toy balloons became popular playthings. In the 19th century, soon after railroads and steamships were developed, every child had to have model trains and steamboats. The same held true for automobiles and airplanes in the early 20th century. Toy rockets and missiles became popular at the beginning of the space age, and by the 1980s, there were many different versions of space-shuttle toys. ① Inventors have been inspired by toys to build new forms of transportation. ② Toy automobiles and airplanes were very popular in the early 1800s. ③ Toy design has followed developments in transportation. ④ Children familiar with toys are likely to invent new vehicles. 20. 다음 글의 제목으로 가장 적절한 것은? To change, you must let go of what you have now. You leave something behind. Change always involves risk because it always begins with loss. Such loss is usually experienced as a threat and therefore a risk. The “Letting Go” phase of change involves losses which can range from giving up the security of a routine task to losing meaningful long-term work. However, change may be the opportunity. It may not be obvious or immediate. It may be as subtle as the chance to learn something new. Furthermore, it may involve taking on more responsibility which later opens new doors. Change might make you a more mature person. ① Letting Go of The Past ② Ways to Defy Change in Life ③ How to Become A More Mature Person ④ Two Faces of Change: Risk and Opportunity
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  • 2015 경찰 1차 영어 문제 해설
    영어.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김신주.hwp 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김정연.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 리스공.hwp 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 심상대.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 이리라.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 최종수.pdf 2015 경찰 1차 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf - 1 - 영 어 The dean s remarks made the point more obscure. ① impending precise ② unclear ③ compact ④ The prime minister was thoroughly dismayed by the lack of public support for his new project. dilapidated ① disseminated ② distorted ③ disappointed ④ Remember to go through the pockets before you put those trousers in the washing machine. ① ② experience search study ③ ④ use A: So what do you think about this car? B: I don't know. ( ) I think I need something bigger. A: No problem. Just think about it. ① I'll go for it. I'm of two minds about it. ② I can't afford buying this car. ③ This car is second to none. ④ A: Did you decide what to do in the future? B: Well, I m interested in working for an international volunteer organization. But I don’t know where to start to prepare for that. ( ) A: The first thing to do would be to study English harder because effective communication is important. Where is the organization located? ① What did you learn from the volunteer work? ② Can you tell me how to study English well? ③ What do you think I should do? ④ A journalist pointed out that the country has progressed from oppression to ( ), creating a constitution and holding national elections. colonization ① dictatorship ② sovereignty ③ autocracy ④ Culture shock is the feeling some people experience when they travel to a new country or part of the world ( ) the first time. Sometimes the food, style of dress, and other aspects of life in a new country are ( ) different that people have a hard time adjusting ( ) this new way of life. Culture shock can last for days, weeks, or even months. in - very - for for - so to ① ② – in - so - for for- very - in ③ ④ Drivers are advised to ( ) their driver's license on time ㉠ as they may be required to retake the written and driving tests past the ( ) date. ㉡ ㉠ ㉡ ① issue …… production ② renew …… expiration ③ revoke …… termination ④ suspend …… manufacture He is a man of impetuous temperament. impulsive ① lazy ② stubborn ③ ④ competitive The investigators say that they cannot rule ( ) the possibility of arson. We sent ( ) the wedding invitations last month. ① over up ② out ③ in ④ 한국 사과는 맛이 좋습니다. Korean apples are tasting wonderful. ① Korean apples are tasting wonderfully. ② Korean apples taste wonderfully. ③ Korean apples taste wonderful. ④ Surveillance cameras have been widely used in lots of places for security purposes. Their usefulness, ( ), is still under discussion. Those who support the use of surveillance cameras argue that they can serve as a deterrent to crime. ( those who have doubts about their uses are worried that surveillance cameras are not as effective in preventing crime as have been believed. Moreover, they are intruding upon people s privacy. ㉠ ㉡ ① likewise …… Hence ② nevertheless …… Consequently ③ however …… On the other hand ④ on the other hand …… However While lecturing to his literature class at Ain Shams University in Cairo, a British professor leaned back in his chair and showed the bottom of his foot to the astonished class. That kind of gesture in Muslim society was considered the worst kind of insult. The next day, the Cairo newspapers carried headlines that students had denounced British ( ) and demanded that the professor be sent home. ① ② teaching arrogance relationship ③ politeness ④ - 2 - 영 어 What a person considers to be private is that which cannot be searched or seized without probable cause; law protects the extent to which an individual's private property can be searched by the police. Hence, before law enforcement personnel can search or seize private property, they must have probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed or that the owner of the property has been involved in criminal activity, or both. Further, the law enforcement personnel is required to obtain a search warrant from a judicial officer before engaging in any form of search and seizure of private property. The basis for the warrant must be probable cause. Probable cause ranges between "more than mere suspicion”and "less than clear evidence.” A search warrant gives the police the legal authority to enter a private property without permission of the owner to search for evidence listed in the warrant in the places authorized by the warrant. the definition and range of probable cause ① the general procedure of criminal investigation ② different functions of a warrant in policing activity ③ the requirements to search and seize private property ④ Economists are debating whether donating substantial amounts of money to poorer nations is helpful in the long run. Most economists feel that, at best, aid has produced only mixed results. Despite the fact that the priority should be to create infrastructure such as roads, schools, and hospitals, what often happens is that incompetent and corrupt officials end up misusing or stealing the money. Another problem is that countries become too dependent on foreign aid. Some experts argue that overall, foreign aid has produced a brighter picture by reducing global poverty. By monitoring foreign aid expenditure, we can prevent its misuse and aim to provide support for poor countries so that they can eventually achieve economic empowerment and donate money to others in turn. ① 경제학자들은 빈국 원조가 한 가지의 확실한 결과를 가져왔다고 본다. ② 원조는 항상 도로 학교 병원 등 기반시설을 만드는데 먼저 사용된다 , , . ③ 원조의 문제 중 하나는 빈국이 외국원조에 너무 의존적이 된다는 것이다. ④ 원조 사용의 계획을 세워줌으로써 이것의 오용을 막을 수 있다. People are accustomed to thinking of lie detectors as foolproof. They assume that lie detectors are infallible simply because they are machines. However, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. To begin with, those who administer the tests are not always licenced examiners, let alone qualified experts. Furthermore, many subjects react to a lie detector test in an unsteady condition. Consequently, their bodies behave as if they were lying even when telling the truth. In contrast, some people are smart enough to use relaxation techniques to remain calm when they are actually telling a string of lies. ① Two Types of Criminal Errors Made by Lie Detectors ② How to Frustrate Lie Detector Examiners? ③ The Fallacy of Human Assumption ④ In an aging society, new markets are likely to emerge, with a varie ty of new produc ts targe ting senior citizens. One noticeable trend is that senior consumers tend to choose more higher-priced goods than younger ones. F or exam ple, the dem and for high-quality cosmetics and clothes among senior citizens is growing at a rapid pace. Even in foods, organic products are setting the pace in the high-priced food market. It is evident that senior citizens are major consumers in these more expensive markets. problems of aging societies ① expanding consumption of organic products ② emerging high-priced markets in an aging society ③ demand for high-quality clothes ④ Conversationally and emotionally, weddings and funerals are two of the most difficult events to attend. Although weddings are festive, happy times, guests often know few people and therefore must have sharp conversational skills, especially for small talk. Funerals are even more difficult because you want to say something consoling to the family of the deceased but often cannot find the words. This article provides a guide for conversation at these events; you can shape the language to your own needs and feelings. ① 결혼식과 장례식에서 적절한 말을 하는 것 ② 결혼식과 장례식을 치를 때의 어려움 ③ 결혼식과 장례식의 적절한 복장 ④ 결혼식과 장례식에 사용되는 비용 When collecting data, many think it is desirable to minimize the messiness in data. However, it is not an easy task; by combining different types of information from different sources, which don't always ㉠align/alternate perfectly. Sometimes, you are better off not being obsessed with eliminating messiness. Suppose you need to measure the temperature in a crop field. If you have only one temperature sensor for the whole plot of land, it must be an accurate one; otherwise, it does not provide ㉡ reliable/unreliable data. In contrast, if you have a sensor for every square meter of land, incorrect data from a few sensors will not cause any problem. The aggregate of many readings will provide a more ㉢ comprehensive/apprehensive picture. ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① align reliable comprehensive ② align unreliable apprehensive ③ alternate unreliable comprehensive ④ alternate reliable apprehensive Career experts say the way you come across to the interviewer sends a powerful message about you and how much you care about the job search process. Your interviewer will form impressions about you from your posture, handshake, eye contact, clothes, shoes and accessories, usage of space, attentiveness, tone of voice, and facial expressions. Avoiding eye contact may appear that you are evading or trying to hide something. However, too much eye contact (direct staring) can seem intimidating. When you are practicing how to answer questions, make sure to get constructive feedback about nonverbals, work on improvements, and then use the right nonverbals during the job search process. ① 면접에서 언어구사력의 중요성 ② 면접에서 비언어적인 요소의 중요성 ③ 면접에서 눈맞춤의 중요성 ④ 면접에서 연습의 중요성
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  • 2015 경찰 2차 영어 문제 해설 [1]
    영어.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김신주.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김정연.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김지현.hwp 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 김형섭.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 리스공.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 이동기.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 장현숙.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 정철호.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 최현순.pdf 2015 경찰 2차 영어 해설 헤더진.pdf - 1 - 영 어 A child's first birthday is respected as special in most countries. It is a(n) ( ) of survival and growth. By this age, children have their first teeth, they are able to eat food, and they are about to walk at first. emblem ① struggle ② method ③ arrival ④ If you weren't so careless, the machine wouldn't ( ) so easily. break in ① break down ② settle down ③ kick in ④ In our country, child labor was ( ) fifty years ago. However, in some countries, people are still fighting to end it. extradited ① exhumed ② abrogated ③ consoled ④ My father is counting on me in completing this job depending on ① inquiring about ② requesting ③ teasing ④ The teacher emphasized the importance of cooperation. served ① ignored ② stressed ③ considered ④ Due to his aggressive remarks, I resolved to turn down the offer. timid ① positive ② educational ③ quarrelsome ④ A: I ran into Joe's sister yesterday. What is his sister's name? B: Jessica, No. Sue... no. Gee, it is on the tip of my ( ), but I can't quite remember. A: That's O.K. It will come to you. mouth ① tongue ② lip ③ throat ④ In a house with less/little ㉠ than 1,500 square feet of dining room, every furniture need/ ㉡ needs to pull its weight. Pieces that perform multiple functions do just that. Rather than w aste space on a living room, Maria made a choice of a movable table she extends when/what ㉢ needed. ( ) John ( ) Ted needs to confirm how many chairs we'll need. ㉠ ㉡ Nick, unlike the others in his office, yearned to take on extra responsibilities such as writing reports, ( ) brainstorming sessions, and analyzing every twist and turn of the market. managing newly hired workers, and to plan ① to manage newly hired workers for the planning of ② to manage workers that were newly hired, and to plan ③ managing newly hired workers, planning ④ I write my essays in notebooks with lined pages, sometimes using a pen, sometimes a pencil. ( ) I'm writing an essay at home, I sit in the chair in my study. If I'm away from home, I can write in a hotel room or cafe. If I haven't got a notebook with me, the back of an envelope will do. The reason for using a notebook is that I can go back and check an earlier draft, to see ( ) the essay is getting better or worse. ① ― While whether While when ② ― What ③ how ― What ④ that ― A: I'm thinking of quitting the job and doing something else. B: What for? You seem to enjoy working for an international company. You said it was the one that helped prepare for your future career. What's the problem with the job you have? A: ( ) ① The transportation is convenient. The parking space is too large. ② ③ I want to become a lawyer. The cafeteria is very cozy. ④ ㉠ ㉡ ㉢ ① less needs when ② less need what ③ little need when ④ little needs what ① ㉠ and Both ㉡ ② ㉠ or Either ㉡ ③ ㉠ or Both ㉡ ④ ㉠ and Either ㉡ - 2 - 영 어 Just as students usually can discern the teacher's attitude toward them, so they are highly sensitive to the teacher's attitude toward the subject matter. One of the most striking characteristics of the excellent teacher is enthusiasm for what she or he is teaching. The bored teacher conveys boredom to the students-and who can blame them for failing to get excited if the teacher, who knows more about the subject than they do, doesn't find it engaging? The students ① ' perception about the teacher. The teacher ② 's attitude toward the subject matter. The students ③ ' opinion about the subject. The kinds of enthusiasm the students need. ④ Throughout history, we have been accompanied by animals. They are more than just pets-they are loving creatures who do not deserved to be sacrificed for laboratory experiments. But who speaks for them? They have no vote, no voice in government, no one to speak up for them. We must be their voices. Every year, more than 100 million animals are used in laboratories in the United States to test chemicals, drugs, foods, and consumer products. In many cases, the animals are made to suffer greatly. How would you feel if your pet were forced to endure pain and suffering? You would want to intervene on their behalf. Please consider writing a letter to your representative in Congress to end animal testing now. ① Animals can't talk. ② Everyone should adopt a pet. ③ We should end scientific animal testing. ④ There are too many facilities that test on animals. Soon after the Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803, John Lewis and William Clark were chosen by President Thomas Jefferson to head an expedition. They were to explore the newly acquired, but unknown, territory. The journal of their extraordinary trip of eight thousand miles, which lasted twenty-eight months, is enthralling reading today. They used their eyes and ears along the way-recording land and river information, plant and animal life, and the habits and attitudes of the Indians. The life styles of Indians ① The Lewis and Clark exploration ② The Louisiana Purchase ③ The order given by President Thomas Jefferson ④ Never work alone. It is especially important in a middle school or junior school. Work with your school counselor, other grade level teachers, parents and your students. If you are doing this, you will have several options for dealing with the problem. You cannot fake caring about your junior-high students. They can notice a fake. You must be working together with this age group because you need to truly like them as people. You appreciate their humor and their abilities with a caring, trusting and respectful relationship. They will be open to your help and guidance. Parents are often not involved in the classroom at these grade levels, but there are great programs available to get parents involved ① Haste makes waste. Better late than never. ② Action speaks louder than words. ③ Two heads are better than one. ④ Along with fear and vanity, another extremely powerful emotion is our desire to be accepted by others. ( ), children often do things wrong, because of pressure from friends. Unfortunately, many people continue to give in to peer pressure throughout their lives. Peer pressure is another form of false reasoning. It is an argument that says,“Accept the conclusion, or you won't be accepted.” ① ② However Nevertheless For example ③ Though ④ During my second year in law school, my exams caused me to panic. I had prepared well, I thought, but the exams unnerved me and they went very badly. I was completely convinced that I had failed them. I mentally prepared to receive failing or near failing grades and began to make plans to find an – alternative path in life. I didn't think I could finish my third and final year at law school after such a disaster. I took deep breaths and waited for the bad news. When the envelope came, I opened it with calm resignation. But the grades were an A and an A-. I looked again and blinked. How was it possible? Some guardian angels were looking out for me yet again. I wouldn't have to leave law school. ① → troubled surprised resolute distressed ② → insistent amazing ③ → quirky confused ④ → As you are well aware, a great tragedy took place in our city last week. Some faulty electrical wiring led to a fire breaking out and eventually destroying an entire block of homes in the suburbs. From the very beginning it was fanned by strong winds, but it would not have spread so far and so quickly, if our firefighters had been able to arrive at the scene in time. Our city has only one fire station located downtown. Would you please establish a new fire station in our area, since you are mayor of our city? We are in urgent need of one. I look forward to your response. ① 소방 시설의 현대화 제안 ② 소방관의 조속한 파견 요청 ③ 소방서 신설 건의 ④ 강풍 대비 훈련 통보 In 1972, a Hershey's chocolate bar cost only 5 cents. Today, the same bar costs at least 50 cents. That's an increase of over 900 percent! This increase sounds extreme, doesn't it? But is it really as severe as the math makes it seem? Not quite. The problem with this claim is that while the actual price of a Hershey's bar may have increased 900 percent, it's not a fair comparison. That's because 5 cents in 1972 had more market value than 5 cents today. In this situation, the actual costs can't legitimately be compared. Instead, the costs have to be compared after they've been adjusted for inflation. Because there has been such a long time span and the value of the dollar has ( ) in the last 30 years. ① ② inclined declined inflated ③ stagnated ④
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